Taurus Sun Libra Moon: A Flexible Personality

Very social but sensitive, the Taurus Sun Libra Moon personality puts a big price on the perceptions of others.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon

People with their Sun in Taurus and their Moon in Libra have an artful life and enjoy being at home with their partners and their friends. Both the Taurus and the Libra are governed by Venus, which is the planet of love and beauty.

Very capable of weighing all the pros and cons of a situation, these natives won’t make the wrong decisions in life. They relax when having people over, when they’re delighting themselves with luxurious products and delicacies or when they are in open spaces.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Reliable, precise and friendly;
  • Negatives: Deceitful, compulsive and fearful;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will take care but also surprise them;
  • Advice: They should not see confrontation as the worst thing in the world.

Family-oriented, they won’t have too many friends. Because they want comfort more than anything else, their home will be nicely decorated and cozy. They feel good only when they’re with their loved ones, preferably staying inside. People will find them homely and warm.

Personality traits

Charismatic and sensitive, Taurus Sun Libra Moon people have a strong common sense. They respect everyone, and they appreciate fairness just like any other Libra.

From the Taurus’ side, they get the wisdom. Many will think of them as kindhearted and decent. When they need to get themselves together, these natives tend to spend time in nature.

There’s a special serenity that you can’t find in others when you look at them. They stress more easily, and they have an elegance and a magnetism that makes them special and very attractive.

But behind their everyday smile, there’s an unexplainable tension. Giving a lot of importance to socializing, Moon Libras see themselves through the eyes of other people.

When life becomes confusing and too difficult for them, all they need is a breath of fresh air in the country side. Because they are more anxious, these guys need to relax and meditate more often. Not to mention they are happy only when surrounded by peace and harmony.

All the Moon Libras need in life is love. Just like Sun Libras, they have to have partners to complement and encourage them. The qualities of their soulmate need to be missing in themselves.

Only this way, they feel like they have chosen the ideal lover with whom they can spend the rest of their life with.

When a conflict arises, these guys prefer to disappear because if it’s something they hate the most in the world, that is fighting. The symbol of the Libra is the Scales, which represent justice.

This means Moon Libras are very good at weighing all the pros and cons of a situation. They can see both sides of a story. As they are impartial, it can be difficult for them to decide who’s right or what solution works best.

When they’ll have to make a decision, they will take their time and do what’s right. They usually make the good choices because all they want is peace and for things to be fair.

In the birth chart of Taurus Sun Libra Moon people, the double presence of Venus can be felt immediately. All the people in these signs want is to have a stable, comfortable life. These are the main things towards which their energy is centered.

They will slowly and steadily build a future for themselves. Their spiritual and material existences will be both fueled by their actions and way of thinking.

The Moon in Libra needs to borrow light from the Sun in Taurus, which means people born with this combination are always looking for approval and to be accepted by the society.

The more others see them as emotionally fair and kind, the happier they are. They are able to negotiate and bring peace when others are only looking to fight.

Influenced by the groups to which they belong, Taurus Sun Libra Moon natives will be friends with anyone, no matter if they’re at work or at a music festival. If they would spend more time with the ambitious Virgos and Capricorns, they would be more efficient at work.

Not that they don’t have ambitions and high goals in life, because they do. Cooperation with others like them would be very helpful, though. Their imagination is fruitful, and their talents could help them excel at drama and design.

All kind of activities aimed at entertainment make them happy. They are always on the move, so they wouldn’t mind living the life of a superstar.

All they would need to do is establish what directions to take in life. They are not that good at determining their priorities, so they need to pay more attention to this.

When it comes to fast-paced environments, Taurus Sun Libra Moon individuals prefer relaxation and an easygoing lifestyle.

All the Venus ruled signs like to have it this way, competitiveness making them anxious. However, they need to seriously think that stressful situations usually bring bigger rewards.

If they’ll decide not to have ambitions, they will live their life waiting for luck and success to strike them. Being more assertive in their line of work would help them a lot.

Love characteristics

Taurus Sun Libra Moon natives are the best when it comes to stability in relationships, they are the rocks on which others can build.

Ruling in the physical sector, these guys will always have money and a comfortable home. And they want things to be settled in their emotional life as well. However, their one and only desire is to enjoy life’s pleasures after a long day at work.

But this also has a negative influence for they won’t be able to ever escape their routine, and life sometimes surprises. Moon Libras are refined and classy.

They need the best wines and to be paid compliments. These people hate rudeness and vulgarity. That’s why they have to have a partner who’s caring and sensitive.

The more respect is given to them and the better they are treated, they more they will respond with grace. They have a good intuition and can guess other people’s feelings.

This Moon hates confrontation more than anything else, so if their partner will be inclined to fight too often, they will simply run away.

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon man

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon man is intelligent, magnetic and very attractive. He loves his family, his home being one of the most important things to him.

Sociable and fun, he will connect with anyone. And he’ll be happy to have as many friends as possible. The fact that he is looking for peace and serenity makes him calm and flexible.

Even when times will be difficult, this guy will continue to be positive and happy. Many will envy him because he’s very popular and imaginative. Also, for the fact that he can express himself clearly.

People will understand what he has to say all the time. As far as his work goes, he would be suitable in an environment where he can express himself freely.

It’s not likely he will stay for too long in a job that limits his imagination. Not to mention that he needs some space to showcase his talents and express his individuality.

Because he doesn’t like pressure and conflicts, he will easily dodge contradictory situations. When people will want to fight him, he will keep his cool and avoid getting involved.

As he can have strong emotions and a high sensitivity, he can get very nervous when someone is opposing him.

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon woman

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon woman is one of the most enjoyable ladies in the zodiac. While others are ambitious and determined, she’s charming and appealing.

She loves her family and wants to interact with many people. Her sense of humor will always be appreciated, at any social gathering.

Being so positive, the Taurus Sun Libra Moon woman will be envied by many. Not to mention that she has ideals and an inclination towards the arts.

While she could do anything because she’s positive and talented, she can’t function in an environment that limits her imagination. Hostility makes her run away from a situation.

What this woman wants more than anything else is harmony and a well-established balance. The thought of being with someone for a lifetime makes her happy and eager to have a partner.

But she needs to get along very well with the person she’s in love with. When she has to make use of her famous diplomacy, she really starts to feel in her element.

Just like any other Libra, this lady knows there is more than one side to a story. So compromises come easy for her. And everyone can see her fair attitude.

She will be very trusted for this. When it comes to sharing, she’s more than happy to do it, especially if she’s in a couple. But her partner needs to be careful to offer her independence too.

If she will be separated from her loved one, this girl will feel like her entire existence has been compromised. It’s because she finds her emotional stability in relationships.

She only understands herself when she’s mirrored in other people’s nature. However, no matter how sensitive a situation, she will always lead with the head and not the heart.

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