Cancer And Capricorn Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Cancer and Capricorn is often underestimated although these two benefit from an amazing connection.

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Two completely different characters, Cancers and Capricorns can make a couple only if they are really in love. No one is more sentimental and emotional than the Cancer lover, while the Capricorn partner is pragmatic and realistic.

If they fall for one another and they overcome what differentiates them, they will then soon notice that they have many things in common.

CriteriaCancer Capricorn Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤ ❤

Looking at the zodiacal wheel, it can be noticed that Cancer and Capricorn are on opposite positions. This means they have a lot of space to allow love to grow between them. It will be the type of love that will develop with time and will last forever.

The Cancer is influenced by mood swings and this can confuse the Capricorn a lot. It will be difficult for the Goat to trust someone so changeable, especially since people in this sign take a lot of time to trust a person. The Crab may think the Capricorn is way too serious and always focused on the practical side of things.

When Cancer and Capricorn fall in love …

Opposites attract and this rule definitely applies to them as they will be like soulmates and fall in love immediately. The Capricorn will work hard while the Cancer will take care of the home. They both want the traditional family, thing that will make them even more in love with one another.

Cancers have a thing in which they hold on to the past like they are somehow depending on it and the Capricorn is the same as people in this sign appreciate learning from the past. Protective, warm and kind, they both are very attached to their families.

The Goat will love the fact that the Cancer wants stability and security. But soon enough, they will learn that they need to work a little bit on insecurities and the fear of abandonment.

They will be confident about everything, the only one with troubles being the Cancer who will sometimes feel insecure.

Conservative, the Goat will most likely take a conventional job and help the Cancer be more practical. Their relationship will be one of teach and learn. For example, the Cap can teach the Cancer how to appreciate independence more, and the Cancer will show the Capricorn how pleasurable life at home can be.

The Crab is too dependent on the company of others. People in this sign often become clingy, jealous and possessive. But the Capricorn can teach them how to be more independent and satisfied with their own achievements. All this while they will bring security because they know how to offer stability more than anything else.

The Cancer will always support the Capricorn when it comes to his or her hopes and dreams. This will mean a lot for the Cap because having a good comrade is something anyone would appreciate and want in their life.

The fact that Capricorns are very concerned with financial security can cause them to become rigid, but the Cancer will make sure things are balanced. And the Capricorns will start to believe he or she can’t live without the Cancer’s efforts.

The Cancer and Capricorn relationship

On a scale of 1 to 10, the Cancer-Capricorn relationship would get a 7 or an 8. These two complement each other, which means they are also compatible. Both cardinal signs, they will compete oftentimes, so expect them to also fight.

What they would need more in order to be happy is communication and compromise. They have to set rules and boundaries from the beginning of the relationship if they want to be together for a very long time.

The Capricorn has to make the Cancer understand that he or she needs to sometimes go away and make a living. At the same time, the Cancer has the obligation to express what’s behind all of his or her emotional outbursts and why they are so possessive sometimes.

Besides, the Cancer needs to understand that the Capricorn is stubborn and won’t change his mind easily.

A Capricorn could wait forever for the Cancer to make the first move, furthermore this might never happen. On the other hand, the Crab is too terrified of being rejected. So when they need to do something in order to pursue their love, Cancers prefer to just retreat in their shell and wait for things to happen on their own.

The Capricorns are more self-confident and they tend to make decisions concerning themselves pretty accurately. Cancers will have to analyze everything before making a decision. They will study a problem until they’ll be sure they have chosen to do the right thing. And if they will make a bad decision, they won’t have the strength to deal with it.

Often, the Cancer blames others for his or her mistakes. It’s impossible for people in this sign to stand criticism and being wrong. The fact that both the Capricorn and the Cancer want security and to live a settled life will create a connection between them that no one will be able to break.

But Capricorn and Cancer need to avoid competition as much as possible. The Capricorn can be too critical sometimes, thing that the Cancer won’t like at all. It is essential the Goat understands how emotional and sensitive the Cancer is.

On the other hand, the Cancer likes to be the domineering character. Sentimental blackmail is something this sign often uses to get what he or she wants. But it won’t work with the strong and unmovable Cap. If they will both make an effort and they will forgive the other’s misbehaviors, they will live happily ever after.

Cancer and Capricorn marriage compatibility

But don’t think for a moment there isn’t a balance between the Cancer and the Capricorn as the Crab is the motherly sign and the Goat the fatherly sign. It’s like these two were meant to start a family together.

