North Node in Cancer: The Gentle Sentimental

These people may seem a little hesitant because they prefer to listen to their intuition and don’t always follow others’ logic.

Cancer North Node

People born with the North Node in Cancer have the mission to attain happiness in their domestic life and in their strong life connections.

These natives love being near water, taking care of their family and respecting tradition. The karma they’ve inherited is usually very powerful in their life, so they should be aware of both the positive and negative energies they have from their ancestors.

North Node in Cancer in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Comfortable, ambitious and responsible;
  • Challenges: Fixed, criticising and stubborn;
  • Celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Mark Jacobs, Johnny Depp, Michelle Obama;
  • Dates: May 12, 1944 – Dec 3, 1945; Dec 24, 1962 – Aug 25, 1964; Sep 25, 1981 – Mar 16, 1983; Apr 10, 2000 – Oct 13, 2001; November 7, 2018 – May 5, 2020.

Continuously developing and evolving

Since the Moon is the one ruling over Cancer, those with the North Node in this sign have fluctuating moods and can sometimes make decisions that shock others.

In other words, they’re the ones to organize their schedule today and to dance naked by the fire, on the beach, tomorrow.

Having their North Node in Cancer, they want to offer their intuition everything they’ve got because the Moon in them is strong and feeding their soul.

Natives of this placement should not hesitate to sometimes slow down and enjoy the feelings that are coming their way.

Therefore, when feeling like their life is no longer suitable for them, they should be bold enough to leave the past behind and to start living something new.

Just like the crabs in the sea, they need to sometimes get out of their shell and to let their fears be the ones that are making their dreams come true.

Continuously developing and evolving by means of rebirth is something strong on the Cancer/ Capricorn axis.

The soul of people born with North Node in Cancer is looking to no longer have material needs or to feel responsible. They may need to cry in order to let their emotions be expressed.

More than this, they may put the process of giving and receiving love on the first place and have a look at what’s going on rather than focusing on a specific goal.

These natives should be bold enough to take risks when having to start new projects, especially the more Plutonian ones, which are related to rebirth through the death of what has already been consumed, by doing something dangerous.

They can use humor in order to fix situations, to make others feel good and to bring back together old friends or families that are no longer getting along very well.

When it comes to their shadow, this is all about being too practical until emotions can no longer be felt.

If the North Node in Cancer individuals aren’t allowing their feminine or lunar side to rule, they can become too cold and scary. More than this, they can defend their feelings by appearing too proud, moment in which they’re like the calm before the storm.

It’s very likely they’ve been leaders during their past lives, meaning they needed to be powerful and to hide all of their weaknesses.

They probably haven’t shown any emotion and others relied on them, which means they had an imposing reputation, a serious attitude and strong morals. Also, some of them had to care for a sick person in their family.

Those of them who had more difficult past lives, or who when through hardships during the present one, are most likely very realistic and very mature.

All their difficulties may have been brought upon them by others, meaning they’re not trusting people very easily, not even life itself.

Since they had to face difficult situations and they know things can go downhill any moment, they can’t be as happy as others are.

However, this doesn’t mean all the natives with the North Node in Capricorn had the same experiences. Some of them have probably had important jobs and a lot of money, whereas others could have been famous.

They lived in luxury and had power. Being always in control to their best and having the capacity to leave their emotions behind, especially when having responsibilities, are among their greatest traits, even if their soul is looking for something else when it comes to fulfillment.

These people may be sick and tired of the life’s hardships, meaning it can be difficult for them to resist in a fast-paced environment where business is taking place very rapidly.

Even if strong, it would be useful for them to visit a psychologist. In case they don’t even imagine being in therapy, they can meditate or think intensely over a glass of wine.

If feeling like their soft side should be taken to surface, they could watch a movie like Titanic. It’s easy for them to have their lover opening up, no matter how tough and cold this person may be.

More focused on their ambitions

After a long day at work, people with the North Node in Aries should go to their place and just relax. If requiring some help, they shouldn’t hesitate to just ask. However, they can be resistant when it comes to being natural with these attitudes.

In their past lives or perhaps during this one, they had to work very hard in order to make their dreams come true, so the present can find them to be practical survivors who can easily adapt to any situation and can easily make a living.

Some of them have most likely been too cautious and composed to ever be nasty. They should accept their present in a more relaxed manner and stay away from an environment that’s putting pressure on them.

The North Node in Cancer natives should use their present to move their focus from others onto themselves, as well to emphasize the goals they’re having while their life is happening.

They should ask themselves about their feelings regarding different issues because a part of them can help with leaving the limitations of the past behind, making this a necessity, whereas the other is about feeling and crying.

They’re not about feeling sorry for themselves because these natives of the axis between Capricorn and Cancer know a thing or two about how the tension between opposites is working.

They may want to feel safer and to take good care of their heart. Their past may have been haunted by moments in which they had to shut down their emotions, and the present may have them realizing they’ve been missing on focusing on their goals more than on the processes of making their dreams come true.

The sweetest things and the joy of living can’t come their way if they’re more focused on their ambitions rather than on taking care of their inner wishes.

People with the South Node in Capricorn know everything about what they have to do in order for their career to be perfect, but this is indicating they can neglect aspects of their personal life.

It’s very likely they don’t know how to connect from an emotional point of view with members in their family, including their little ones.

As far as romance is going, they find it difficult to express their emotions. Their present should be used for them to use the South Nodes in Capricorn and the energy of Cancer, for being a little bit weak and more open.

They shouldn’t build up walls around them. People with North Node in Cancer can learn it’s alright to be smooth and affectionate if the circumstances are requiring them to be.

More than this, they can find out there are many individuals they can trust and that no one wants to do them wrong. They love working hard and can do a lot in order to make their dreams come true.

If wanting happiness, they need a home or a special place where their emotions can be expressed and where they can cry. This location needs to be isolated from the outside noise.

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