The Moon in Taurus Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She craves for a safe zone but is also itching for exciting people and risk-taking.

Moon in Taurus woman

The Moon in Taurus woman is very kind, generous and has a certain allure, a subjective charm that allows her to pass unnoticed through the world.

She prefers going about her own way, seeking her own happiness, rather than trying to find it in others.

The Moon in Taurus woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Adventurous and charming;
  • Negatives: Boastful and cowardly;
  • Soulmate: Someone who cares about a comfortable home;
  • Life lesson: She should try new things and avoid contradicting herself.

This woman mostly keeps to herself and treats others with the same generosity and kindness that she would want to receive. Conflicts are best avoided, arguments are better left to themselves, as she doesn’t like to get out of her comfort zone.

She prefers doing things her own way

In order for this woman to feel truly accomplished and good with her life, she needs to have a good material situation. A secure and stable relationship, financial security, a comfortable lifestyle where nothing is lacking.

The Moon in Taurus woman is sensitive, feminine, she likes luxury and expensive things, and most importantly, she likes to decorate herself and her home in the most splendid manner possible.

She also prefers doing things her own way, so instead of buying decorative elements, she will make them herself.

Even though this might seem as overly-materialistic in some way, it’s also her own way of coping with the challenges of life. It’s not like she’s obsessed with owning every luxury in the world, driving the fastest car, living in the most splendid villa, or such things.

Socially, she prefers the company of other women because she doesn’t have the urge to assert her dominance or control every little thing like the male Taurus.

Obviously, for the Moon in Taurus woman, leaving her home is a discomfort and a risk, especially if we’re talking about travelling.

In a relationship, she wants to be the type of partner who takes care of the household and brings stability to the couple.

You’ve heard that the Taurus is known for its bull-headed stubbornness, the attitude that annoys everyone who’s ever witnessed it. But is this individual so irrational and gets stuck up on some things without a good reason?

The Moon in Taurus woman only acts like that when her most basic needs and dreams are put in danger. When her stability and material security is at stake, that’s when she’ll slow down, take a step back, and look directly in the eyes of the storm, never moving an inch.

Some situations may be more difficult to cope with because they may get into conflicts that can’t be taken down without a full-on debate. And they will support their ideas without hesitation, and without giving out an inch.

They know they are right, and just because they might make an enemy by keeping still, doesn’t mean that they will back up.

Moreover, they must learn to appreciate and self-validate their efforts because they are capable of immense compromise and feats of valor in order to ensure that they will have a stable future.

They want to have a safe zone, a secure income, and a financial situation that is founded on certainties.

These women are very bold and have full confidence in their abilities to cope with most of life’s challenges.

When something shows up that puts their skills to the test, their most natural instincts resurface, a state of supreme focus, caution, and intuitive awareness.

They know that, in order to fulfill their desires and achieve ultimate pleasure, they will have to avoid making mistakes, and take their plans to a definitive completion.

This woman isn’t one the biggest perfectionist of the zodiac, and when it comes to finding a partner, she will want a handsome and honest one.

Figuring her out

Romantically, the Moon in Taurus women need to be incentivized in order for them to reveal their true natures.

Emotionally, they like to be pampered and taken care of. They want the partner to take them out of their comfort zone, to show them what it really means to live.

Once they feel that the partner is truly trying to get them going, they will also begin to move.

A relationship with this sign is going to be a very interesting one. A woman born with the Moon in Taurus will give you the whole love in the world. She is quite sensible, so be careful how you treat her, because she doesn’t deserve a rough treatment from your part.

More than that, if you want to fight with her or to have an argument, you would do better to prepare your arguments very well, because if you don’t do that, your chances to fail will rise considerably. Keep your calm and try to calm her down too, because only by doing this, will you have a happy marriage together.

Watch out

These women are very rigid with their lives, and they tend to ascribe to certain routines that they aren’t willing to give up on.

Moreover, their possessive drive can only be matched by the vengeful attitude when someone starts to pose a risk to their material security and overall stability.

When they get thrown out of their comfort zone, or when their safety bubble gets popped, they become annoyed, agitated, they don’t know how to react and what to do.

Spontaneity is not something these natives are very skilled at, and impulsivity is a foreign world. Their innovative reflexes are almost down to zero, and their nature gives these natives a proud demeanor. These women aren’t willing to concede defeat even in the face of overwhelming odds.

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