Mercury Retrograde 2019: How It Impacts You

In 2019 Mercury will retrograde three times, in March, July and October, each of these transits impacting our lives in a different way by making for things to become out of control and for messages to be misunderstood.

Mercury Retrograde 2019

Mercury is the planet that rules Virgo and Gemini and is known to impact on communication and travel to nearby places. When this planet is in retrograde, the signs ruled by it get to feel in a special way, being advised to not be pushy in practical matters.

Mercury happens to be in retrograde 3 times a year, slowing down before this period, which is called the pre-retrograde. This planet is losing all of its powers when this is happening, so ventures of any kind are suggested to be put on hold in pre-retrograde.

After the retrograde, there’s the post-retrograde, when Mercury is starting to accelerate, even if things aren’t moving that fast now either. When in retrograde, this planet can’t bring too much good, so people are suggested to just wait until this transit has ended before they get on with their plans.

The first Mercury retrograde of 2019

Between the 5th of March and 28th of March, Mercury will be in Pisces, meaning natives will be allowed to dream big and to be as creative as they can. It would be a good idea for them to meditate and to take care of their minds during this period, also to go near water sources.

During this transit, work will become less tiring and the mundane a little bit more enjoyable. Mercury retrograde in Pisces makes natives dreamier and more confused because their imagination is simply running wild all throughout the whole transit.

Mercury in retrograde offers an opportunity for reflection and thinking of what hasn’t been done but can be. It is a good idea to learn from experiences and to deal with all the projects that have been started and need to be completed when Mercury is in retrograde, not to mention it’s a period favorable for matters that can be solved solely by being intuitive and thinking outside the box.

Natives could make the best out of their talents and abilities now. Mercury retrograde in Pisces is a lot connected with psychic abilities, which can be intuition, compassion and empathy.

This is a moment when everyone should be more imaginative and spiritual, regardless of their religion. However, this is also a transit that confuses many because it’s more difficult to have an organized mind during this period, discipline being the key word for things to happen the right way in this situation.

Furthermore, when Mercury is in retrograde in Pisces, people should avoid underestimating themselves, being pessimistic or lying to others or themselves.

By the 28th of April, the period of shadows and darkness is supposed to end, even if Mercury in retrograde’s effect on Water signs may still cause many emotions to surface.

However, this period will be good for finding out different things or for starting life-changing relationships.

The second Mercury retrograde of 2019

Between the 7th of July and the 3rd of August, Mercury is retrograding into the sign of Leo, a period that is marked by the presence of Mars, the planet ruling over assertiveness and also aggressiveness.

This transit may influence people to be more opinionated and harsh with their comments, but not without regretting everything they’ve said, after they did it.

While Mercury is retrograding to the Cancer, matters of related family are starting to become more important for the natives. This is a time period when people may want to rethink their strategies and the decisions they’ve took.

This shadow will end as soon as the 16th of August will arrive. In case Mercury is retrograde in one of the Fire signs, many things may happen in the area of engineering and technology. Fire natives will be more inventive when it comes to anything technical.

This is a period when people will no longer focus on the mundane and more on themselves, their own image and personality traits.

Furthermore, now it wouldn’t be the time for people to buy appliances for their home, tools or anything of value, because these things are sure to break sooner than expected.

Also, Mercury being in retrograde may bring about failures in business, in communication, negotiation and short distance travels, not to mention how much it can impede partnerships from forming.

Many will notice others are not keeping their promises, can’t be in time for meetings or are canceling on many of the plans made together. More than this, travels may be disrupted by vehicles that aren’t working, delays in planes’ arrival and buses being stuck in traffic. For this reason, it’s suggested for trips to be canceled during this period.

Mercury retrograde in Leo influences natives to observe how others are expressing themselves, not to mention how much it makes them rethink their words and what they want to talk about.

With Mercury falling backwards, into a retrograde, people can feel stuck in a pride that doesn’t usually characterizes them. As soon as this planet has started to fall back into the last degrees of the Cancer, the focus will start to be on family.

The North Node will be in the nodal axis of the Moon, 2019 will have eclipses in Cancer, and the Sun is going to be found in the North Node during this retrograde next year.

It’s very important to notice how the first stage of falling backwards of this planet that rules over communication is fulfilled in Leo, from the 7th to the 18th of July, but the more apparent retrograde will happen from 26th of July to the 19th of August, in the sign of Leo.

Those who can remember their problems from 2018, the months of July and August, will now have an idea what they’re supposed to do during this time and remember to keep being creative because wasting their talents, not listening to their inner self or being prejudiced can bring them a lot of trouble.

Everything they’ll keep against others will be in fact, held against themselves.

The second part of the retrograde will happen in Cancer, in between 19th and 31st of July 2019, when Mercury will end its journey and become direct again.

Being influenced by Cancer, the messenger of divinity Mercury, will make past experiences and memories more enjoyable, whereas the present will be judged only by looking at the past and analyzing things from this perspective, which means natives will be a little bit scared of progress if they haven’t experienced something similar in the past.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer may suggest some problems with the parents or at home, where family secrets can get revealed and where people may torture one another from an emotional point of view.

During this retrograde, it’s not advised to hold on to the past too much, just because a fear of the future may exist. Natives don’t need to necessarily turn back to their parents’ home if feeling insecure and confused about what’s going to happen next in their life.

The third Mercury retrograde of 2019

Between the 31st of October and the 20th of November, Mercury has the retrograde in Scorpio, which will make this period very good for diving deep into emotions and for dealing with things that have been stressing people.

It’s a great opportunity for people to ask themselves about their purpose in life and about what they can do in order to evolve.

However, it’s not indicated to make any financial investments then, at least not until the shadow has passed, on the 8th of December.

Mercury in retrograde in a Water sign will lead to many emotions being felt and to a period of increased sensitivity. 31st of October brings about Mercury in retrograde and a period of injustice, lies and immoral actions, until November.

During this time, people need to come to terms with their past, not to mention how much they need to look inside themselves and to be honest about what they’re feeling or what their fate is going to bring them.

More than this, around the same time, things that have been neglected or forgotten can come back into natives’ attention, which means they won’t be able to keep anything hidden from the hands of fate.

It’s suggested to be more cautious in matters of love and when it comes to financial commitments, if Mercury is in retrograde in Scorpio, especially if Venus has an involvement as well.

Scorpio is the sign of intimacy, but also strongly related to finances or the time and efforts people are investing in making their money.

Venus is a planet of value, love and relationships, so when working together with Mercury in retrograde, the transit will be very much influenced by such matters. Sagittarius is the sign of international travels, higher education and travels overseas.

Mercury in retrograde in this sign means natives should avoid taking on new endeavors during this transit. Instead, it’s suggested for them to focus on the tasks at hand and to get the job done without stressing too much about the future.

Also, while Mercury is in retrograde here, many should avoid traveling. Furthermore, they shouldn’t start renovating their home or move either. Shopping is not advised either because they may spend too much and end up regretting it afterwards.

To go back to Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, this is a time when emotions are felt at great intensity, which means arguments with lovers should be avoided as much as possible because jealousy and a possessive behavior will be present in everyone, so relationships may end for no good reason, not to mention how natives can obsess over what their partner is doing and introspect about matters that are only in their heads.

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