The Moon in Taurus Man: Get to Know Him Better

He is prone to romantic gestures although he doesn’t show this too often.

Moon in Taurus man

The Moon in Taurus man is one of the most responsible and patient individuals of the whole zodiac. He will wait for his opportunities to arrive at his door before taking them individually.

He wants to make sure that everything’s going to fall into its rightful place before committing to a certain course of action and before throwing all the cards on the table.

The Moon in Taurus man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Steady-minded and loyal;
  • Negatives: Manipulative and suspicious;
  • Soulmate: Someone who doesn’t have too many demands;
  • Life lesson: Getting stuck in a comfort zone doesn’t do him good.

Luck and destiny also play an important part in the life of the Moon in Taurus man because what would a resourceful man do without having luck at his side? It’s just an illusion though, that the world spins around him. He’s very hard-working and always seeks the best chances to evolve, that’s why it appears so.

Playing it cool

The Moon in Taurus native thrives in his routine-based lifestyle and he will likely choose to build his future household around this principle as well.

Financial security is equally important to the native who stands tall against all challenges, letting nothing halt his advance. Romantically, he is a very devoted guy, almost perfectly so, when he decides that his partner deserves it.

Of course, just because he plays it cool and calm most of the time, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get annoyed or angry.

Most of all, he is pissed off by the people who disappoint him, those who manipulate him. Normally, he takes care not to let those kinds of people in his inner circle, but mistakes are made.

Personally, his artistic sense goes out of the norm as he is very interested in what makes something beautiful, and how he can create something like that in the first place.

Painting, singing, sculpting, anything that pertains to art and which he could use to create true beauty, in an aesthetic sense.

Moreover, he’s a very romantic individual, or at least he’s prone to romantic gestures.

Once he realizes that he has fallen for somebody, his affectionate and compassionate nature starts coming to the surface. He also has the urge to be in a relationship, so there’s that.

First and foremost, he will use the same aesthetic as the prime criterion for his partner. If that special someone looks good and he likes her overall aspect, then half the game is already won.

Next up, he expects his partner to be very well educated, respectful, steady-minded and must know what she wants from her life.

Having goals to pursue makes it way easier to build something together. He’s going to be loyal to the extreme, and as long as he receives the daily dose of love and appreciation, he’s going to keep coming for more.

Cheating is out of the question because he likes to keep things straight, on a routine-based mindset.

The man born with the Moon in Taurus is a very generous individual who doesn’t look at the money if one of his friends is in dire straits, or if someone in need shows up at his doorstep.

Actually, everything you could think of could be counted as gifts for him, jewelry, even a house. He’s self-aware and in control of his impulses, letting nothing get in the way of his future.

To better put it into perspective, the Moon in Taurus native is the hoarder-type in video games who cleans up all the dungeons and never throws anything.

He’s the type who feels appreciated and happy when people count on him when they know that he can help them when the situation asks for it.

To him, this simple thought embodies all his aspirations, the fulfillment of all his abilities and skills, the materialization of the best possible traits about him. Whenever he’s missing the money, he finds other ways to help.

And we’re not talking about offering other things, but actually taking the extra step and putting himself out there, helping directly.

What happens though is that he’s often put into tough situations, financially speaking, because of his generous nature. However, his principles are not something he’ll ever give up on, and that’s something.

As a Moon in Taurus, you are the type of guy who would never move from a spot if it meant the loss of something dear. Either a loved one, or a material possession, you cherish them both, although not at the same level, and you are not willing to let either go.

Just like a stubborn mule, or an enraged bull, you breathe fire and build up momentum before finally going into a stampede on your enemies. Usually, you respect the world and everyone in it, but enough is enough.

Personal satisfaction

In a relationship, the Moon in Taurus man will try to make his partner happy above all else. This means that, besides behaving in the most affectionate and loving manner, he will also try to satisfy his partner’s every desire.

Moreover, he believes that devotion and loyalty are one of the most important traits to have in a relationship, and he goes the extra way to ensure that they get applied perfectly.

It’s just like he realizes that he must set the pace through his own behavior, and that’s why he’s tender, affectionate, loyal, and steady-minded.

It will eventually bring happiness, personal satisfaction, and the sense that everything is good in the world.

For their high-strung practical side and pragmatic tendencies, these men are also very emotional and loving.

This also means that they can be very vulnerable and weak to emotional disappointments, and if you are the one doing the hurting, that’s a very bad thing to do because he’s going to suffer a lot, even though he’s putting on a brave face.

The Moon in Taurus native is a very determined and bold individual who never lets himself be taken for granted, and he will never give up on his ideas, no matter what the world says.

If he knows that his point is valid, he won’t stop until you admit it wholeheartedly that he is right and start yelling it across town. He can be very reliable and trustworthy to be there when it matters, but anger him, and you won’t like him at all.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.