Leo and Leo Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is extremely valuable for both but can prove tricky to navigate as these two are too alike for their own good.

Leo and Leo Friendship

A Leo who’s desperate to have an appreciative best friend should get together with another Leo. It’s easy for these two to see the elegance, energy and sense of humor in each other, not to mention they can be really impressed seeing how they’re both creative, fun and beautiful.

It’s true they may bother one another with their selfishness, so they need to make clear between themselves that their own problems are more important for them in situations of crisis.

CriteriaLeo and Leo Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsBelow average★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeStrong★ ★ ★ ★

Finally, the two Leos together

When together, two Leos can have great fun, even if they’re sometimes arguing because they equally want to be treated like royalty. If two Leos as friends can’t decide to take turns at leading, it’s possible for them to have many power clashes, not to mention neither is ever open to give in when fighting.

Luckily, they still have many things in common and are usually working towards the same goals. For example, they’re both lovers of luxury, the arts and all forms of entertainment.

These natives like spending their time outside and taking part in any kind of sports. Their friendship depends a lot on how they’re managing to control their egos.

They’re both very powerful, adventurous and enthusiastic, so it can be difficult to understand how such wild and magnetic personalities can keep their friendship balanced, without being offensive or too proud.

The combination between two Leos is charged with great power and can truly impress, not to mention how envied it can be as well. Two Leo friends will always lead and inspire others, managing to even dominate their friends.

They have similar characters, free spirits, which means they can immediately be interested in each other. Neither will ever try to hide too much when he or she is admiring his or her Leo friend.

People in this sign are open, tolerant and very optimistic. Everyone should expect of them to always be warm, loyal and supportive.

They’re proud of their friendships, but don’t want to be eclipsed because they simply love being in the center of attention and can’t stand when someone else is taking their place in the spotlight.

They prefer close relationships over distant ones and are able to show how much appreciation they can have for another Leo. It’s possible for them to sometimes become criticizing and demanding, so they should avoid at all costs being arrogant.

Leos have great charisma and are fixed signs belonging to the Fire element, ruled by the Sun. This means they immediately attract new people because they’re all the time outgoing, positive and enthusiastic.

Furthermore, Leos are warm, affectionate and very generous. They’re famous for making expensive gifts and big gestures. All they want in return is loyalty and honesty.

When someone will notice how courageous and determined they can be, they’ll turn into even stronger and bolder characters, but only if surrounded by friends who are being honest with them.

Their quirks combined

The fact that two Leos have similar energies means these natives attract each other. At their first encounter, they may realize sooner than later that a friendship between them is inevitable.

Because they’re both Fire signs, things between them can become very heated as they’re both be passionate about succeeding in business and their career in general.

The friendship between these two is valuable, even dangerous as they’re both Fire and it’s possible for them to simply burn one another.

While reliable, they both love to gossip, so their connection can easily get ruined by things said behind one another’s back.

Only those who know Leos and are being friends with them can describe how these natives are incredibly loyal and prepared to share their lives with many of their loved ones.

While some think of them as superficial, they’re in fact very deep and want to stand by their friend’s side through both good and bad times.

When the situation is difficult, they’re able to sacrifice themselves in order to make others happy. It would be wrong to judge them by appearance because this can deceive, especially when talking about the friendship with a Leo.

For example, natives of this sign can seem very self-centered at the first impression. Surely, they want to talk about what they’ve experienced and tend to need the approval of others in order to identify themselves, this being one of the reasons why they’re investing so much in friendships.

However, they also have an ideal of what types of connection they want and have these built with many different people, so they can understand things about what drives their loved ones.

When spending a lot of time with Leos, it’s impossible not to notice how they’re having monologues about different people in their life. They’re only meaning well and want to honestly show how much they care.

However, their friends need to be patient with them because they can start criticizing and being preachy. Leos often show their affection by spoiling others, especially those very close to them.

Therefore, they’re being kind, making expensive gifts, praising and boosting egos of those who happen to be in their life. Anyone can feel special in their presence, but the fact that they’re loyal and generous shouldn’t be taken for granted as they can turn into ferocious enemies and can sometimes leave friendships of a lifetime behind. This is how serious they are about these two things.

Indulgent and always on the run

There’s something very dynamic in the way things are going when two Leos befriend each other and it may seem others are helping them, when in fact, these people would only be helping themselves.

Aware of this exchange, Leos are always ready to be in someone’s life and to offer their kindness or support. Two Leos as friends can be very restless and highly energetic.

Both of them want to lead and wouldn’t allow anyone else to dominate, so the connection between them may be a continuous power struggle.

They need to let go of competitiveness and just give in a little bit to one another, especially if they want to be good friends for a lifetime.

Leos love indulging in luxury and leading a comfortable life. They’ll work hard to have everything they need and don’t mind sharing with others because this way, they can show their wealth off.

These two friends will always look for an exciting life and to be active, not to mention how desperate they are to be praised. Therefore, they can make each other happy when good friends.

The planet ruling the Leo is the Sun, which means natives of this sign are great leaders, both at home and at work. They’re also domineering and wouldn’t settle for second best.

The Sun is the giver of warmth and light, so it stands for power and high energy levels. This is why the two Leo buddies can take charge in any situation and are usually teaching their friends or family how to be highly efficient or prosperous.

However, the fact that they’re restless can tire some of their friends, not to mention they want to dominate and to rule by working only with their own rules and this way, they can make others resent them.

Because they’re both always on the run, they can either have great results with their friendship or make disastrous mistakes on the way. Regardless of what happens, they’ll do everything like a big show because they’re pretty extreme and dramatic.

It’s difficult for these natives to relax and they’re fixed signs, which means they’re focused on getting the power in their own way. However, as they’re friendly and rational, it’s easy for them to convince others of their arguments.

Therefore, many of their friends will agree with them without even noticing. When crossed, Leos become ferocious and even angry, in a very intense way. It’s good they’re not known for holding a grudge for too long, especially if lightly deceived.

The greatest thing about the friendship between two Leos is the fact that they’re both highly energetic and exciting.

These two can double the passion when combined, not to mention how much excitement and admiration each is bringing to the friendship between them. It can be said their connection is strong, even if a little bit bumpy.

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