Rabbit Man Rooster Woman Long-Term Compatibility

These two are very different from an emotional point of view but this doesn’t prevent them from having an interesting relationship.

Rabbit man Rooster woman compatibility

When it comes to the Rabbit man and the Rooster woman being together as a couple, more communication and forgiveness are definitely advised. While these are things any union should have, it seems these two natives need to work harder in order to get them. Their compatibility may not be the best by some’s standards, but this doesn’t mean they can’t make things between them work, especially if they make compromises and give their best to understand one another.

CriteriaRabbit Man Rooster Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionBelow average❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Rabbit man may never be able to contain the Rooster woman’s tremendous energy. He’s the peaceful and quiet type, whereas she hates silence and needs to show others that she’s great by making a fuss out of anything.

On the other hand, she may often wonder why she’s wasting her time with such a boring person like the Rabbit man. Their chances to make it as a successful couple are close to zero, because they see each other as strange, which means a breakup is almost inevitable, especially because they’re very different from an emotional point of view too.

More than this, they have completely opposing lifestyles and can never understand why the other is doing things the way he or she does. The Rabbit man can be very pessimistic, not to mention he often has episodes of moodiness.

Also, the fact that he’s infatuated with his Rooster woman can generate many clashes between these two partners. She likes chaos and to do what she pleases, he’s the type who wants order and to stay at home as much as possible.

At least both the Rabbit man and Rooster woman are hardworking and can see things in a very realistic manner, which means they can solve their problems and have a good life together, after all. It can be said they’re better as friends than as lovers, so it would be a good idea for them to not try dating each other.

The Rooster woman is not at all compatible with the Rabbit man, as she’s a fast thinker who acts on impulse. Besides, she doesn’t have any respect for people who aren’t just like her. Since she’s always doing something and has a very busy lifestyle, she can’t accept being late and not doing anything whatsoever.

This lady organizes her life and budget very neatly, so she needs to be with someone who does things exactly the same way. The man who can’t do all this will not be by her side for too long because she simply can’t stand seeing him not being efficient.

The Rooster woman also needs to be in the centre of attention, this being the reason why she always dresses fashionably and has designer clothes. When dating, she needs to know that she’s the only one that matters for the man in her life.

If with the Rabbit man, both she and him can grow to be resentful to one another because she’s always pushing him to be as disciplined as she is. He’s sensitive and doesn’t want to be told what to do, but if he doesn’t want to fight her, he needs to do exactly as she says.

Her brain is wired to logic and she never holds back on feelings or ideas. When she says something, everyone can be sure it’s the brutal truth. Not that she wants to offend someone, she just thinks her criticism is always constructive and that she can improve people by never sugar coating them. This is why she’s regarded as hurtful.

Some clashes to be expected

The Rabbit man needs a more sensitive partner who knows how to mask hurtful words and can understand his moods, so it can be said he’s not at all compatible with the Rooster woman.

Their biggest problems may appear when the Rooster woman and the Rabbit man are noticing that they’re engaging with the world in completely different ways. The Rooster woman believes only in perfection and does everything in her power to do things as good as possible, so she thinks no one can meet her high standards.

On the other hand, the Rabbit man understands people make mistakes and have flaws. He would never judge others, which is something she does on a daily basis. The more she will criticize him, the more stressed he will feel, until he will no longer be able to take and just run away from her.

Conflicts between them may appear every step of the way, especially because he’s more casual and relaxes, whereas she expects perfection and is very harsh. In spite of their many differences, they do also have some things in common for their marriage to last and be successful.

For example, they both pay a lot of attention to whom they trust. Underneath the tough exterior, the Rooster woman has a big heart and would do anything for the people she loves, which is the same for the Rabbit man.

He’s also caring and has a lot of love in his heart for the people he cares about. When it comes to their friendship, this is based on loyalty and understanding.

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