Cancer And Cancer Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between two Cancer will be smooth and romantic as this is an intuitive combination.

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Two Cancer lovers together will be all over one another, always bursting with emotions and inseparable. They understand and feel things in similar ways. They are highly intuitive people who, because they are both emotional and sensitive, will bond slowly and gradually.

CriteriaCancer Cancer Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

At first, two Cancerians will be distant and insecure and they will each understand this about the other. Showing that they are trustworthy and reliable is something they normally do when they think they have found their love match.

As soon as they will have a relationship, they will start to go out but mostly they will spend their time indoors. They are intimate people who prefer their home to noisy places.

When Cancer and Cancer fall in love …

Everything about the Cancer-Cancer romance is positive and balanced because both partners seek stability and security. The Cancer is known as gentle and honest. When something doesn’t go as planned, people in this sign tend to worry too much.

Cancers will never be truly happy with how much money they are making. It’s because they worry too much about the future.

You will never see a Cancer accepting that he or she is in debt so you can imagine that two Cancers together will struggle to have financial stability and a good future.

Protective and affectionate with one another, two Cancers are the same when it comes to their own goods and bads. They are both nurturing and sentimental, thing that makes them great parents and incredible providers.

What can hurt their relationship is their moods. The Cancer is famous for being moody according to the phases of the Moon. What this sign craves more in life is to be intimate with someone. People born in Cancer are known to be more passionate than others born in different signs. More than this, they are considered the best husbands and wives of the zodiac.

When they love, they are doing it with all their heart and soul. Because they are the same, two Cancers won’t have problems when the other is being too emotional, too deep or needy.

They will continue to love each other, and they won’t see these traits as flaws. You will never see Cancer cheating or letting the partner wonder if he or she is being loved.

They are generous and they have a compassionate heart, so expect them to donate to charity every time they get a chance. If you have confessed something to them, you can rest assured they will keep your secret safe.

People will love them for no reason as they are simply lovable. They have a good sense of humor and they can crack good jokes at parties and social gatherings. Sometimes, they can be unconventional and do exactly what others don’t expect of them.

The Cancer and Cancer relationship

It can easily be said two Cancers together are the perfect couple. People in this sign will be emotionally and mentally compatible with one another. They will work hard at making their relationship work, and they will want to have each other around.

What they would need in their life is a little bit more spontaneity and to compromise from time to time. Also, if they would try to be less jealous, things would be easier. It doesn’t matter how much they love each other, if they feel strangled, their relationship is gone.

Knowing they are so loyal and that they would never cheat should only makes them relaxed. There is no need to be jealous when it comes to these two. When they’re having arguments, it would be best if they would forget all about previous fights and not bring them up.

They should focus on the matter at hand and they will be stronger as a couple. Holding on to the past is one of the sins the Cancer seems to repeat. But this can be easily controlled and kept in line with a little bit of consideration for the loved one.

There is no advance in their relationship if they don’t pay attention to all these things. Emotions and stability are two words that best describe the relationship between a Cancer and a Cancer.

It doesn’t matter if they are acquittances, friends or relatives, these two will always be loving and respectful with one another. Giving each other a helping hand in bad times will also be something usual.

It’s true that sometimes they may lose because they are too cautious and don’t like taking risks, but in the long run this would prove to be beneficial.

As a couple, they have everything they need to keep each other in check with all their mood swings and insecurities. To sum it up, it doesn’t matter what type of relationship they’re having, two Cancers will get along very well.

Cancer and Cancer marriage compatibility

Everything about the Cancer lover spells security and a domestic bliss. When they’ll find each other, their life will become more colorful and interesting, especially on the home front.

They will want to procreate and have a big family. This means their house will be filled with children, but also with the latest cook books and gourmet dishes. The parent-child relationship will work very well if the two are Cancers. As parents, people born in this sign are nurturing, and as children, they are obedient.

They will have a garden and their money invested in a financial plan to keep them secure for the next 10 years.

Mellow and empathetic, two Cancers will feel each other’s pain and happiness. Compassionate too, they are great at being married, having children and a good, welcoming home.

