Leo And Aquarius Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Leo and Aquarius may not be out of movies but this is a great combination that can stand the test of time.

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The attraction between the Leo and the Aquarius is magnetic and starts with a friendly flirt. The Aquarius is glamorous, relaxed and sociable, which will be to the liking of the Leo. The fact that the Leo is warm will make the Aquarius fall for him or her. Being opposed signs on the zodiac wheel, these two are the living proof that those who are different are attracted to each other.

CriteriaLeo Aquarius Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Both optimists, they are compatible only half-way. While very affectionate, the Leo will be fascinated by the coolness that the Water Bearer displays. In return, the Aquarius will like that the Leo is so open and classy.

They are both self-sufficient, which creates a good pair. Interested in looking good and classy, these two will be the ones that will inspire style in their friends. They will be the center of attention at every party and social gathering.

Supporting each other in their career goals is normal for them. Because they are fixed signs, they will both have an interest in finding out as much as possible about the field in which they are working.

When the Leo and the Aquarius fall in love …

The Leo is perfect for the Aquarius. It’s like they have been searching for one another in their past lives. The Leo is governed by the Sun, and the Aquarius will be his or her source of power, especially when things will go bad.

They both have a need to shine and they will, but they have to be careful not to shadow one another and take turns at being in the center of attention.

The whole world will know when the Leo is in love. A person should be blind not to notice the Leo likes him or her. Aquarians don’t acknowledge their feelings so quickly, not to mention expressing them.

It’s good that Leos are warm and open enough to be able to make them know that they don’t belong in someone else’s arms. They are both proud people, so when together, they should be careful not to let their egos take over and destroy their connection. Leos need to be spoiled and admired. They can be pretty superficial creatures as they are more into looks and how a person dresses.

The Aquarius will like this in them, but won’t cope with the fact that Leos aren’t too original. This is what will make the Aquarians question their relationship with a Leo, as a matter of fact.

Because they are craving attention and affection, it’s pretty easy to crawl under Leos’ skin. People in this sign do not only want to be admired, they also like to compliment others themselves.

The Aquarius loves that in the presence of the Leo, he or she has more energy and feels treated like royalty. In return, the Water Bearer will offer their partner a lot of imagination, eccentricity and originality.

Leos are known to be more stable about the way they love, while Aquarius lovers are true chameleons. They each need a lot of space to express their individuality.

Young at heart, you will see this Leo Aquarius couple playing tennis, skydiving or bungee jumping. They need to have soliciting activities if they don’t want to get bored.

If their passion will be invested in some great adventures, they will get closer to one another. It’s important for them to spend as much time as possible together.

Variety will always be in their life as they are both looking to have a good time. It’s good they will never settle for a routine. The Leo may get too competitive and demanding, but this is preferred over staying home and doing nothing.

Also, the Leo is very sincere and loyal. Aquarians are logic and they are looking for a partner to make them look good. While they flirt like there is no tomorrow with everyone, Aquarians hate infidelity more than anything else.

The Leo and Aquarius relationship

On a scale from 1 to 10, the compatibility between the Leo and the Aquarius is at 5. If they leave differences aside, these two can have a magical relationship. They are more of a visionary couple as they both have innovative ideas.

While competition between them will always exist, they can find a middle ground. It’s important they leave each other’s issues behind.

The Aquarius is very fond of the Leo’s optimism and positive outlook on life and doesn’t pay attention to the fact that his or her partner is too demanding and needy. At the same time, Leos must overlook the Aquarius coldness and unpredictability.

Paying attention to their own feelings is what would make their relationship work better. While the Leo is the one that leads in the relationship, the Aquarius is the one that plans and comes up with ideas about what they have to do.

They won’t fight that much because of their differences although, unconventional, the Aquarius sees love in a different light from Leo. What makes them similar and different at the same time is also what brings them together. They will be optimistic no matter what will happen in their life.

Their generosity will impress others. The Leo is known as giving, while the Aquarius wants to defend the ones who are less fortunate or who are being made an injustice. What one lacks, the other will come and fill in.

To sum it up, the Aquarius Leo relationship will be smooth and fulfilling, no matter if they are only friends or lovers. The Leo will teach the Aquarius self-respect, stability and what it means to rely on someone.

At the same time, the Aquarius will teach Leos to accept when they are mistaken and when they are being criticized. It doesn’t matter what the Aquarius will do or say, the Leo will be appreciative.

