The Capricorn Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

A lady of unbelievable strength and courage, with a discrete elegance.

The Capricorn woman will always be on top of the mountain, either chairing an important meeting or being the planner at a big party.

Capable of overcoming any obstacle, this lady is one of the most powerful women in the zodiac. She has a thing for being first at everything that she does, for being determined and resourceful. Be careful when around her. She can easily hurt you if she feels like you are in her way.

As ambitious characters, Capricorn ladies can’t be driven away from the destiny they have chosen. They are self-sufficient and they possess a natural leadership talent. That’s why they are oftentimes envied by others.

The Capricorn woman won’t hesitate to strike back if attacked. It’s true that she rarely loses it, but when she does, you must be really cautious around her.

I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth – and truth rewarded me.

Simone de Beauvoir- A famous Capricorn

She is optimistic and will look at the future calmly, no matter what the past already brought. The most famous women in Capricorn include: Janis Joplin, Betty White, Michelle Obama, Diane Keaton and Kate Spade.

Security is one of the most important things for a Capricorn woman. She herself is neat and down-to-earth, so she expects others to be as well.

As an Earth sign herself, any would say she is hard-working and sincere and they would be right. However, there is more to this reserved person. She has an incredible sense of humour and she can be easily moved by things with sentimental value.

The woman in Capricorn everyone else doesn’t see is happy and open, opposed to her male counterpart. She keeps the reserved face for the rest to see, and she knows how to benefit from it when required.

She is great at listening and she always has good advice to offer. Devoted to her close friends, she will always pay attention to what they may want and need.

As far as love goes, the woman in Capricorn doesn’t waste too much time flirting. She doesn't believe in love that comes as a storm either so she will not fall in love at a glance. Click To Tweet

She takes this entire game very seriously and she will take action timely. You may not feel it, but she is probably preparing to make the first steps.

The Capricorn woman will be open to romance with someone only after she had thought about all the possible outcomes. There may be very few occasions in life when this woman will let emotions get the best of her.

In the bedroom, all the coolness the woman in Capricorn usually displays goes off. She is a lover who likes to experiment and has a lot of passion. Her partner should be emotional and caring, not too much into fantasies.

If you are the right one, the Capricorn woman will be energetic and amazing in bed. You’ll get all her respect if you manage to keep up with her. All you need is to see behind the mask she is wearing for others to see.

Devotion coupled with strength

While she may seem docile, the Capricorn woman is more likely to be independent in a relationship. She will be next to her partner in both tough and good times.

If you are committed to a woman in this sign, you will notice she enjoys being loved and feeling secure. A sparkle of the unknown wouldn’t spoil anything either. She is nourishing and she will care for you when sick. Her partner should be faithful as she would never cheat either.

The woman in Capricorn is very devoted to her family. She would do anything to know her family’s financial future is stable.

As a mother, she will never neglect her children and she will permit them to be as creative and independent as they want.

More than this, she will make sure her they know everything about the family traditions.

Her home will be comfortable and the guests will feel like they are treated with respect.

There are some parameters at which the Capricorn woman keeps herself when choosing her friends. As soon as you have met her a bit, you can proceed to become her friend.

All of a sudden, she transforms in the most caring person, ready to schedule your activities, in case you let her. The signs with which she is the most compatible in friendships are Scorpio and Pisces.

Some would say that the woman in Capricorn is sometimes indifferent, but that’s not at all true. She just has a cold logic that makes her seem this way. She is devoted to friends and she is there to offer comfort and advice when needed.

Not a big risk taker

The Capricorn woman prefers an organized environment. She is skilful, strong, and she will be good as a boss.

The employees would appreciate and liker her for her neatness and precision. Never impulsive and always engaged, she would make a great movie director, producer, business owner, politician, doctor and banker.

The Goat woman knows how to save money. She will think of her retirement years at an early age, and she will start saving.

The Capricorns are the worriers of the zodiac when it comes to their financial stability. She will be generous with her money and she is not that materialistic or greedy.

Sometimes, the Capricorn woman will spend on impulse, but that’s something everyone does from time to time. Her investments are solid and crafted for the future. She bets low sums when gambling as she doesn’t like taking high risks.

She is drawn to elegant outfits

The Capricorns are all known to live long lives and enjoy relatively good health. The Capricorn woman will have problems with her bones and joints. It is important that she don’t exaggerate with the physical effort so she doesn’t develop orthopaedic diseases.

The Capricorns need to consume a lot of calcium, so a diet rich in dairy products is the one recommendation for them.

It’s important for the Capricorn woman to look good when she gets out of the house. This is why you will never see a lady in Capricorn with her hair undone.

Her outfits will express individuality and smarts, just like she is. When at work, the Capricorn woman will wear a business suit and heels.

At home, she can be comfortable but never too messy. She doesn’t buy clothes that are straight out of the catwalk, but she likes to be elegant and dressed-up nicely. She also enjoys spending money on jewellery.

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