Cancer and Leo Friendship Compatibility

This friendship can be a very powerful and positive combination, especially if they take their time to understand one another thoroughly.

Cancer and Leo Friendship

The friendship between the Cancer and the Leo can be surprising because the latter is only interested to charm, even if he or she is very giving, devoted and caring.

Luckily, the Cancer is always patient and can wait for the Leo to reveal his or her wisdom. Both of them are interested in the same things such as dancing, choosing furniture and cooking expensive foods.

CriteriaCancer and Leo Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

When the Cancer and the Leo become good friends, it’s easy for them to identify what they both need and to satisfy those requirements. For example, they both need to be given enough devotion and a lot of love, even if the Cancer wants more emotional stability and to feel balanced, while the Leo prefers to be admired and complimented.

A straightforward friendship

A Leo and a Cancer friend can host great parties and organize fun dinners because they’re able to collaborate in a great way, not to mention the Cancer will be happy to let the Leo be in the center of attention.

These two natives are very loyal and even possessive with their closest friends. Both of them want their friendships to last for a lifetime and don’t mind committing themselves to a long-lasting connection.

It’s easy for both to identify what each other needs because they want the same things. Surely, they’ll have to make friends while young because it can be difficult for them to be happy with another person at an older age.

They just want friendships to happen, but this can be impossible in their case because they’re quite picky when enjoying platonic relationships.

As soon as they have found someone to rely on, they become very devoted and supportive. Many will come to these natives for advice and they won’t hesitate to give it.

Both Cancers and Leos want to feel secure and comfortable, so it’s not unusual for them to do things at a grand scale. They want many friends and to be surrounded by people who love them.

Leos are a little bit noisy, whereas Cancers prefer a more sensitive approach. The same Leos only want to make everything at a bigger scale and to express how important or amazing they are.

Because both these signs are determined to be themselves, it may take them a while to become understanding and acceptant of each other.

When friends with a Leo, the Cancer expects his or her companion to be very straightforward. Furthermore, he or she must never hide something from the Leo because people in this sign hate getting betrayed and can forget all about sensitivity when being crossed.

The Cancer friend

The Cancer can really forge a good friendship because he or she takes this kind of connection very seriously and doesn’t mind going above and beyond for those whom he or she loves.

People in this sign give a lot of importance to their childhood friends and think only trust can make a connection work. Those to whom they are listening and know secrets about should consider themselves lucky because these people surely have a special place in their Cancer friend’s heart.

It’s possible the Cancer will trust only one person, but that individual will enjoy his or her complete devotion. Cancers are affectionate and love expressing their love for others through gifts that have an emotional charge.

Therefore, they can send beautiful cards that have something to do with an experience they’ve shared with that friend of theirs to whom they’re sending the present.

This is how they’re showing how much they’re appreciating their loved ones and how affectionate these natives can really be.

The Cancer can be the best friend anyone could have because people in this sign are sensitive and very focused on making their friendships work. They love to work hard for their life to be easy, even if it may sometimes seem like they’re struggling more than usual.

When not encouraging everyone at work to succeed, they’re usually at home cooking a great dinner for their friends.

What they’re most proud about is their intuition and ability to support anyone, regardless of the situation. Those who are looking for serious advice and some jokes along the way should definitely go for a Cancer friend.

The Leo friend

The Leo will not get out of a friendship before repairing everything that can be fixed. However, this native hates betrayal, so he or she will never talk again with someone who has deceived him or her.

Furthermore, Leos are known to hold grudges, even if they easily forgive. While others know how to make promises, Leos are very good at keeping them. These natives will never try and escape a bad situation, no matter how tired and overwhelmed they may be feeling.

They love to stick to their plans and to offer everyone a great time. When one of their friends is in danger, they don’t hesitate to jump in and to give a helping hand, so loyalty characterizes them very much, regardless of the relationship they’re developing.

Those who want someone reliable in their life should definitely go for the Leo because this native keeps his or her promises and doesn’t hesitate to be the most reliable person in the world.

What to remember about the Cancer & Leo friendship

While the Cancer is governed by the Moon, the Leo has the Sun as his or her ruler. The Sun is connected with the self and known to radiate warmth or light, which means the Leo is highly energetic and enthusiastic.

The Moon is emotional and influences people to be more nurturing. When these two celestial bodies get together, masculine and feminine energies unify and the Sun gives out life, while the Moon cultivates it.

The Cancer and the Leo friendship can be a very powerful and positive combination, especially if they understand one another very thoroughly.

The Cancer is Water, whereas the Leo Fire, which means the second wants to be recognized and the first to feel safe and secure. Both these signs like being in control, even if in different ways.

They may come with many arguments on why each of them should rule, but if they can make one another feel safe when together, their friendship can be very happy.

The Cancer is cardinal, while the Leo fixed, which means the second is rigid and highly opinionated, while the first uses manipulation.

The Cancer can persist when making plans and the Leo makes sure everything has been taken to completion. While the Crab wants stability and calm, the Leo doesn’t mind taking risks and doing the unexpected.

Once these two have managed to become friends, both of them will look to be devoted to their connection.

When contradicting each other, they’ll experience an emotional roller coaster that doesn’t ever seem to stop. The Cancer may want more to be in control and can actually do it to a certain point because it seems easy to manipulate the Leo.

The Crab is not in any way superficial and he or she loves to be surrounded by friends.

While never admitting it, they Leo has a big ego and wants to be all the time praised. This can be a good thing because natives of this sign can bring many people under the same roof, not to mention how generous they are.

Furthermore, they love planning trips and going to faraway places. The greatest thing about the friendship between a Cancer and a Leo is the fact that both of them are committed to sincerity.

Leos will never gossip or play mind games because they have great perception and their honesty is unmatchable. When not agreeing with something, these two natives prefer to let themselves be heard.

They don’t want to hurt anyone, they’re just very interested in everything being expressed. A Leo and a Cancer in a friendship can be very supportive with one another, so many will see them as a great team, especially since they’re both struggling for security and balance.

In the beginning of their connection, these two will not know what to believe of each other because the Cancer is too humble to understand why the Leo is all the time bragging.

Furthermore, the Leo can’t put up with how the Cancer is all the time self-doubting, out of anything. They should learn to accept one another and take a closer look at their personalities.

The Cancer can learn how to be more playful with the Leo’s help, while the Leo can become more sensitive in the Cancer’s presence.

Both of them are very loyal and open to give a helping hand during difficult times. It can be said the friendship between them is balanced and energetic.

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