The Water Bearer wants someone who doesn’t take him or her for granted. The Leo will never nag or be rude and their partner is the same. That’s why they rarely fight. However, when the Leo will start being dramatic like he or she normally is, the Aquarius will become irritated and anxious.

Leo and Aquarius marriage compatibility…

Both the Leo and the Aquarius put a high price on individuality. Strong characters, these guys know what they want and they’ll see this in each other. While they may not agree sometimes, this is what will make them stronger as a couple.

Seeing how strong the other is will also make them more passionate. Beautiful things happen when these two get together in a marriage.

At the first Aquarius-Leo dates, they will seem like they don’t know what to do with one another, but the change will happen quickly and they’ll suddenly be into each other and prepare for their wedding.

Great ideas and a flair for solutions that seem impossible are something they are both used with. They will soon realize a connection like theirs is rare to find.

Sexual compatibility

Many Aquarians don’t even consider sex before they’ve established a mental link with the partner. Them and the Leo are born in opposite seasons but astrologically, the combination between these two signs is very hot.

They will have ups and downs, but their sex will be great. They both like to show off, so their sexual encounters will also be exotic and risky.

The Leo is wild and passionate, while the Aquarius is controlling and creative. They will allow each other to be themselves in bed.

The Aquarius will feel free to do whatever goes through his or her head. Leos should be less possessive if they want for this to continue, however much the Aquarius arouses them, with time, they will think he or she is too unconventional, even for the bedroom.

The downsides of this union

The Leo can be too jealous and suspicious. The Aquarius wants privacy, while the Leo wants to let everyone know about their relationship.

More than this, the Leo is proud and stubborn, and the Aquarius opinionated so the communication between them may be harsh.

The Aquarius will criticize the Leo’s authority. Leos are used to get what they want, when they want it. They simply don’t ponder, thing that will make the Aquarius want to leave.

Leos are dramatic, so they’ll throw tantrums each time they feel like the Aquarius is too insensitive, which can happen quite often.

The more detached the Water Bearer will be, the more agitated and anxious the Leo will become. They don’t like it when others take their place in the spotlight.

What to remember about Leo and Aquarius

The Leo-Aquarius relationship is in fact a clash between passion and innovation. The compatibility between them is quite strong, and they are not only good as lovers, but also as business partners. They can put each other’s ideas into practice, and they respect and admire one another.

These two are also very good friends. And this is important in a romance because it means they’ll help each other. Two friends in love with one another, who will do anything in their power to make their relationship work.

Just like everyone else, the Aquarius will be impressed by the Leo’s positive attitude. While Fire, which is the Leo, and Air, which is the Aquarius, can be flammable when put together, the combination between these two signs is strong and efficient.

They may face some difficulties, but they will have a too strong of a bond to not overcome them. A problem that may surface while they’ll still be at the beginning of their relationship will be that the Aquarius has a tendency to be flirt and look to spend time with other people.

There’s no rule the Water Bearer will respect, so hurting the Leo’s ego may be something they will do. But all this can be corrected if they commit to one another from the beginning and the Leo becomes more open to being patient and forgiving.

Another thing that may threaten their relationship is when the Leo will want to be treated like royalty and to be adored and admired all the time. And the Aquarius is not ready to offer such things to someone. One of the most independent signs in the zodiac, Aquarians don’t know how devote themselves like this to another person.

Leos like to be with winners, and they’ll love the fact that the Aquarius has a touch of genius. But if they become too demanding, it’s very possible the Aquarius will be out the door in no time. It doesn’t matter that they oppose each other on the zodiac wheel, these two have a lot to learn from one another.

Leos are impulsive and they crave attention, Water Bearers are more relaxed and intellectual. They can influence how the other views life in many different ways. Leos are loud and they want to show their feelings, Aquarius are rather cold and not too emotional, so there is nothing for them to express. But the Leo can influence the Aquarius to believe in love.

They will be ruled more by attempts, thing that will give them an opportunity to cope with each other’s differences. It’s normal for Leos to benefit from Aquarians, after all, Fire needs Air in order to burn. Things don’t work the other way around, so in this relationship, the one with the real power will be the Aquarius.

When everything in their life will go well, this Aquarius Leo couple will be all love and imagination. If they also have some shared interests, they can achieve many great things together as the Aquarius has the vision, and the Leo has the tools. This is a star sign combination that will definitely stand the test of time.

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