North Node in Gemini: The Witty Communicator

These people are very charming and persuasive, perhaps a little manipulative as well, and they manage to win everyone’s attention.

Gemini North Node

Gemini North Node, respectively Sagittarius South Node natives are forging their life purpose out of being teachers, students, writers or the spreaders of messages.

These specific lunar nodes are making them want to gather and spread knowledge. As a matter of fact, these nodes are all about having many friends and meeting new people.

North Node in Gemini in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Straightforward, honest and friendly;
  • Challenges: Unpredictable and too curious;
  • Celebrities: Gianni Versace, Vincent van Gogh, Elton John, Olivia Wilde, Dolly Parton;
  • Dates: Dec 14, 1945 – Aug 2, 1947; Aug 26, 1964 – Feb 19, 1966; Mar 17, 1983 – Sep 11, 1984; Oct 14, 2001 – Apr 14, 2003; May 6, 2020 – January 18, 2022.

People born with the North Node in Gemini are usually occupying important positions and have done so during their past lives as well.

Charming companions

For North Node in Gemini natives, living in simpler realities is essential for understanding that the world is not revolving around the interests of someone and that reality is not that complex.

When they were young or during their other lives, people with the North Node in Gemini were very sincere, meaning others have chased them away, even offended them somehow.

Many see them as too straightforward and powerful. Many want to listen to their points of view in this life, but they shouldn’t push their listeners away with their passion and exaggerated energy.

As a matter of fact, their energy needs to be dosed if they want the winnings of having others by their side. More than this, they need to learn what communication means by using the smartest words going through their head and not jumbling words in strange sentences.

Intonation needs to be used as well, so they shouldn’t scream. Besides, they as well don’t have to make others agree with what they have to say, when trying to convince.

All this can win them many friends. Communication shouldn’t be only about words and making all kind of sounds, but about being effervescent and vibrating, also posture, glances and winks.

Believing communication is only words can make these natives less popular. People with the North Node in Gemini need to enjoy the beauty of life, as well its chaos, meaning they have to satisfy their curiosity and to be good communicators.

It’s important they’re risking comfort and safety to become adventurous as well. The more they’re expressing themselves in a truthful manner and are being objective or reflective, the more they’re making others think.

For them, communication is very important and shouldn’t be kept to words. More than this, they should be as artistic as possible, even try healing. When it comes to relationships, they should be more loving.

Their shadow is all about how they’re allowing their enthusiastic ways to go over their empathy.

Besides, natives with the North Node in Gemini seem to think they know everything and to be blind in front of more complex matters.

In case they want to be certain of things, they may end up denying truths that are against what they’re expecting and their beliefs.

They should leave some space for communication, as well for relationships that are challenging the way they know things to work. These people are always wondering how the theory of opposition works.

They most likely have seen a lot of the world and they have many friends, so it’s important for them to sometimes stay put.

Since their South Node is in the friendly Sagittarius, they probably have been students of all their life, and explored the world from far away.

It can be a real challenge for natives with the North Node in Gemini to put down roots. More than this, they’re studying how to learn more about their surroundings by having the perspective of what’s common and by relying on facts.

They want to keep things simple and to obtain all the answers after the simplest discussions. When telling stories or expressing their points of view, they can be too straightforward and hurt their dear ones.

The Sagittarius sign is known for its honesty and bluntness, so those who are influenced by it through lunar Nodes or in a different manner, should be able to express their truths without hurting anyone.

They should realize their own reflection and being more reserved is allowing them to see life in its gray color, not only in black and white, the way they’re seeing it at the first reaction.

People with the South Node in Sagittarius are very intelligent. They’re only relying on facts and are coming up with all kind of ideas and methods, rather than having too many feelings.

Besides, it’s possible many of them have traveled when young or during their past existences, to very far-away places.

They probably had all kind of experiences and visited places that have changed many of their opinions.

More than this, they focused on the truth and expected others to do the same. They simply wanted to base their life on truths and not on what they believed to be lies meant to destroy what really matters.

However, this philosophy could have been wrong because it can’t be known what’s true and what is depicting reality in the most accurate manner because many can believe something and the reality can be completely different.

This doesn’t mean they’re lying, just that their truth doesn’t apply to everyone. What everyone agrees with doesn’t have to be what’s validating.

A need to keep changing

People born with South Node in Sagittarius need to understand their own philosophies and what they believe in are not the only things that matter.

If they want to be complete, they need to be taught how to listen, to become more observant and to believe what others are saying when it comes to their own truth.

It can be hurtful for them to discover their opinions are not valid. The present lifetime they’re having should be used to be open to what others believe in, from their political opinions, to the ones about life and other type of beliefs.

Always going somewhere, natives born with the North Node in Gemini may not want to settle. For this reason, they want to be in big cities and to wander.

The nature of their job may be all about traveling, learning new languages and even publishing. They enjoy being around people who have the energy of Sagittarius because this is helping them learn things related to the higher knowledge, not to mention it’s bringing them outside influences.

Gemini is all about words and communication. Those with the North Node in this sign are good learners when it comes to talking and aren’t very good at monologues.

They can have a difficult time because their South Node Sagittarius is influencing them to be blunt and arrogant.

They need to be better when it comes to interpersonal ways of communication, so they should listen better, also mirror.

Fortunately for them, they have the Archer’s passion for studying and joining different workshops. Being curious and no longer having a routine can only bring them benefits.

When looking to do something with their life, they should just go to libraries or different philosophy workshops. Their life-challenges are to not judge, to gain more knowledge and new perspectives, as well to listen in order for them to become more empathic and to keep their mind open.

The most important for them is to keep changing, so that they can see life from more than one perspective, which can’t be easy. Their reality can sometimes be the wrong one, not to mention they can sometimes wonder what happened with the confidence they had in themselves.

There are some things in their life that need to be rebuilt because this is happening to everyone.

More than this, people born with the North Node in Gemini should allow themselves to make their dreams come true and to smoothly release traditional concepts about life because after all, they’re compassionate when it comes to communication.

As a matter of fact, they’re the only ones with enough experience to tell brand new stories, not those who are talking from books.

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