Mercury Retrograde: Explaining the Changes in Your Life

During Mercury retrograde, you should analyse your plans and strategies as much as you can but avoid starting anything new.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet of communication, no matter if this is about listening to others, reading, writing, publishing, negotiating prices, closing contracts or finding out about new information.

It also rules over formal engagements and therefore, over documents ranging from papers written for school to contracts, speeding tickets, testaments and many others. Furthermore, it has an influence over travel and transportation.

Mercury retrograde in a nutshell:

  • This retrograde is perfect for listening to intuition and nurturing creativity;
  • Be careful about any types of written or verbal communications;
  • Learn that re-evaluating emotions towards people can reveal new insights;
  • Natal Chart Mercury retrograde means a person is very perceptive and an absorb information easily.

When in retrograde, Mercury makes all these things to become out of control and for messages to be misunderstood. Therefore, people should expect some chaos into their life when Mercury moving like this, not to mention they shouldn’t do anything important as nothing will correctly settle for their future to become perfect.

What to expect during Mercury retrograde

Retrogrades are also known for making things harder when it comes for decisions to be taken, not to mention how these conclusions will go through many other changes once the planet is direct again.

During Mercury in retrograde, people are advised to avoid communicating and doing anything related to expressing or presenting themselves.

This transit is also known for negatively influencing new activities, including those that aren’t related to communication.

In the same way, retrogrades are not good for signing contracts or making any kind of agreement, so natives are advised to not sell their house or sign leases during this period.

It goes the same way with verbal agreements because everything will change, regardless of the things being said and the intentions individuals may have.

It’s not that people are going to cheat or do something suspicious, it’s just that the unexpected can happen. For example, those starting a new job will soon realize the new position is not in any way what they’ve been looking for.

Managers will encounter difficulties when having to hire new people, so it’s possible for them to give up the entire process altogether.

People buying a house will discover how many problems their new home seems to have, but only after making the payment.

Because Mercury is the ruler of mail and the way information is being transmitted, natives should pay extra attention when signing important documents if this planet is in retrograde.

If they’re sending emails, they should ask for the confirmation that their message has been received or that the documents they’ve sent are the correct ones. If not doing so, they may make mistakes that later can’t be fixed.

During this period, natives should be cautious to whom they’re sending emails to because many may end up being bothered by their messages.

Those running businesses may notice their clients have changed their mind about certain projects and are asking them to adopt a different strategy or to get rid of their previous work.

Miscommunication will be present everywhere during this transit, so people should carefully analyze what they’re being told, even if this involves making an extra effort.

Mercury is also the ruler of business and commerce of any kind, so when in retrograde, buying and selling expensive possessions should be avoided. Many will find out some things they really wanted are no longer in stock.

The only way for this retrograde to be beneficial in this situation is when things that have been already bought are getting returned.

When it comes to romance, this period is as well not favorable. Couples won’t be able to communicate and can end up making mistake after mistake when interacting.

It would be great for them to not hurry when having to make decisions and to be as clear as possible. It’s very likely for many lovers to suddenly change their mind about their relationship.

For example, they may want to break up this minute and suggest a weekend together with their partner, the next. This is happening because during Mercury in retrograde, people aren’t thinking straight, this transit being famous for how much confusion it creates.

Mercury retrograding in the signs

There are 3 different signs in the zodiac, in which Mercury retrogrades throughout the year. Those in whose sign it does should expect to be more frustrated about delays during that specific retrograde period.

They should be very cautious and check business proposals twice, think very carefully about what ideas they want to express and what their creative work can inspire in others, not to mention how careful they need to be when making plans.

The extra effort becomes a necessity during this period, also slowing things down and deliberating without feeling limited.

Fire signs are pioneers of life because they possess a lot of creativity and courage. They shouldn’t be shy when having to talk about their ingenious and unusual solutions to problems because their mind seems to think big and their methods seem to be efficient, but Mercury in retrograde in a Fire sign is supposed to make everyone think twice before deciding, even if it encourages for good ideas to be expressed.

When this transit will be in an Earth sign, more practicality and an increased attention to finances should be adopted.

Often, money seems to be a real problem, but one with many solutions as well, especially when Mercury is in retrograde. This is not a good period for ideas coming out of the blue, like in the case of Mercury in retrograde in a Fire sign.

When Mercury is retrograding in one of the Air signs, it’s possible for discussions to become a necessity as Air signs are known to be very communicative.

This is a better transit than the other retrogrades for talking, finding the right answers and doing the necessary research. Air signs are also known for being progressive and having an analytical mind, so it’s possible to hear about very efficient solutions to problems while Mercury is in retrograde in one of them.

It’s suggested for people to use all the answers discovered now and to make sure they’re not in any way affected by their emotions when deciding.

Mercury in retrograde in Water signs is all about intuition. Great things can be discovered during this transit, not to mention how much research can give all the right answers if intuition is being employed as well.

Sometimes, the emotional intelligence is way better than the intellectual one, so when Mercury is in retrograde in a Water sign, people should listen to their inner voice.

What to do about it

During Mercury in retrograde, people should analyze their plans and strategies as much as they can because this period is beneficial for projects that have begun before the planet has started this transit, which is great for prioritizing things and deciding what’s most important.

It’s suggested for natives to think of all the pros and cons of any idea they’re having, to select the information they’re working with and to not sign any contracts.

They should observe and analyze everything that’s in front of them and think of what they’ve learned from their past, especially if they want the new direction they’re taking in life to be the good one and beneficial for them.

This transit is also good for those who want to reexamine their emotions and to reevaluate how they’re feeling about certain people.

Those wanting to get a new job, to sue someone or to get married should wait until Mercury is moving direct again.

This not a good period for buying or renting either, not to mention how surgical procedures should be postponed until Mercury is no longer in retrograde because only when this is going to happen, everything will start to move at good speeds and in a perfect manner.

Mercury in retrograde in the Natal Chart

People born with Mercury in retrograde have a very good sense of humor and can think much faster than others because they seem to absorb information more quickly than those born with a direct Mercury.

Therefore, those who have checked their birth chart and noticed this planet was in retrograde when they got born should consider themselves lucky.

Astrology teaches people that Mercury influences perception and can make natives understand of how things should be seen, which means it makes them more effective.

Those born with Mercury in retrograde in their birth chart seem to be made from a different material than others and can understand how letting go of their frustrations.

Mercury Rx in a natal chart means this planet will behave according to the element and the House of the sign in which is transiting.

For example, in the case of Water signs, Mercury makes natives more interested in the emotional side of things, which means they may have higher levels of perception than others.

It’s possible for these people to have many channels through which they’re using their intelligence and to seem like they’re speaking a completely different language than others. They may feel misunderstood and in need of translating what they’re saying so that others can make an idea out of what they want to express.

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