Aquarius Sun Leo Moon: A Rebellious Personality

Authoritative but romantic, these Aquarius Sun Leo Moon people would do anything for love.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon

People with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo in their birth chart are always looking to be authentic and to express themselves in the most creative of ways.

They are individualistic and prefer to be appreciated for their originality because this is what makes them tick. And they would be right to want all this because all people have something they are good at.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Perfectionistic, self-confident and warm;
  • Negatives: Impulsive, victimizing and arrogant;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is just as individualistic as them;
  • Advice: Try to be more considerate to others.

If everyone would be aware of the talents that make them the most efficient, they would all excel at something and the world would be a better place. After all, gifts can’t be kept inside or a secret. They need to be externalized and shared with the rest of the world for the society to benefit from them.

Personality traits

It’s normal for Aquarius Sun Leo Moon people to not know precisely who they are but they will most likely discover it as soon as they will have more balance in their life.

It’s suggested they don’t refuse their inclination towards being authoritative figures and that they pursue their ambitions. It doesn’t matter what they will do anyway, they will always care for others because they are nice and friendly. Not to mention they treat people as their equals.

That’s how all Aquariuses are. The Leo Moon’s influence is the one making them stronger, prouder and more eager to be in control. All Leos want from life is to be bosses and to rule.

That’s why these Aquarians will never know what to choose between being confident and more relaxed, authoritative or more flexible. One thing’s for sure, though: they want people to love and appreciate them. And this can be in their way to success.

The signs in their birth chart are completely different in every aspect. This means they will have multiple personalities and many inner conflicts. At least they will be a force, dedicated, purpose-oriented and intelligent.

Not to mention they can’t decide whether to go with what the heart or the mind tells them to. Aquarius Leos will always have all the attention on them because they are dramatic and can act like professionals.

On top of that the Aquarius Sun Leo Moon natives like to shine. Their proud, courage and straightforwardness will always get them the spotlight. When it comes to love, they want to be adored and appreciated for their romantic side.

What George Sands said that happiness is all about loving and being loved is what suits them perfectly. That’s why they would do anything for love.

If they wouldn’t have someone with whom they can share all of their feelings, they would invest all this romantic energy into music or other forms of art.

As Moon Leos, they can roar just like the lion in the jungle. And everyone will hear them. Because they like to perform, it’s possible they will sometimes no longer make the difference between what’s real and what’s their acting.

The fact that they can carry the acting into real life makes them the best prima donnas. And this is not something to be proud of. Their self-confidence and self-expression are incredible.

But they can be too self-centered and proud. As Aquarians, they are great intellectuals. Only the Leo’s emotionality can convince them to go with their heart rather than their head.

They will be into the occult and witchcraft. Religious cults can convince them to join in a moment. This will happen mainly because they need to somehow express themselves.

As both the Aquarius and the Leo are fixed signs, their natives can be arrogant, bigots and obstinate. And these are not traits that help anyone. Like true Leos, they want to be praised and to perform for an audience. Many people will laugh at them, others will take them seriously. But all in all, both their signs would bring together qualities of the heart and the mind in the same amount.

Their opposition on the zodiac wheel makes them this way. The best of them is all about play, emotional intelligence and generosity. However, when taken separately, these signs scare one another. But they also feel like there’s something bringing them together. Being opposites means they also attract each other.

The Sun Moon combination is also known as the axis of the ego because they are strong personalities. Uniqueness is something present in both. For Leos, satisfaction comes from the attention they receive, while for Aquarians is all about making the world a better place.

Leos go with the flow and live in the moment, Aquarians study the play before they decide to join. Either way, Aquarius Sun Leo Moon people will be impulsive and instinctive, and this can’t be good for them.

They will learn everything only by experimenting, no matter how detached they will be. When they commit, no one is more dedicated than them. They are honest and want to master whatever talents they may have. In their youth, they will make many mistakes because they are rebellious.

A rather clumsy lover

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon lovers are known for not obeying any rules imposed by others. They are rebels who insist on following only their own unconventional ways.

They will only get married after they will be sure their partner is ready to give them enough freedom and doesn’t mind being eccentric.

Many times, their coolness will be confused with a lack of care and engagement. This is because when they see their partner crying or sad, they don’t know what else to do than to be friendly and curious.

But don’t think for a moment they can’t love as deeply as anyone else. It’s just that they don’t have any idea how to express it. Moon Leos need to be appreciated and admired. Not everyone can notice this about them, but it’s a fact.

After spending enough time with a partner, he or she will notice how much attention these natives need.

However, they are generous, intelligent and passionate. The secret with them is to never allow them to feel ignored. They are needy from an emotional point of view, so their partner needs to be strong.

The Aquarius Sun Leo Moon man

The Aquarius Sun Leo Moon gentleman may have many qualities but is sometimes authoritative and too proud. Being the one who always thinks of others as inferiors will only make him more critical and snobbish.

He needs to pay more attention to his attitude and what he says. The Aquarius makes him smart and imaginative, the Leo strong, bold and a performer.

He can’t deal with his own emotions and he’s all the time detached. He needs to be more vulnerable around people if he wants to express his feelings more easily.

While stubborn like a Leo, this guy doesn’t mind new opinions, like an Aquarius. But he’s better when he works alone. The fact that he’s confident makes him a great leader.

Whilst the Aquarius Sun Leo Moon man is pretentious and demanding, it’s his enthusiasm and broad mind that will open many doors for him.

He’s impatient, impulsive and always on the go. His mind is always working at a new plan. What’s the most challenging for him is obtaining his independence and being more considerate to others.

The Aquarius Sun Leo Moon woman

The Aquarius Sun Leo Moon woman is a true humanitarian who will help with whatever she can. Because of this, many people with bad intentions can scam or take advantage of her. People will always come to this girl with their problems and when in need for advice.

Independent, sometimes arrogant and vain, she doesn’t like to upset people in any way, though. That’s why she sometimes continues with helpless relationships and friends she no longer cares about.

It’s necessary she becomes more practical and focused, especially when others are asking for money or for her to deal with their problems. She can be too nice and impressionable to refuse.

Her combination of Sun and Moon is also one of uniqueness with self-confidence and warmth. She would be good at negotiating and thus, business.

When it comes to love, she believes in marriage and is capable of great affection. A nice person, this lady will be kind and generous with everyone.

But romance can cloud her judgment from time to time. What she thinks herself will be what’s right for this lady. As a boss or a leader, she will rather be gentle and nice rather than harsh and cold.

Because she’s impulsive, she jumps to conclusions faster than a race car. Her principles, coupled with her emotions, are what influence her to a great extent. But she needs to rule with her intellect and not her heart if she wants to be successful.

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