Moon in Taurus Personality Traits

Your natal Moon sign reveals that your emotional personality borrows from the chilled attitude of the Taurus.

Moon in Taurus

The Moon in Taurus enhances the typical characteristics of this zodiac sign, mostly in matters of the heart. As such, this native’s deepest desire is to knowingly advance in life, with a keen awareness of their exact role to play in this world and in their relationship.

This native wants to achieve the things that many of us seek and don’t find, stability, security, the certainty that life’s greatest challenges won’t come up and destroy everything one has fought for.

Moon in Taurus in a nutshell:

  • Style: Comfortable and full of potential;
  • Top qualities: Generous, strategic and romantic;
  • Challenges: Over-indulgence, routine and a rigid mindset;
  • Advice: Experience more in life and ditch what is comfortable;
  • Celebrities: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Greta Garbo, William Shakespeare, Christina Aguilera.

Even more, the Taurus Moon individual holds his principles in high regard, and won’t give up on them for nothing in the world. Honesty and dignity are but a few of the guidelines that these people follow to the letter.

Taurus Moon people seek abundance

Those born within the magical confines of a Moon in Taurus will have no problems as far as personal wealth goes. Their resources seem almost to never end, and just when it seems like they could run out of money, it always happens that something refills their coffers.

Either they get paid for a project they even forgot finishing, or a lucky opportunity scores a big profit. Either way, the Universe seems to be conspiring to their enrichment, or at least a worriless lifestyle for our Moon Taureans.

And it’s not like they don’t spend money, because they do, and on top of that, they are also very generous to boot.

This lucky streak of theirs could also be a result of their highly responsible and stable mindset, because, while not being materialistic at heart, they do have an understanding of their own desires and wants.

Thus, they won’t acquire things they don’t truly need, but instead they will focus on comfort, on the fulfillment of their most basic desires, as well as the requirements for a worriless lifestyle.

They know that being secure from a material point of view is not only good, but advisable to pretty much anyone, be it man or woman, Taurus or any other sign, for example.

Romantic and faithful

These guys are as romantic as they come, touching being one of their finest talents. You won’t ever want to return to your ex after going through a session of cuddling with these natives.

Really, when it comes to arousing your excitement, kissing and embraces are the least that they can do, and believe us, you won’t ever be disappointed in this respect.

Also, because they want to have a stable and long-standing relationship above all, their romantic bonds will always start with the premise of permanence in mind, and not that of a one-night adventure.

Future prospects, a potential family, children, these guys under the influence of the Moon, have their plans set up, and are just waiting for the perfect partner to achieve them all.

They are caring, very kind and generous, affectionate and loving to the extreme. You won’t ever want for anything else, because they will make sure you won’t have to. They will provide, establish a stable and secure relationship for both of you to thrive in.

Static and fearful

Taureans, as we all know, are the sort of guys who want to establish their own family, get their own home, and basically retire there for the rest of their lives.

Comfort, routine, a worriless lifestyle, no challenges and no risky business, these are the telltale signs of a native emotionally influenced by the Moon in Taurus.

They don’t want to have anything to do with anything containing the word “change” and “new”. Nothing good ever came out of following those things, at least not in their conception.

They are so hellbent on living a routine-based life, that they would even dare to completely reject from the start any non-conformist idea that comes their way, no matter the implications.

These natives rarely get hyped-up about something, and when they do, it’s probably something they’ve long since though about, or have deeply analyzed.

Because they don’t want to take unnecessary risks, the Moon Taureans will think things through before actually committing to a course of action.

Fortune may favor the bold, but what if they can achieve the same thing a daring man would, only that they apply strategies and well-thought plans? Obviously, they should do that, because there are fewer risks involved, and the endgame is the same.

Positive highlights

These natives are a very friendly and talkative bunch, never having been kicked out of a party for boring everyone present. They know how to have fun, as well as bringing a much-needed refreshing pragmatism to every discussion.

Concerning their personality and temperament, the Moon Taureans are patient, calm, and will never approach a situation in an impulsive and impetuous way.

Rather, they will try to analyze the situation thoroughly, observe the possible consequences, implications, and only after that, would they commit to a course of action.

As such, you can count on them to help you with whatever you need, and without having to worry that they’ll bail at the first sign of trouble.

The downsides

Their biggest flaw is the tendency to become too used to living a comfortable life, and thus procrastination may ensue, in a big way.

They could get so used to a life of routine, where nothing new ever happens, that they may even forget about what truly matters.

Also, out of the need to please their senses, they could wallow in over-indulgence for a very long time before they realize that they’re living a life of vice, and usually, this revelation comes at the expense of a few years of life spent in excesses of all sorts.

They can also turn into small possessive freaks, if it ever comes to that stage in a relationship, if the partner doesn’t do anything about this in due time.

They can also be pretty raunchy and grumpy if you dare to disturb their well-established lifestyle. If it ever comes to punches, they’re going to be very aggressive, because you’ve somehow managed to disrupt the peace and stability they’ve worked so hard to attain.

Over-indulgence, routine, a rigid mindset, all of these eat away at their potential, and this can only be mended by way of self-development, self-awareness. They need to be more flexible and diverse in thought, but they may find it extremely hard.

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