Libra Sun Aries Moon: A Contradictory Personality

These people can reach great heights with little effort.

Libra Sun Aries Moon

People with their Sun in Libra and their Moon in Aries are always on the go and excited to start a new adventure. While the calm and relaxed attitude of the former is in them, they still have the fiery passion of the latter.

Just like all the Libras, they need to be emotionally balanced and to have harmony. However, it’s still difficult for them to find peace of mind and to spend time in contemplation.

Libra Sun Aries Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Harmonious, instinctive and caring;
  • Negatives: Rebellious, troublesome and pessimistic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who appreciates them for who they are;
  • Advice: They should try to have a more positive outlook.

Personality traits

Libra Sun Aries Moon people have a somewhat contradictory personality. On the outside, they are tactful, gentle and nice, and on the inside, their impulsiveness and agitated nature is always present.

It’s possible they will often suppress their instinctive urges just to have a peaceful existence and to satisfy the Libra in them. But their wish for harmony can tremendously contradict the turbulent emotions that lay in their hearts.

It doesn’t matter if they are men or women, they will always have a positive attitude and be very determined to succeed. They like being around people and they usually get along with everyone.

Others will adore them. That’s why they will always have many friends and be involved in a romantic relationship. And when it comes to love, their passion can’t be equaled.

They’d rather express their feelings openly than hide what is happening in their heart. It’s possible they will commit later in life because they are too charming and attractive to not be interested in flirting with everyone.

Independent and always doing something, they will often upset the Libra in them because this sign simply can’t stand tension. Libra Sun Aries Moon natives hate getting bored and they’ll do anything to never allow themselves to just relax. That’s why they will often be the ones who oppose others in every discussion.

It’s easy for them to shock and come up with controversial arguments, just to make things spicier.

Being mischievous is their second nature. It’s suggested they become more disciplined and deal with the restlessness that characterizes them.

Finding an interest or an objective to focus on can help a lot. Doing too many things at once can’t bring anything good to their life. Instead, doing one thing at a time would make them focus and accomplish what they have set their mind to.

These guys’ abundant energy and unmatched enthusiasm can be very beneficial if they focus in only one direction. Their tendency to not finish what they have started should be somehow kept to a minimum. Not to mention they will never be able to keep the peace and serenity they so eagerly want with this kind of attitude.

Having a supportive person in their life will always help them finish projects they got bored of. Also putting up together a plan B. When it comes to relationships, the Libra in them wants to be involved, but the Aries desires only independences and to roam free.

Also, their Moon may make them more selfish, which opposes the Libra’s desire for balance. However, spontaneity and assertiveness have never ruined anyone’s life. In a crisis situation, these natives can apply a sound judgment and tact.

This means they won’t upset anyone with their solutions. The thrills that come with a new challenge will always keep them active because they love being in control.

But they can rely too much on the fantasy world they have created with their imagination. They sometimes feel like the real world is not enough and come up with one of their own.

Being imaginative is always suggested, but not to the extreme. That’s why Libra Sun Aries Moon individuals need to always be sociable and keep themselves anchored in reality by interacting with others.

Their signs oppose so much, they will change moods more often others change socks. Being Libras, they believe in kindness and diplomacy, but their Aries makes them want to rebel and create trouble.

That’s why they will alternate between shyness and openness, happiness and sadness, positivity and negativity. Tensed situation will cause them to change from one minute to another. And they will enjoy these controversial moments because they’re Arieses.

However, they will still have to satisfy their Libra and meditate over their life. It’s possible they will sometimes contemplate on death. If they will focus more on the future and think less of dark things, they will definitely be happier.

They need to find a way to deal with the tension that’s always boiling inside them. If applied correctly, this type of energy can help them reach great heights.

Need for interaction and freedom

A little bit selfish but very romantic, Libra Sun Aries Moon people want their partner to understand and appreciate them for whom they really are.

They can sometimes not see what their lover wants because they focus too much on being satisfied. That’s why they need to focus on their other half’s needs more often.

Libra Suns want a relationship more than anything else. But they also enjoy being socially active. Ruled by Venus, these natives like to observe how some react to them.

They need to interact all the time if they are to be happy. And their partner will have to understand this. They are looking to always charm and be gracious. They can be passive-aggressive in love, but they will always work hard to keep their relationship alive.

Aries Moon people need a lot of freedom to express their ideas and feelings. They feel secure when they’re with someone through whom they can assess themselves.

They are bored with the domestic life. These natives need to be always challenged or they’ll start to fight with their partner. It’s that they don’t hold grudges and never hide their true feelings.

No one will ever have to guess what’s happening with them because they will say it openly. Their downsides get revealed when they’re feeling tied down. This is when they become angry and destructive in an attempt to show they’re not at all happy.

The Libra Sun Aries Moon man

The combination between the Air and easygoing Libra with the passionate and competitive Aries makes the man in these signs surprising.

He wants both to have peace and to enjoy a life full of fun. This guy needs to fight his battles if he’s to be happy.

Adaptable and charming, the Libra Sun Aries Moon man will make any woman fall for him. But be careful with his anger outbursts. He will trick any girl to get to his bed because he’s persuasive and doesn’t take “No” for an answer.

He will melt your heart and disappear after a few weeks of relationship. This guy will never adapt to the rules and norms a woman imposes on him.

It’s possible he’ll make his lady wait for years before he decides where she belongs in his life. Because he’s a wanderer and a traveler, he will just leave one day for Africa or a faraway place. He is definitely not prepared for having a family.

The Libra Sun Aries Moon woman

The Libra Sun Aries Moon woman is the most controversial in the zodiac. She’s interested in the oddest things and develops great passions. She’s also more decisive than other people in the same sign.

This means she’s more troublesome and at in the same time more fun. Because she’s very attractive, she will change many partners in her life. And with some, she will end up things disastrously.

It’s possible she’ll marry young and regret it afterwards. She likes being in love and talking about romance, yet she can never commit and be responsible in a relationship.

People like being in her company, but she will often keep things casual. As a homemaker, she’s talented and knows how to decorate a house. Not to mention she’s crafty and may use some of her DIY furniture and artworks to make the place look nice.

There are both masculine and feminine qualities in this woman. While she may seem gentle and submissive, she’ll still be in control and want to do things her way.

This is the type of woman who fights with men for power. Don’t think for a moment she may be weak. Many natives make this mistake with her.

Not needing help that much, this lady will always get what she wants. At work, she’ll have great ideas and won’t accept to take orders.

It doesn’t matter if it’s her boss, her children or her husband trying to restrict her, she’ll eventually escape them. It can be difficult to deal with her. That’s why she needs strong and ambitious men in her life.

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