North Node in Taurus: The Elegant Soul

These people are choosing to find what’s sacred everywhere, so they’re able to feed their own soul and awaken the Divine in everything.

Taurus North Node

People with the North Node in Taurus need to find a balance between their spirituality and the physical world. They’re sexual, powerful and at the same time sensual.

Their biggest challenge can be learning how to balance the dynamism and their own force because this position is making them extreme. More than this, they’re oscillating between the material and their mystical calling because they’re spiritual beings.

North Node in Taurus in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Elegant, discerning, talented and appreciative;
  • Challenges: Indulgent, pretentious, moody and selfish;
  • Celebrities: Martin Luther King, Salma Hayek, Chrissy Teigen, Oscar Wilde, Kurt Cobain;
  • Dates: Aug 3, 1947 – Jan 26, 1949; Feb 20, 1966 – Aug 19, 1967; Sep 12, 1984 – Apr 6, 1986; Apr 15, 2003 – Dec 26, 2004; January 19, 2022 – July 17, 2023.

Choosing to find what’s sacred everywhere

The interpersonal connections these people are manifesting can be of great psychological profoundness because they’re testing how devoted the parts involved are.

As a matter of fact, the relationships with Taurus North Node people are not at all common because they’re alternating between everything and nothingness, even between life and death.

All this is putting these natives through crises all the time, things that can drain not only their soul, but also the one of their dear people.

When life is throwing different challenges at these natives, they’re feeling like external forces possess them, not to mention they can become obsessive.

The soul of people born with the North Node in Taurus wants peace and harmony for as long as dwelling in this lifetime. Besides, it enjoys music and is the most devoted when it comes to love.

Its passion for good food and the most expensive wines can’t be equaled. It’s rare to find people like these natives, characters who are reminding everyone how important beauty is, as well safety.

In case natives with the North Node in Taurus have went through a lot of drama and suffered at a young age in this lifetime or perhaps in a past one, their spirit is now desperate.

Their combination of Nodes is helping them, nonetheless, forget all the tragedy and their emotional memories are completely gone. If they want to heal their soul and to feel nurtured again, they need to realize that life is important and needs to be lived.

They could develop strong friendships, take long walks in nature and admire their surroundings, decorate their home so that they know everything good is waiting for them after a long day at work.

Because they’re choosing to find what’s sacred everywhere, they’re able to bring their own soul and awaken the Divine in everything.

They shouldn’t see themselves as materialists, just because they enjoy and admire beauty, as well because they prefer to sip a coffee with their best friend when the workload is high.

Being able to see things as they truly are, they’re real mystics who know where God is investing and who recognize the Divine presence in both common and extraordinary situations.

They need to question themselves about their values and own opinions because they need to know themselves perfectly, as well their own worth.

This is why they need to leave behind habits like being too involved in other people’s drama and trying to help all the time.

It’s okay to give a hand, but not by forgetting about oneself and taking up other people’s problems.

Being powerful and controlling, they can manipulate things to happen all over again, when they should be let go of. For this reason, they need to focus more on themselves.

Their current lifetime should be about mysticism and they should belong to a giving Universe, which can be very difficult.

North Node Taurus natives have the deepest spiritual calling and can identify the soul of things, not to mention they can develop perfect relationships with others.

They know how to get the value and the hidden strength from themselves and everything else, not to mention they have a need to realize how strong they are, to be sharper and of help.

The value they’re so eagerly looking for everywhere has most likely helped build up their own. It’s very likely that at a young age, they’ve felt unappreciated because others were bullying or making of them.

Some of these natives have perhaps been neglected. There is the temptation for them to get revenge because their South Node is in Scorpio, but their North Node in Taurus is making them want to reconstruct their self-esteem and not look for vengeance.

Their value can’t be replaced by anything

These natives also have an unexplained anger they need to avoid. This is why they should be as calm as possible, peaceful and appreciate themselves at their value.

It’s also possible they’re trying to become rich, to live in a big house and to be in competition with others. They may look to exchange currency and to trade things of value, but all these things can make them feel like they aren’t in the right place.

They need to no longer compare themselves that much with others. Confident and knowing how much they’re worth, they should be themselves all the time, as well work hard and not count on other people.

Their value can’t be replaced by anything. They are themselves and others can’t be compared with them. This is where their mind should be.

They should realize that if others are faster than them, they still can’t do things as good as they can.

Even people with many talents can’t take away their usefulness, value and humanity, not to mention they’re surely the ones to offer value to someone, to give soul to any movement.

When things are happening this way for them, they need to give themselves to the other, as well to share the tasks at hand.

All hopes up, their experiences will help them advance, as well adversity and the way they’re using their power.

Accumulating their strength from past lives and if their current lifetime has been lived intensely, they can use all of their power to help others.

And like always, looking at their own past, they can be bothered by their own intensity.

However, this can make them more anxious, as well it can bring tension from an emotional point of view. During some moment in life, these natives should allow their soul to rest a little bit.

On the other side, people of the North Node Taurus and South Node Scorpios are on this planet to work hard.

During past lives, they’ve probably been rich and advantaged by faith because they’ve probably been leaders or have advised these people from the shadows.

In the current lifetime, they’re supposed to have a public position and to make an effort in order to be providers. If inheriting wealth, they should see it as a means to work hard again, not as luck.

These natives are longing to prove their worth. There are many natives with the South Node in Scorpio who need to break free of a “golden way of thinking”.

They probably had too protective people surrounding them, individuals who tried to somehow blackmail or control them by being the ones with the money.

For this reason, they may struggle a lot to be on their own. People with the North Node in Taurus must use their finances and relations to help others.

They should set themselves on a good path, as well try to help others gain financial support and be emotionally stable.

Only by doing this, they can give value to shadowy areas in their life, the areas controlled by the Scorpio South Node.

As a matter of fact, this lunar node is making them wiser and more powerful because the Scorpio is known for their strong intuition and their psychic abilities.

Its natives can play the detective or even be priests, as well advisers for leaders or the ones who are helping people to keep their emotions in line.

When making others feel secure and helping them regain faith, they can bring the good things in their life again, no matter if it’s about relationships or work. Their wisdom can be of great use.

The purpose of their soul is to bring about harmony and to make people feel stable, as well to help them bring the Divine into the common life.

They’re doing this by giving others the sense that they’ve earned on their own, by respecting tradition and giving importance to value.

When it comes to the shadow side, people with the North Node in Taurus should look at others in order to regain their self-confidence or to obtain the necessary support.

They may still feel emotional suffering from their past lives and try to be too serious. More than this, they can hurry to study the occult and what’s behind reality, meaning they can focus their emotions too much on spirituality.

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