Because Cancers have a tendency to take what others are doing and saying as absolute truths, they may sometimes be restless and hurt. This is why they are always the victims, the ones that are offended when someone says something naughty or harsh.

After they’ll get married, two Cancers will have an entire lifetime to spend time together. It’s unlikely they’ll break up. One thing that will bother their relationship’s balance will be when they’ll bring up things from the past to get revenge at the other.

Physically, they have attractiveness and sensuality for one another. If they want their marriage to be truly happy, they need to be well intentioned and to understand each other very well.

Having the same values, there won’t be a problem for two married Cancers to build a life together. The values are what brings them closer the most. Plus the fact that they want a family and their emotions to be clearly expressed and understood.

Peace and calm is what every Crab wants to have every step of the way. They may not seem perfect for one another, but the Cancer and Cancer compatibility can build the basis of a great married couple.

Sexual compatibility

Warm, physical and sensual, the Cancer doesn’t mind being submissive in bed. People in this sign want to feel cherished and appreciated. Their chest is their most erogenous zone. When they’ll be apart, two Cancers will have a lot of phone sex.

There is only one problem with them in the bedroom. They will each want to be the one that brings in the sexual tension, the initiator of everything. If one of them will be in a bad mood, the entire night will go to waste.

It’s difficult to deal with a Cancer’s emotions and mood swings. Sex between them can be either something bad and nasty, or something really sweet and long-lasting. Because they are both so emotional, they will rock the world when they’ll make love.

Water signs are usually very intuitive, so two Cancers will guess each other’s feelings and needs in bed. There is no need for words between them in between the sheets, that’s for sure.

The downsides of this union

Sometimes, Cancer lovers may look like they are only depending on one another. Besides, they have mood swings and absolutely no boundaries. Not to mention they have trouble seeing their relationship from an objective point of view.

They will not need to talk that much as they will feel what the other is thinking without even asking. And this can sometimes be a bad thing.

It can be difficult to reason with Cancers, as they are subjective and their feelings are overwhelming even for them.

Because they are so nurturing, they will want their partners to be the same. Reassurances of love are a must when in a relationship with a Cancer. They need to be loved and cuddled all the time.

The fact that they both live in the past is another problem. When they’ll fight, things of the past will be often brought into discussion, exhausting the partner that is getting blamed.

Control is something what two Cancers in a relationship will both want. They are bossy and authoritative, wanting things to be only their way and not their partner’s. It’s unlikely either of them will compromise.

What to remember about Cancer and Cancer

People in Cancer filter everything through their emotions and this makes it difficult to truly know them. A couple made out of two Cancers will have partners capable of understanding the emotions of each other.

Two people who feel and think the same way will respect, understand and accept one another. As Water signs, the Cancers will be able to know what the other is feeling based on their intuition. These people are really empathetic and attentive.

The only think that could bother the Cancer-Cancer relationship is the possessiveness this sign is known to have. The Cancer needs to feel emotionally secure more than anything else. When they’ll court each other, the Cancers will be slow and make use of traditional methods.

As soon as they will be together, you can rest assured their relationship will last. These two are known to be the strongest when their union is somehow threatened.

As they are the homemakers of the zodiac, they will spend most of their time indoors, cooking and having fun as a couple. Romantic and nurturing, they will snuggle and be sweet with one another. The atmosphere between them will be warm and sensitive.

The Crab is very fragile underneath the strong, exterior shell. Their compatibility depends a lot on how strong they will both be when the other will need support.

The Cancer is known to be stressed and to worry more than other signs in the zodiac. If everything in their relationship will go well, the Cancers will work on an indestructible system meant to protect them both.

But if times will be troubled, they will have serious problems. Two Crabs need to give one another some space for individual development. They both need to find a combination between their public and personal lives if they want to last longer as a couple.

Famous for having mood swings, they will also have problems with this. It’s good their moods don’t last very long and that they’ll be the same ones, as the phases of the Moon influence the way these people are feeling.

Two Water signs together may cause serious tsunamis, but this is not the case with Cancers. They are both too settled and too eager to have a home together. It’s unlikely they will ever even fight. Of course, like any other couple, they will have disagreements. But they will never have loud fights like other couples in the zodiac.

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