Gemini And Gemini Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between two Gemini has an explosive potential and of course, discussions will never end with these two.

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A romance between two Gemini will naturally be a brilliant event, eventually, even if it may seem a bit hurried or unnatural at first. After all, they take some time to get used to one another, and being split apart by their personality twists, it’s even more of a challenge to act normal when in such situations.

CriteriaGemini Gemini Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Conversations, discussions, debates and talks about whatever subject they may have in mind, is how these natives connect, and it works wonders for the both of them.

And all the verbal competitions, as well as all the playful activities that they love doing are bound to get them all tired and lacking in any energy, considering that both are rather dynamic and intense.

There is also the strong emotional connection which fires up as soon as they lay their eyes on each other. The first meeting is the beginning of it all, the spark that lights up all the tiny little dots which make up their souls and love potential.

When Gemini and Gemini fall in love …

There is nothing ordinary in the relationship between two Geminis, not about their activities, not in the way they do them, not about their passions and interests.

There will be many occasions when people will remain flabbergasted and stupefied at the sheer amount of innovative and abnormal things two Gemini lovers do every moment of the day.

The essence here is good communication, because only through a solid and understanding bonding, could they ever hope to pacify and combine all those crazy and fleeting interests of theirs.

A lot of things won’t make sense, or will be something that you wouldn’t expect from someone their age, but that’s what Geminis are like, hiding multiple personalities.

Therefore, the one thing these natives require is activity, to have their interest and attention peeked by their significant other. And, consequently, they will act with great impetus, at a pace not many could hope to follow, lightning fast and more rapid that quicksilver.

This means that they’ll also be very agile and adaptable to new situations, as well as have no problems at all dealing with a strenuous and critical issue.

Naturally, the atmosphere around these natives will always be filled with the sparks of obsession, neuroticism, of chaos and unrestraint, because they never hesitate or do anything half-way.

And considering their not-so-normal interests, the effect comes at double the intensity for other people. There will be times when they’ll just want to lay flat on the ground, exhausted and wanting for nothing more than a good rest.

But that’s just a temporary setback. They’ll be back on their feet in no time, asking for more, if they haven’t already overworked themselves.

The Gemini and Gemini relationship

In a relationship, these natives will more likely plan for a night out with friends or a party at the weekend, rather than looking towards the future and building up a strategy for a happy life. These things require a steady and focused mind, not one that dabbles on all sorts of extraneous thoughts, moving from one to another in the span of one second.

Carefree and even quite hedonistic, the Gemini-Gemini couple will not be in the habit of planning. That is not what they do at all, at least not with a prospect in mind. They would even abandon some principles or responsibilities, if that implies having some well-deserved fun or accomplishing an intense desire.

Seeing the way they think, on the first impulse, and with only the satisfaction of their senses in mind, it’s obvious that their feelings and emotions are unrestrained and uninhibited. And that’s just the way they like it.

The bond between them is not one common mortals like us can understand, because it’s not grounded on the same principles. They could move right now to a new country, or go to a month-long trip to the Amazonian forests.

The fact is, these natives have many things in common which will evidently tie them together for all eternity. Their friends, social expectations and past-time activities are all the same, with small differences, according to what kind of person each is.

They will try to extend their reach on many sorts of interests and passions, and will naturally implicate their partners as well. How else, if not to have even greater fun and do those things with someone who can actually understand them as well as they themselves do?

Gemini and Gemini marriage compatibility

The thing is, the way these natives are behaving, with no interest in anything else other than having fun and satisfying all their desires, they’ll obviously become forgetful and not realize that it could all be much better. How? Marriage, that’s how.

However, during all this time of adventuring across the world and doing all manner of crazy things, arguments and conflicts will have naturally made their way in their enclosure, and they are exactly what keeps them now from going forward.

And two Gemini could make for a great couple, a pretty responsible and mature family, as far as children are concerned. Well, for most of the time at least.

