Taurus Sun Leo Moon: A Forthright Personality

Outgoing, the Taurus Sun Leo Moon personality gets along with almost everyone from start and will not hesitate to share all opinions.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon

People with their Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Leo are strong and opinionated. Confident and sure of themselves, they will make decisions without problems. But when they’ll have to choose a road in life, they will be confused because they have so many talents and abilities.

Their reactions to different life issues are slow as they thoroughly think everything through. Loyal and caring with their friends and family, they are however, stubborn.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Objective, patriotic and honest;
  • Negatives: Shallow, tactless and unreliable;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is as strong and decisive as themselves;
  • Advice: They need to protect themselves more against other people’s actions.

It’s difficult for them to listen to other people’s opinions. When it comes to their style, you’ll easily recognize them for being stylish and in shape.

Personality traits

Taurus Sun Leo Moon people won’t need others’ approval because they have a lot of patience and fortitude. This combination in their birth chart means they are very accurate at identifying their own positive and negative traits. Also that they are dynamic and sometimes tensioned.

Their most impressive development will be reached when they will be in a crisis period or when they’ll have to make decisions meant to advance or downgrade them.

With the Sun in Taurus, all these natives want is security and stability. They will keep their life safe and not enjoy any surprises.

If they want emotional fulfillment, they need to feel as if life has provided them everything they needed in order to flourish.

The Moon in Leo means they give themselves a lot of importance. They don’t want to just get by in life because this would mean they are like the others. And this is something they very much avoid.

With these specific energies of the Sun and the Moon, they will want to keep conditions for growing and advancing at all times.

But they need to be balanced in order to be this way. Taurus natives don’t like changes, but Leos are very adaptable. People with both these signs in their chart will always act like these big persons they have convinced themselves to be.

In case authenticity will be reached through efforts, they will be more supportive and inspiring for others as they would know what growth as being yourself entails.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon individuals are so high spirited, that they can entertain even the most serious people. Their self-respect will be very much influenced by the way others respect them.

Because they are confident, they don’t hesitate to show their value to the world. Their outgoing and strong character will greatly help them in life. Others will admire them.

And they won’t mind sharing the fact that they are appreciated in a social circle. Their prejudices however, will impede them to make sound judgments and take immediate action.

They should listen more to what others have to say. Some humility would also be very helpful. At least they are very practical and dramatic, but only when they want to have fun.

Any everyday activity seems like a Broadway play with these guys. They want to be noticed and they like being in the center of attention. That’s why they may dress to impress.

While feeling superior all the time, they are also generous, kind and compassionate. Because both of their signs are fixed, they will be motivated and determined to reach their goals.

But this also means they won’t want to ever compromise. When things won’t go their way, they will become frustrated to the point of anger. It won’t matter how independent they will be, these guys will still need to cooperate with others in order to be successful.

Working with people can make all of their creativity surface. And they are very good innovators.

Love characteristics

Sun Taurus natives want only one thing: to have security. In spite of their love for routine, they are romantic because they are ruled by Venus. They want something long-term, that’s for sure.

Sensual, Taurus Sun Leo Moon natives need to be physically fulfilled, but they will be stubborn enough to only have things done their own way. Their partner has to understand these people never compromise.

Moon Leos need an appreciative partner. They think of themselves as special, and the others’ approval is essential to them.

Praise and admire Moon Leos and they will be the most generous and loyal lovers you could ever meet.

If not, they will think they are being neglected and act like Drama Queens for a little bit of attention. Great performers, these Leos always need an audience.

The Taurus Sun Leo Moon man

The Taurus Sun Leo Moon man is self-sufficient and aware of his capabilities. Passionate, down-to-earth and stubborn, he believes in himself and his own actions.

Don’t think he can’t appreciate others. It’s just that he won’t take their opinions into consideration. Sincere, courageous and open, he gets his strength from self-respect.

Knowledge, wisdom and intuition will be used by him in a practical and inventive way. It can be amazing to see him being organizational and playing the executive who makes all the decisions.

The people he will lead are going to obey and respect him because he’s efficient and talented, not to mention determined and stable. It’s rare you’ll see this guy lose their temper.

While having a clear mind and consistent objectives, the Taurus Sun Leo Moon man can sometimes be too authoritative and impose his own decisions. And he doesn’t like it when someone tell him what to do.

He will surely never change his mind and preferences in life. When it comes to his loved ones, these will be analyzed and carefully studied. But everyone can expect this man to be honest, dependable and loyal.

His friends will be chosen based on what his instincts tell him and not logic. Firm and grounded, this guy will never compromise. That’s why he needs to think thoroughly before making a decision.

Because he’s so self-confident, he may over-appreciate his abilities sometimes. But not all the time, for he usually is realistic and clear-minded.

Optimistic and opinionated, he is also eccentric and not at all boring. He has ambitions and is independent. No one will have to tell him he’s good because he will already know it.

He sticks firmly to his opinions, which are sometimes drawn based on intuition. At least they will often be the correct ones. It’s impossible to change his mind. He’s quite the inflexible type. That’s why he needs to be more open-minded.

The Taurus Sun Leo Moon woman

The Taurus Sun Leo Moon woman is willful, determined, opinionated, honest and courageous. This lady’s pride is natural and noticeable. She respects others, but only trusts her own opinions.

Not really depending on her intellectual decisions, this woman relies on instinct and hunches. The key to her success is having a high self-esteem.

Practical and at the same time creative, she knows how to plan and to be a good boss. People will love working for her because she’s confident and reliable.

But the fact that she’s inflexible and sometimes domineering can cause her problems. At least she never loses consistency in her actions and opinions.

The Taurus Sun Leo Moon woman will criticize, but fairly and constructively. Because this lady wants to get her way all the time, she won’t like being analyzed, but she will do this to others.

She sometimes won’t like people because her instincts tell her not to. While fixed and thus, stable, when young, she can be extreme. It’s important she doesn’t think too big of herself.

Her practical and stability qualities will bring her more benefit than her pride and impulsiveness.

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