The Leo Woman In Bed: What To Expect And How To Make Love

The sexy and romantic side of the Leo woman as revealed by sexual astrology

The Leo woman has a royal aura that will make anyone be humbler in her presence. Oozing sex appeal, this lady is not for the fainted heart people.

She has a strength and a power that are accentuated by her magnetism. Governed by the Sun, this woman shines everywhere she’s going. She doesn’t mind being in the center of attention and she loves being complimented.

A natural born leader, she is good when she’s in control between the sheets. Kind-hearted, the Leo woman has a warm touch.

If you are not a match for her, she will leave you. If you want to meet her, go where many people gather to dance and laugh. She won’t be in the library.

When she commits, she is very loyal. If you’d like to date her, don’t just flirt and wait for her to fall for it. She likes to have all the attention.

Don’t think she’s arrogant because you feel less of a man when around her. This is just the way people feel around the Leo woman.

This can sometimes be either a burden or a benefit for her, however she doesn’t seem to spend much time worrying about this.

It all depends on her mood

Warm at heart and kind, this girl will become yours only if she’s taken to dinner, complimented and admired. If you know how to play your cards, she will invite you to her bed sooner than you expect.

She is a loud sex partner. The Leo woman can wake the neighbors with her lovemaking sounds. You will love her from the first night. She likes luxury, so her boudoir will contain expensive sheets. Loving to dance, she will probably strip for you before the fun begins.

She has a strong sexual drive and she makes love energetically. You’d better be fit if you want to sleep with her.

Make sure you pay attention only to her when you’re having sex and only then expect her to be responsive. Everything about this woman says power and hotness.

Like most Leos, she has a big ego, so don’t you dare give her any advice about making love. If you want to convince her to do something in bed, get her to think the suggestion was hers and not yours.

When she has her fantasies satisfied she screams with pleasure.

It’s not easy to get your hands on a Leo woman. In her company is like being with a big cinema star. People want to be around her so you should feel lucky if she has chosen you.

She gives sex very much importance. For her, the physical contact is the way through which partners show how much they love each other.

She likes being in control in bed and she will dress in the sexiest lingerie she can find. Adventurous, this lady will be open to any lovemaking suggestion. She’s a skilled lover and she likes both receiving and offering pleasure.

If you want to drive her crazy, gently massage her back and caress her skin. She has an aura of mystery and she will only reveal herself after she completely trusts the partner.

Sex is something serious for the Leo woman, and she knows how to attract men into her bed.

Feminine and sweet, she will appeal to all her sensuality as a mean to give the best performance in the sack. She expects a lot from the partner too and she sometimes prefers rough sex instead of the usual tender lovemaking.

Leos don’t have the libido of Aries, Virgo or Libra, but they want to have sex and they also have fantasies of their own.

Careful to identify what the partner wants, the Leo woman will do whatever it takes to know you are satisfied with her performance in bed.

She can spoil and love you tenderly one night, and the next she can be dominant and rough. It all depends on her mood. You shouldn’t be shy and should tell her what you want from her.

Like she’s the center of the world

She has great lovemaking skills and she will try to do anything you’re asking from her. Don’t expect her to be submissive, though. As said before, she is the one who’s ruling in bed, so let her leave you speechless with her dominant character.

You will always be turned on by her beautiful, revealing lingerie. She loves to expose her erogenous areas. The ideal partner for the Leo woman would be someone who knows how to adore and arouse her.

Don’t forget that she needs a lot of attention in order to be happy and complete. When she gets what she wants from a man, she will respond in ways in which no one can even imagine, especially in the bedroom.

Leos of both genders love being in the spotlight, thing that makes them shine everywhere they go. Their libido increases when their partner appreciates what they are doing. There is nothing more pleasurable for them than hearing the partner moan in pleasure.

Make the Leo woman feel like she’s the center of the world and she will be the fieriest sex partner you ever had. The people she’s the most compatible with in the bedroom are Aries, Aquarians, Libras, Geminis, and Sagittarians. Her most erogenous zone is the back, so give her a massage with scented oils and she will get turned on in a second.

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She likes to examine her possible sex partners in detail, so you need to be as close as possible to what she finds ideal. She gets married to escape her insecurities. That’s why many Leo women are divorced.

She like having a home and a family, but she needs to get married for the good reasons.

She doesn’t ask for too much in love as she is usually the one to make the first step and perform. Fiery and sensual, she will make any person feel loved.

Luxury is something she wishes for every day, so make sure you are financially stable to offer her what she needs. She’s loyal and she expects the same thing from the partner. To keep the passion, you’ll need to compliment and admire her all the time. Gifts are also a good idea.

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