Sexual compatibility

When it comes to love-making the Geminis are indeed what first comes to mind when thinking about sensuality and lasciviousness. For all the intensity and dynamic demeanor of day-to-day life, it would have been a tad weird to have them act hesitant and reluctant when in bed, right?

The Gemini Gemini relationship is especially one focused on the sense of touch, whether it’s arousing interest or the prelude, gripping tightly on the partner, or holding a pillow in their arms, it’s all about what they can feel right then and there.

Furthermore, they are quite devious and unpredictable, in that they could now be very sensual and careful, taking care not to provoke even the slightest discomfort and go slowly, while at the next moment, they can quickly suffer a complete turn-around and become quite unrestrained and make love until the suns sets, rises, and sets right down again.

The downsides of this union

One of the few things that can not only take this relationship down, but also make it impossible to start in the first place, is that both of them are first and foremost cerebral individuals.

They place tremendous importance on reason, on the long and profound discussions, on philosophy and the chain of thoughts that accompany each and every action. What goes on in their heads, it takes way too much space and time to focus on something else.

The meanderings of the heart are put on the back-burner, and will only be taken out to the surface if they spend enough time together to realize that things could go even further. Maturity, responsibility and one hell of a strong affection, which goes beyond mere intellectualisms, these are necessary if they are to have more than a one-night adventure.

What to remember about Gemini and Gemini

One thing is certain when it comes to Gemini relationships, and that they won’t ever get bored of each other. There are too many things to discuss and too complex to ever finish all of them in such a short time.

It will take years and years until they will satisfy their intellectual pursuits with one another, and by that time, routine will have already set in, and the discussions will have thus achieved its desired effect.

But, really, these natives can talk a lot, about the most profound, or not, themes, for hours and even days on end, without ever finding it tedious. That is, if they find a partner which can follow in their footsteps.

Theirs is a fun and energetic relationship which builds up on the endless source of drive that’s so characteristic to both of them, and as long as they pool in their resources and groups of friends, it’s going to be a pretty happy and spirited lifestyle.

Communication is key, and implicitly, social life needs to be kept on a pedestal, because they are in dire need of talking and interacting with people. It’s what drives them forward and fuels their unrestrained personality.

If they don’t often manage to find the time to go out and enjoy themselves, then they’ll use this free time wisely and think about the more important things in life. When this happens, the partner must learn to respect their privacy.

Being incredibly adventurous and energetic, the Gemini-Gemini couple will naturally want to explore the world and do what no one else has ever done before. It doesn’t matter what it is exactly, as long as they’re not sitting in one place.

This restlessness obviously requires them to have some degree of freedom and independence, and this again implies that their relationships doesn’t get too possessive and clingy.

Neither one of them wants that to happen, because it would quickly melt their wings, just like it happened to Icarus when he got too close to the Sun. That’s something that can quickly degenerate, if they’re not too careful.

Geminis are, as previously said, very volatile and explosive in their thinking, in that their dynamism quickly burns away at any attempts to hold them strapped to a chair, in this case a boring and tedious lifestyle.

Thus, they will change their minds really quickly, and while this may reflect their quick-wits and swift cerebral abilities, it doesn’t bode as well for their partners, who won’t be able to take it all that fast.

Arguments will irredeemably start making their appearance, and will possibly lead to even more problems, considering that both are incredibly acidic and sulfurous with words.

Besides craving for a high dose of freedom and independence to fulfil all their well-thought out plans and desires, the Gemini have a very bright and idealistic outlook of life, and are quite hedonistic in their approach. While this may play out quite well in the beginning phases, and even later on, it won’t be as nice when the probability of a family comes knocking on the door. Raising children requires a lot of responsibility and steadiness, after all.

You have to be perfectly aware of a lot of things, while being mature enough to set your priorities straight. If they achieve that, all’s going to be quite even in their relationship.

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