Aquarius Sun Libra Moon: A Visionary Personality

Constant and positive, the Aquarius Sun Libra Moon personality seems to be very acceptant of how diverse people are but is still underpinned by some controlling tendencies.

Aquarius Sun Libra Moon

People with their Sun in Aquarius and their Moon in Libra think only of how to be more refined and how to use their intelligence to help as many people as possible.

They are true revolutionaries who are able to make people rise and support their own opinions. What makes them tick is questioning others’ authority and imposing their own.

Aquarius Sun Libra Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Kind, imaginative and witty;
  • Negatives: Gullible; proud and self-conscious;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who accepts that they are quite detached;
  • Advice: They need to care more about themselves and less about others.

These natives will always think ahead of their time as they are true progressive creatures. But they need to impose their ideas more strongly. This would be very important. It’s essential they don’t think of themselves as radicals when doing it because their impact would be truly valuable, and the results of their actions will most likely be very impressive.

Personality traits

Aquarius Sun Libra Moon natives will go where the wind takes them. They are strong and true forces, but they can’t keep being constant and they immediately subject themselves to change.

They will have a great impact as long as they’ll continue to be interested in something. However, it’s very possible they will leave projects half done. The more they concentrate, the more bored and interested in change they become.

So they will move to something more appealing as soon as they will feel like they have committed for too long and too much. And it will be the same no matter if it’s about people or projects.

The Aquarius Sun Libra Moon individuals can jump from one relationship to another in a similar way. While having a large social circle, only a few will be really close to them. They will never need to deal with any psychological problems because they are honest and always express what bothers them.

These natives can have many talents. What they would require is a constructive way to express themselves. They also want to take their loved ones in every emotional journey they are taking. But they need to be methodical about this because people can be difficult.

Optimistic, these natives don’t like to deal with people who are negative and shrewd. Their ideals are high but if only they would learn how to be more practical.

It can be contradicting to know them closely because on one hand they need peace and serenity, and on the other, they are highly active and can’t rest.

It’s their desire for harmony that’s more elusive. Imaginative, they are visual creatures who can fantasize of a better life. But they have to be careful not to confuse reality with fantasy.

This would only mean they have a troublesome imagination. If disciplined and focused, they could use their creativity and become great artists. A job in human relations would suit them too because they are sociable and interested in helping others.

People with this Sun Moon combination give marriage a lot of importance, however, it will be difficult for them to settle as they don’t want to be like the rest of the world.

Many will criticize them for this reason. Or won’t want to have anything to do with them. Because they are open-minded and understanding, they will forgive others when they will make mistakes. And they will hope to get forgiveness for their mistakes too.

The Aquarius Sun Libra Moon natives are able to judge and label people in the most efficient way. As they know how to advertise themselves or anything else, they will convince many to go with what they want.

Their success will very much depend on this trait. The fact that they are persuasive, and a force will help them succeed in business.

They accept and respect people and they are appreciated exactly for this reason, not to mention adored and admired for their optimism.

Because they are honest and trustworthy, they will be disappointed to see others are not the same. Usually detached and aloof, these Aquarius Sun people are also alluring and magnetic.

When their friends will criticize them, they will want to do something about their attitude. But in general, they will have a good opinion of themselves.

Their relationships will be peaceful and strong because they don’t like conflicts and are emotional. They need a home that is cozy and as free of stress as possible because they often meditate and contemplate.

Not to mention where they live is also the place where they retreat from the hectic world that can sometimes make them lose their individuality. Giving themselves a push would only help them in life.

A tricky lover

Lovers with the Aquarius Sun Libra Moon combination want to have things only their way. They will hold on to what they know until their partner will accept them.

Known as the stubborn rebels, these natives are true revolutionaries with eccentric habits. That’s why they need a partner who agrees with the fact that they’re unconventional and often detached.

More than this, these natives have to be trusted they’ll be loyal all the way through the relationship. While efficient loners who are better off without someone, they are completely devoted lovers.

Moon Libra people need to know they’re important in someone’s life. These people really don’t like to be single because they develop a lot according to how their partner sees them.

The biggest challenge of their life is to care more about themselves and less about others. Only through self-awareness, they will manage to balance their needs with their partner’s.

While they have to connect with a lover, they are still not the best when it comes to intimacy. Ruled by Venus, these natives are graceful, elegant but sometimes an emotional mess.

The Aquarius Sun Libra Moon man

The Aquarius Sun Libra Moon gentleman is most likely very good looking but there is more to him than his appearance. When it comes to love, he can be unstable and look only for one-night stands.

That’s why the ladies may not agree with him all the time. Not that he isn’t alluring and kind, he simply can’t hold on to the same relationship for too long.

While many women will know all this about him, they will still be attracted because he’s charming and a true gentleman. But no one should expect him to be deep for he’s only flirtatious.

He will usually get a lady from the first date. But he will be gone for the next one. Borrowing from the Air influence of both the Aquarius and the Libra, he will be just like the wind. Not at all marriage material, he will break many hearts.

It’s normal for the Aquarius Sun Libra Moon man to go for strange women who don’t want something too serious. It simply works for him not to get involved. As soon as he will feel tied down, he will look for another woman.

But he’s fun and a true comedian to be around. The most unreliable and eccentric girl will be the love of his life. If disappointed by or because of a girl, he will throw many parties where only a few of his friends will be invited. His house will be neat and ready for partying even if as a child he never cleaned his room.

Not cheap and crazy about everything artsy, he will probably have antique furniture. Not to mention it’s very possible he will be a painter or a musician. Sitting behind a desk is not at all his style. Smart, he will know where his money is. Not that he won’t spend, he will just keep a good track of his income and what goes out.

The Aquarius Sun Libra Moon woman

The Aquarius Sun Libra Moon woman loves to love and will take pleasure in every relationship and fall for people very fast. But she’s changeable and never committed. That’s why she can become infatuated.

It’s normal for her to fall for men who don’t share her feelings. Or those who don’t bother their mind with love so much. While she wants attention, this lady will still insist on having her independence.

The man who will be unavailable and will not allow himself to be captured by her will be the one to whom she’s paying all of her attention.

But she won’t tell anyone about her crush. It’s possible she will even marry someone else and still won’t admit to anyone she has a secret.

This lady has many friends from different corners of the world. She won’t necessarily be too close to any of them, but she will feel great being admired.

Her attitude towards these people will be that of a kind, attentive and gallant person. She will always give a hand when her help will be required. A little bit traditionalist and a good worker, she will make friends with colleagues at work too.

Because she’s convincing, she could be a great salesperson. People have to trust her because she’s devoted and likes to join her close ones in their pursuits. But it’s suggested they also put up a fight before they become her friends for she doesn’t like to obtain things easily.

Those who are in love with her can send her flowers and her favorite music on a memory stick. She will love it. Only other Air signs can truly understand this woman.

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