Valuing stability and practicality, the Capricorn and the Cancer are compatible for marriage. People would think that if they are opposing each other in the zodiac, they don’t believe in the same things but they would be wrong. Both these signs need someone whom they can love and trust in their lives.

And they will admire each other a lot for being loyal and devoted. The Cancer will enjoy all the activities the Capricorn suggests whilst the latter will plan everything in advance, so they will have enough time to change their minds or start earlier.

It’s very easy for them to agree and have fun. If they’ll respect each other’s affinities for certain things, they will be able to do things they both love. The Cancer won’t want to spend sleepless nights working, and the Capricorn won’t want to shop for home decorations.

Both family-oriented, the Cancer and the Capricorn will only want a long-term relationship. They are eager to become parents and they each have a unique way to make an impression on the children in their life.

Some boundaries will definitely be in their place, but they will only bring good to the relationship. In the Cancer-Capricorn romance, it’s the most and least emotional signs brought together. That’s why the Capricorn will have a great career and the Cancer will be an amazing homemaker.

However, they will both be invaded by emotions as soon as they will lay eyes on one another. With time, all the differences between them will be put aside, and they will enjoy beautiful times together.

Sexual compatibility

Attracted to one another sexually, the Cancer and the Capricorn will have incredible nights together. It doesn’t matter if they will be together forever or only for one night, they will have great sex. The Capricorn’s pragmatism may sometimes be a little too much for the Crab, who’s all feelings.

When someone wants to attract a Capricorn, they should know patience and good conversations are the key.

The Cancer won’t mind being submissive when in bed with the Capricorn. They will experiment a lot because they both want variety.

The Capricorn gets turned on when touched on the legs and knees, the Cancer when touched on the chest. Also, the Capricorn likes a nicely decorated bedroom and to make love traditionally.

The downsides of this union

Things will often go unsaid between the Capricorn and the Cancer because they can both be passive aggressive; the Capricorn can be very distant and the Cancer can either become depressed or manipulative. These are some of the worst things that could happen in this relationship.

Also, these two need to appreciate of what the other is bringing to the relationship and give up the power from time to time. They will make people believe they are having enormous fights, but in fact things won’t be that bad.

They are both very considerate people, but they also have domineering and critical attitudes. Cancer is all about emotions. They want to know how much they are being loved, in between certain hours and for many times a day.

If you are paying attention to them and don’t criticize their actions, they are the happiest. Dealing with emotions can be very troublesome for the Capricorn.

They will leave things unsaid, they will abandon ship and come back when things are calmer. The Cancer needs reassurance too much.

What to remember about Cancer and Capricorn

The Cancer and the Capricorn are considered by many the mother and the father in the Western zodiac. They are compatible as they are both traditional and conservative.

The Cancer cares deeply about family and has a need to nurture, the Capricorn provides emotional support and brings a dose of wisdom and discipline to the relationship.

Capricorn Cancer couples can build a happy home together, it doesn’t matter who’s the man and who’s the woman. Able to build something long-lasting and secure, the Cancer will make the rational Capricorn more emotional. In return, the Goat will help the Crab to view things more pragmatically.

When they will be in trouble, these two will grow to be closer and closer. There is nothing to keep them from having a beautiful relationship and a nice life together. Neither of them likes to flirt when they’re already involved, so it’s unlikely they will be unfaithful.

Fidelity, devotion and mutual trust will be what characterizes their union. Respect as well. The Capricorn will like to be spoiled by the Cancer whilst the latter will feel more secure and safe as the Goat is always successful in his or her career and a good provider.

They both like to do things the old-fashioned way, so their relationship will be pretty much the same. They will clearly know their roles in the marriage or the relationship. It doesn’t matter who’s wearing the pants, the Cancer or the Cap. Tradition is something they both respect. Placed at opposites on the astrological wheel, conflicts may occur from time to time. Especially since both find it difficult to open up.

They will keep things bottled up inside and they will isolate from the other whenever they’ll have problems. If they don’t address this issue, their relationship may end. When they’ll be happy, though, the Cancer will refresh their existence with some playful emotions.

The Capricorn will bring the Crab to the real world whenever he or she will drown into a sea of feelings. They have a lot to learn from one another, and there is plenty of room for personal development between them.

Because they are both cardinal signs, they may compete for the leading spot in their relationship. If they’ll take turns, things will be fine and one of them could take control every time the other person is feeling tired.

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