Rabbit and Rooster Love Compatibility: A Prideful Relationship

These two may be opposites in many regards but can find a way to keep things balanced.

Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility

A Rabbit and a Rooster may not be very happy together as lovers because the Rabbit usually puts in more energy into love that any other sign. While the Rooster wouldn’t mind this at all, people in this sign are known for approaching love a little bit differently and for focusing on many other different things besides romance.

Those born in the year of the Rabbit are known for needing emotional support and for wanting balance in their life. The Rooster is powerful enough to help them with all this, so the Rabbit can feel like having stability around the Rooster.

CriteriaRabbit and Rooster Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Chinese Horoscope says the Rabbit and the Rooster together can face many difficulties when trying to be a couple.

Trying to fight off their differences

While the Rabbit will work hard to make their home beautiful and more comfortable, the Rooster won’t mind living just about anywhere. Luckily, these two signs seem to have the same work ethic and they surely can appreciate one another for their capacity to make money out of anything.

More than this, both of them are very intelligent and love to discuss every interesting subject or to review books and good movies. It seems the best relationship between a Chinese Rabbit and Rooster is the one of friendship.

Those born in the year of the Rooster are capable of love, but have no idea how to be supportive for their Rabbit partner. The fact that Rabbits are emotional can very much frustrate Roosters and turn them into even more annoying people.

The Rabbit can get really stressed seeing the Rooster is very rigid and always looking for perfection. These two will all the time feel like the other doesn’t make any effort for their relationship to work.

If it’s for them to be a successful couple, they need to forget about their flaws and to focus only on what makes them strong. The Rooster should agree that perfection can’t be attained and that’s good to have a comfortable home where to welcome guests from time to time.

On the other hand, the Rabbit needs to be less emotional and to not spend as much money as they do on useless things. People born in the year of the Rooster are known as obsessed with perfection, too direct, but very good at making Rabbits feel better when upset.

Both the Rabbit and the Rooster are great intellectuals who can discuss about anything. While the Rabbits love to be alone from time to time, especially when stressed about something, the Rooster will never think the Rabbit is very serious about this and therefore, refuse to give support in any way.

Furthermore, the Rooster may tell everyone in the world what flaws the Rabbit has, which can make their relationship very uncomfortable.

It’s very unlikely for the Rabbit and Rooster couple to work perfectly because these two natives seem to be at opposite sides when it comes to personality and the way they approach life.

While the Rooster has a lot of pride and considers he or she is superior to most of the people, the Rabbit has strong emotions, artistic tendencies and hates conflicts.

These two will fight a lot because the Rooster seems incapable to see what the Rabbit is bothered by and doesn’t care if his or her partner is suffering.

When the Rabbit will decide to leave the relationship, the Rooster will retreat in silence and suffer alone. It can be said their similarities won’t help them be a great couple most likely because their differences are simply too strong for these two to overcome them.

Two loyal partners

In the beginning, when dating, the Rooster and the Rabbit may get along very well, but they’ll forget all about these moments as soon as their relationship will start to advance. Therefore, it’s possible for them to break up only after a few months of being together.

If they’ll stop being so defensive with each other, the Rabbit can help the Rooster to be more openminded, while the other way around, the Rooster can help the Rabbit be more disciplined. When it comes to sex, these two are not at all compatible because the Rooster may be too aggressive and the Rabbit has refined tastes, not liking to be approached so heavy-handedly.

Furthermore, the Rooster can get bored of having to do all the time with the fact that the Rabbit is fearful, so they may break up sooner than later.

In order for the Rabbit to be happy with the Rooster, he or she must become more aggressive, while the Rooster has to learn what sensitivity is.

At least both of them are loyal when it comes to love, so the possibility for them to cheat on one another is almost inexistent.

Another problem they may have is the fact that they tend to point out what makes them weak rather than to talk about their positive traits. These two should be able to complement one another, but the fact that they’re both perfectionists will always impede them from doing so.

The Rooster will never agree to give up control, the Rabbit is pretty much the same, so they’ll all the time fight for power and over whom to rule in the relationship.

The Rooster likes to be the one who gives orders around the home, the Rabbit is too attached to this place to ever allow anyone else be the boss of their nest.

Because they’re so different, the Rooster and the Rabbit will fight almost all of the time. The first one is very loud and loves to argue with anyone, the other hates conflict and prefers to never express what’s bothering him or her.

Furthermore, Roosters are never known to be tactful, which can bother Rabbits very much. It seems the Rooster thinks being diplomatic is only a waste of time, so the Rabbit will feel very hurt by this attitude and suffer quietly.

When the man is a Rooster and the woman a Rabbit, he will criticize her every step of the way. She won’t put up with all this, especially when it comes to the everyday life, so a breakup may be on the cards as soon as they’ll move in together.

He’s superficial, jealous and a know-it-all, she insists on having things done her way and can be selfish.

When the man is a Rabbit and the woman a Rooster, his pessimism episodes may bother her very much. While she wants peace and a disciplined life, he doesn’t mind chaos and hates to clean their home.

However, the fact that they both like to work hard and that they’re both down-to-earth brings them together, which means they have a chance at making things between them become more interesting.

The challenges of this romance

The biggest problem between the Rooster and the Rabbit in love lies in the way these two are seeing the world.

People born in the sign of the Rooster are known as perfectionists, no matter if it’s about work or love, so they’ll fight all of their life to make sure their efforts are in line with the highest standards anyone could ever think of.

This means Roosters love to criticize and are never happy with what others do or say. On the other hand, Rabbits are known for being more tolerant and for accepting that people have flaws.

Usually, a Rabbit considers all of the aspects of a situation before reaching to a conclusion or making the decision, while the Rooster seems to always know what to do or say, even before taking the time to analyze things more deeply.

The fact that the Rooster criticizes may cause the Rabbit to feel very stressed and to want to escape a situation that’s dominated by negativity and unbalance. Therefore, the relationship between these two is meant to be ruled by conflict.

The Rooster will always think the Rabbit tolerates too much and forgives easily, while the Rabbit may see the Rooster as someone who’s too harsh and exaggerates with perfection.

Another thing that may bring this relationship a lot of trouble is the fact that both the partners are very different when it comes to their social lives while.

While the Rooster is reserved and doesn’t like to open up to people, the Rabbit loves to socialize and to go out. Furthermore, the Rooster may be a workaholic and not find time for friends or clubs.

However, they’ll spend some time in their common social circle because the Rabbit is simply charming and wants to have as many conversations as possible.

This doesn’t mean the Rooster will like it, so there’s another thing about which they can’t agree as a couple.

While the Rooster will want to stay at home and to watch a movie or maybe to work some more on a project for work, the Rabbit will only insist to go out with their friends and to visit new clubs.

The fact that they complement each other may help them be a successful couple after all. Because the Rooster is practical and can make a lot of money, the Rabbit may feel very safe around a partner in this sign.

On the other hand, people born in the year of the Rabbit are known to lighten up any mood and to know which finest things are a great present for their lover.

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