North Node in Virgo: The Observant Analyst

These people may seem a little over the top for some because they like to take care of every little detail in their lives.

Virgo North Node

People born with North Node in Virgo may only want to do what their inner voice is telling them and to not go with the norms imposed by reality. As a matter of fact, the Virgo is known for its misunderstood and less appreciated natives.

These individuals can see what’s ideal and have the desire to do whatever it takes in order for the perfection in their eyes to be attained. However, in order for this to happen, they need to discern and to be discriminating, meaning they need to express themselves more clearly.

North Node in Virgo in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Observant, talented and insightful;
  • Challenges: Secretive and dismissive;
  • Celebrities: Salvador Dali, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Martin Scorsese;
  • Dates: May 25, 1941 – Nov 21, 1942; Dec 16, 1959 – Jun 10, 1961; Jul 6, 1978 – Jan 5, 1980; Jan 26, 1997 – Oct 20, 1998; November 12, 2015 – May 9, 2017.

Excited about new adventures

Natives with the North Node in Virgo like to take care of every little detail in their lives. They may automatically have the impulse to daydream too much, this way forgetting about what it needs to be done for the everyday life, which can put them in danger.

Their South Node is in the opposite sign, the Pisces, which means they need to stay focused on what’s happening into their everyday life because external forces are going to teach them how to take care of themselves, as well how to interpret circumstances and no longer escape reality.

They must keep in mind to follow a routine because only a lifetime of learning can have them more practical and responsible.

When it comes to their career, they may need to learn a thing or two about computers, at least enough for them to be efficient at work.

More than this, they need to learn how to fix different things because they owe it to Divinity to be fixers and the solutions to all of their technical problems may be right in their hands.

North Node in Virgo people can train their brain in scientific fields but they can also be amazing surgeons. These are not the only careers to help their consciousness develop.

They could as well follow the path of the Arts and History because they’re analytical and can pay attention to every little detail.

Their South Node in Pisces is indicating they’re perfect for the most insightful and appealing projects, especially if they lived in isolation and missed a lot on life.

It can be amazing to live a blissful existence and to not have a care in the world.

Those with the North Node in Virgo don’t possess a protective layer against mean people and bad circumstances.

They’re too kind and never hurried to get somewhere. These natives are only after obtaining inner peace and aren’t interested in ever moving to uncomfortable places.

They’re simply floating when it comes to living their life, not to mention they’re excited to be sent in new adventures, but if possible, not stressful or worrisome ones.

Having the North Node in Virgo, they’re naturally idealistic and have an inner need to make their dreams come true.

They shouldn’t allow themselves to be distracted, but they should be good with the everyday issues and focus on becoming able to fulfill their objectives.

North Node Virgos should take risks, no matter how fearful they may be feeling. As well, they shouldn’t get addicted to anything, or try to escape reality.

Wise and feeling like they’re part of a whole, they can support themselves in the world, as they’re working hard towards their ideal and often obtaining what they want.

However, they need to not let their tendency to make everything perfect overcome them. More than this, they need to make plans and to give respect to their own ideas.

These South Node Pisces natives are used to working in conjunction with the Universe, which is an amazing talent for them to have.

As a matter of fact, this is also a mechanism for them to cope with the everyday life, even if they’re sometimes forced to become more active and to take charge of a situation.

Their less egotistical spirit is meant to offer mind bliss, but it’s not the most efficient when it comes to moving forward.

The ego is important when it comes to motivating and actually doing things, but these people with the South Node in Pisces need to understand life is sometimes not east to understand and that things can clash into only one thing that’s bigger than what they’ve seen before.

In this situation, they need to be able to make judgments, to categorize and to filter, especially when it comes to hurtful and dangerous situations.

Craving to be one with the Universe, they may be blind to how complex the world is, as well to their surroundings, especially the ones in their close proximity.

A need to be more attentive to details

People with North Node in Virgo can be crafty and good at healing, but no matter what they are doing, they need to employ their skills because this way, they can become empowered.

They seem to possess psychic abilities and creativity, meaning they have unique ways of seeing life. All these things can help them succeed in manners that haven’t been seen before.

The more they’re turning on their path in order to obtain something in the Pisces’ shadow, they can recall visions they’ve forgot about, as well remember everything about the beauty and the meaning of life.

They need to keep the magic alive in their mind. They may not have any drive to do something, for they may only want to exist in peace.

This is great about them, but there may be a time when situations are making them feel perplexed and feeling as others have only messed with them.

This is possible when they’re not paying attention to what’s limiting them in life. By any means necessary, they may refuse to accept the present and escape through damaging behaviors or by becoming addicted, especially when feeling pressured.

While this may sound negative, they’re in fact crafty and efficient people, many of them creative musicians.

However, they may not get to do many things during this lifetime if they’re only dedicating themselves to art, and not in a precise manner.

The purpose of their soul is to create discipline and to bring harmony, as well to heal and to practice wisdom.

If they know what’s good for them after making a selection between what’s good and bad, they can end up maintaining a balance between what the extraordinary and the common life have to give.

Those with North Node in Virgo need to become good with a skill and present themselves to the entire world. As soon as useful to other people, they can start to appreciate themselves and be more self-aware.

The shadow of people born with the North Node in Virgo is escaping reality and no longer feeling like they belong to their own self.

Many of them may have spent a lifetime no longer having an ego because they decided to only be in the service of others or too religious, but this is not the most efficient way for them to live.

In a past life, they may not have worked very hard on their ego and people may have not seem them as very good children because they were either too dependent of their group or addicted to something.

If not listening to more than their inner voice in order to take part in the game called life, they can become just dreamers that are only living to fulfill others’ expectations.

More than this, they may think that if not doing this, they can lose the appreciation of their loved ones. There’s a fine line between being of help and desperate to have the approval of others.

They need to pay attention to details and to enjoy the small things in life if they want to feel disciplined and to accomplish anything in life.

If they’re musicians, they need to just sit down and write their own music, maybe to learn how to edit their compositions.

All in all, North Node Virgo natives need to have their native skills put into something concrete. The more they’re pursuing things with a clear mind, the easier they can deal with challenges.

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