New Moon in Taurus: What It Means And How To Channel Its Energy

New Moon in Taurus gives you resilience to routine and the power to go for the comfort you desire.

New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus focuses everyone’s attention on what is real and what is tangible. There is a heightened need for security and stability and one will not accept anything that lacks substance.

Common sense, as well as morality, are fundamental principles that should act as guidelines for everyone during this period.

The New Moon brings about innovative energy, a power that comes from within and which makes people want to give up on the things that hold them back. This is the time to shatter your shackles and set yourself free.

Extreme rationalism and a one-sided logical perspective are never good, and neither is the exacerbated idealistic overview of the world that some individuals have. This New Moon pushes you to just want to find the comfort of a life without worries.

The world of the senses appeals a lot to the calm Taurus natives, they extract great joy from the satisfaction of their most primary of needs.

Thus, during the New Moon you will want to focus more on what makes you happy, immediate gratification, and only after that come future prospects, worries about things to come.

You have the potential to become the ultimate hedonists and your happiness may be the most important thing, although there may be certain limits that you won’t trespass. Simplistic, and easily attainable goals are the way to go during this period of time.

The productivity and efficiency of the Taurus natives are so embedded in their very nature, that you won’t ever see them procrastinating, or sitting like a couch-potato when there’s obviously something important that has to be done.

Just like that, is it even surprising that during a New Moon in Taurus, people will have this sense of urgency and will pursue things with increased efficiency?

Ambition and perseverance are necessary traits, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. Nothing ever comes to you just like that, and if it does, it’s not something certain, and neither should you get used to it.

This lunar aspect influences you to become principled, pragmatic, responsible, and not let your destiny to chance.

Financial stability is one of the main goals of all natives during this period of time because they are specially prepared now to make some investments, to save up some money, and to make great decisions concerning their money overall.

They may not want to have a life filled with opulence or overly-extravagant and luxurious things like the Taurus may wish, but comfort will be key focus during this New Moon.

People will never want to feel the lack of something ever again, so they are prepared to lay down any sort of compromise at the altar of success. This is a time for all sort of promises and negotiations, for each to obtain what they are missing out on.

The New Moon might bring fresh opportunities, and mysteries to unfold, hiding great rewards within, but in order to efficiently make use of all of them, and not waste them, you have to put forth the effort, be responsible, and continuously watch out not to let your energy go to waste.

Taureans are productive in their own way, meaning that while they may not be as good at coming up with new ideas, each more innovative than the last, they are very efficient at putting them into practice, calculating every single possibility, or the potential of a failure.

This is the kind of attitude you will borrow this New Moon, surprising everyone with your resilience to making a plan become reality.

Use the energy of the New Moon in Taurus to:

  • Connect with your family;
  • Try meditation and other spiritual activities;
  • Nurture a hidden side of your character;
  • Work towards material security;
  • Start a healthy routine of some kind.

The meaning of the New Moon

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, the start of a new cycle, and when it is placed in the sign of Taurus, it represents a period of time when one has to struggle with their inner selves, with the urge to jump head-long into the thick of things, versus the tendency to calmly analyze a situation before systematically solving it step by step.

The solution? Just make sure that you actually begin addressing the problem, and then just let things follow their course. Either you consume it with your fiery enthusiasm or take it down apart into little elements. Both ways are good enough, and now you’re also able to approach an issue in more than one way.

That round slab of rock floating in the sky, rotating around the Earth, is actually much more than that. It’s an astrological element that has a tremendous influence on the workings of the entire zodiac, especially on the signs.

The New Moon represents the rebirth of a new world, the fresh start of something new, with no preexistent elements being there, which means that Taureans, for example, won’t be so hard pressed to achieve anything really.

Some also say that during the New Moon in Taurus, people have the choice to either strive for something or not, they are in perfect control over what their next step will be, and whether it succeeds or not remains to be seen.

You are free to choose your own path, to carve out your own destiny, however, please note that this is happening under the influence of the Taurus. After some time passes, your personality and temperament are bent in one direction, to the detriment of another.

You might want to remember that this doesn’t end here, in two weeks’ time, the Full Moon represents the state of the Moon at its apex, the terminus point of all the plans you’ve made during the New Moon. It’s a completion of the cycle, assuming the individual has reached their maximum potential.

What to do during the Taurus New Moon

First and foremost, we should remember the Taurus is the sign that would immediately trade a life of excitement and risky maneuvers for one of comfortable routine.

They’re exactly the type of people who want to live a happy and tranquil life, and this means that any source of agitation or disturbance has no place there.

The thing is, everyone eventually gets bored of having to go through the same things every single day, with no change at all. But during this New Moon you are especially resilient with such activities and will not mind repetitive tasks.

Humans are creatures of change, of spirited vitality, sociable and communicative, warriors, so it’s normal we can’t take too much tediousness. The secret is to learn to enjoy the little things, to actually find them exciting. And this is perfectly achieved during the Taurus New Moon.

On the other hand, this lunar activity is concerned with the luxurious little elements that bring a touch of uniqueness to one’s life. Jewelry, a nicely sculpted armchair, or a painting that someone has spent a lot of time creating, all of these have the thoughts and efforts of their creator behind, which makes them even more valuable.

Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enrich your cultural palette or luxurious desires. Just make sure to satisfy your senses from time to time, because it will make life so much more enjoyable as a whole.

To fully make use of the opportunities that the New Moon brings forth, natives of all signs need to gather up their strength and abandon all the useless things that stand in their way.

Every single obstacle, even those that they impose on themselves, has to go because otherwise, they’ll just simply slow their advance, or even worse, stop it dead in its tracks.

It doesn’t matter what these represent, expectations, people who belittle you, a poisonous partner, a bad situation at home, you have to get rid of them, or ignore them completely.

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