The Moon in Leo Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She wants to be pampered, to be taken care off, her every need to be fulfilled at the snap of her fingers.

Moon in Leo woman

The Moon in Leo women care a lot about what other people think about them, and so they try to look and act their best every time they go in society. They want to confirm and validate their self-appreciations, and then want other people to agree with them.

So, either in a verbal debate or just a friendly bout, they will behave in such a way that the spoils of war and the mantle of the victory comes to them naturally, amidst the clapping of the public.

The Moon in Leo woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Enthusiastic and optimistic;
  • Negatives: Materialistic and dominant;
  • Soulmate: Someone playful but also dependable;
  • Life lesson: Reaching a point where she is comfortable in her skin.

A woman of extremes

The fiery and volcanic energy that covers this woman at all times proves to be quite beneficial to everyone around her. They get more enthusiastic, they have a greater vitality and assertive drive.

These natives want to stand in the spotlight, to bask in the glory of their admirers’ cheers, to be loved, appreciated, and looked up upon.

Dramatic theatrics are her best weapon to employ, and her shield is the fiery attitude, the vengeful demeanor when someone dares to negate her abilities.

She is a woman of the extremes. Whether it’s her insane and crazy playfulness, great enthusiasm and huge vitality, or the overalls seriousness, acid look, biting words, and arrogant attitude, she take them all to the edge of the crater.

She loves her freedom so much that she uses her abilities to get herself great opportunities, make some strong connection in the upper echelon of society, and boldly raise her standards bit by bit.

She’s willing to compromise everything to help her friends and family though, and this has to be admired by all.

She wants to be pampered

Romantically, it saddens us to say that the Moon in Leo woman has bad luck when it comes to her relationships. Her partners have all either ignored her need of validation and appreciation or they’ve made the mistake of wounding her big ego.

She wants to be pampered, to be taken care off, her every need to be fulfilled at the snap of her fingers.

Not many people are willing to sacrifice so much of their time and happiness just to make another person satisfied.

It’s really a surprise that she starts her relationships with the same thought in mind, that she wants it to be permanent and for it to transform into a full-fledged marriage.

The woman born with the Moon in Leo wants a partner who can love her for who she is, for her personality, character, attitude, for her psychological makeup, but also for her beauty.

She needs someone with an expansive mind, and if she finds him, she will be devoted until the last moment. It’s clear that she will be finally satisfied and fulfilled with such a relationship, and she will never ask for anything else.

When in love, most detrimental aspects of their personality die down and wither with time because they are way too happy with their life to ever notice some small missteps.

For example, they won’t react as aggressively when contradicted, and even if someone criticizes them, they’ll just let it die down, maybe defend their position with honor.

Moreover, they won’t hesitate to bring up the subject of marriage, of a life together with their partner. After all, that’s why they came in the first place, for a future together.

When they become parents, these women experience the most fulfilling period of their lives. Through the little ones, they regain their original vitality and strong mental fortitude, the urge to go on adventures, to live life at the peaks of ecstasy.

These natives are known for their prideful demeanor, that royal attitude that exudes an air of superiority all around them.

Well, in a relationship, this can be misinterpreted as arrogance, and even if these women will try to control most situations and be in the lead, it’s not their goal to assert dominance and subdue all others.

Moreover, their enthusiastic and happy disposition will probably soften even the most raucous and edgy partners. You just can’t keep being angry with her for a long time because she’s very playful and she will come purring next to you when you are mad.

It may not be obvious to her that she needs to be admired and held in high regard by all others, but this need of hers represents the very essence of all her romantic bonds, and even social relationships.

In order for her to achieve ultimate personal fulfillment, she wants to give her all to someone who can appreciate this fully.

Her partner should give her the attention she rightfully deserves, and if this doesn’t happen, she can get very grumpy, cold, and take a step back to reanalyze the situation.

Materialism is one of their expectations when considering a partner, so you’d better have a good financial situation before thinking of conquering a Moon in Leo woman.

Watch out

This woman is an attention-seeker, a monster who wants to attract everyone’s attention on them, and possibly turn everyone to stone with fascination.

The spotlight deserves no one but her, it’s basically her birth right, and she will demand it right away. Glory and fame are hers if she will just assume control of all the coming and goings of her social circle.

This is also one of the bad things about her, that she wants to assert dominance and watch out over every single movement that happens in very vicinity.

Moreover, the dramatic flair that they’ve been endowed with will flare right up when someone steps on their toes.

Exaggeration is too soft a word to use in this case. They turn a simple argument or a critique into a fight-or-flight matter, with the winner getting to keep his life intact.

With their royal demeanor and generally superior social status, they tend to look down and despise those who can’t even reach the hem of their robes.

A lifestyle of luxury and comfort has turned them into snobbish and arrogant individuals who can’t stop bragging and praising their skills in front of unfortunate people.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.