Cancer Sun Leo Moon: A Strong Personality

Passionate but disciplined, the Cancer Sun Leo Moon personality knows how to efficiently balance impulses and new ideas with the practical demands of the present.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon

Proud and confident people, those born with their Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo trust their own talents and capacities. Not to mention how much they want to make a good impression.

It wouldn’t matter the situation, they would only try to act accordingly and to say the right things. Take the flamboyant and loud Moon Leo and add it to the reserved Cancer. What you get is a more open and fun Cancer native.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Ambitious, mannered and reflective;
  • Negatives: Fanatical, greedy and hedonistic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can appreciate them for who they really are;
  • Advice: They should be more agile in realizing when it’s time for them to stop in certain situations.

Personality traits

Cancer Sun Leo Moon people think of themselves as special and are very focused on their family life. At heart, they’re loyal and optimistic but when it comes to their behavior, they are very dramatic. If not appreciated or disrespected, they can completely eliminate someone from their life.

These natives love to have parties and to go on holiday. They charge their batteries when they’re going in new adventures and are spending their time “playing” with friends.

Not that they have too many close friends. But they definitely have a lot of acquaintances with whom they get together for drinks.

They are disciplined and neat and when they see others being sloppy and careless, they think of these people as weak. It’s also because they are taking themselves very seriously.

Not to mention they always think they’re right. It’s very important for them to get their way and they really know how to sweet-talk people into doing what they desire.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon individuals are capable of a lot of compassion, goodness and caretaking. When they have the opportunity to express these traits, they’re at their best. But they tend to advance slowly and to move around in circles.

Don’t be fooled by their innocence because they always know what they are doing. They’re not the type to express their agenda and realizations loudly, letting actions to speak for themselves.

There’s no one to be more determined and more focused than them when they get attached to someone or want to accomplish something. And this can only work to their advantage because they’ll get what they want.

It’s like they’re emotionally equipped to deal with any kind of situation. However, they may need to realize sometimes it is better for them to just let go.

The Moon Leo will use the Cancer Sun’s light to make these natives more individualistic. Leos always feel the need to be loved for who they are.

While Cancers are more about what they can do to make others feel happy, Moon Leos want to be rewarded and given back as much as they have given.

These royals are all about being appreciated and valued. There’s no one more interested in shining and being in the center of attention than them.

It may not seem like there’s too much harmony between this Sun and Moon, but the personalities born under this combination surely are balanced. They are people who want to express themselves creatively.

It can be said they have multiple personalities too. For example, they are dramatic and selfish on one side, self-sacrificing and ready to give up their independence on the other.

They’re aware they can become stronger when they are loving, but they would completely let go of someone who would make them shine less.

While able to put up with many nasty things and stubborn, Cancer Sun Leo Moon natives can’t stand being criticized. And when they are failing, they’re accepting defeat much harder than those who understand it’s equally important for success.

It’s because they’re too stubborn to think they can’t win. Also, there’s no one to convince them they may not be right.

They are in fact appalled when someone questions them and their way of thinking. And this makes them rigid, not at all open to learning or making changes. It can destroy them to suffer a defeat and when it comes to recovering, they are very slow.

Receptive lovers

As soon as the Cancer Sun Leo Moon lover gains some confidence in their partner, they will start to overwhelm him or her with all their attention and affection.

If not parents, they will treat their lovers like their children. And this can cause many people to feel either suffocated or perhaps comfortable around them.

Very attentive and receptive, these natives can feel their other half’s thoughts and emotions. They need someone to appreciate them for all the care they are giving.

When it comes to their ideal partner, he or she needs to be smart, always looking good and fun. Natives with their Sun in Cancer and their Moon in Leo are both givers and takers when it comes to love, also action-oriented and not necessarily introspective.

What makes them tick is their need to be nurturing, to take care of everyone and be of help. They will achieve this if they’ll manage to develop intimate and emotional connections.

The more they’ll understand and offer others unconditional love, the more they’ll be allowed to nurture. Their relationships will always be strong and very flourishing.

Moon Leos are children in bodies of adults. They will always be like this, no matter the age. And they want to be praised more than anything.

When being paid a lot of attention, they become the kindest and most loving creatures. Ignore them and you will witness a lot of drama from their side.

But underneath it all, they are delicate creatures who only want to be loved and adored. If offered this, they will be sure to give everything back.

The Cancer Sun Leo Moon man

The Cancer Sun Leo Moon man knows what’s in his mind and isn’t scared of expressing himself. It sometimes looks like he doesn’t have any inhibition.

This, added to the fact that he’s attractive, magnetic and confident, will help him reach success. Because he has his Moon in Leo, this guy needs to be admired and offered a good position at work.

He’s the representation of a more courageous Cancer and a more imaginative, sensitive Leo, a good combination indeed.

His success depends on how he works with his talents and commits. He’s not that Cancer who wants to protect his feelings.

He believes only in being appreciated, respected and adulated. His imagination can help him come up with great ideas. That’s why he would do a great job in the arts. Not that there aren’t many other domains that interest him.

When he fails, he becomes this victim that no one can get along with anymore. He can’t stop moaning and complaining about how the world doesn’t recognize his talent.

But the Cancer Sun Leo Moon man needs to understand failure is another way to understand success. He should experience as much as possible If he wants a good future. Also to be open to advice from others.

People will be drawn to him because he’s confident and magnetic. But he needs to avoid manipulating others for his own good. He’s nice and compassionate, but he always puts himself first. Some of his negative traits include pride and narcissism.

The Cancer Sun Leo Moon woman

This lady is a less timid and prouder Cancer. She trusts herself and is always optimistic. What she wants the most is to be respected because she respects herself very much.

People will find the Cancer Sun Leo Moon woman friendly, open and sociable. She’s proud, so she’ll struggle to always make a good first impression. It’s because she wants everyone to think good of her.

She doesn’t mind being supported, so she’ll accept others’ help when they’ll jump in to give her a hand. This lady feels the most secure around people who are like her.

She wants the attention of everyone to be focused on her. And she will manage to get it because she’s kind and positive. But don’t expect her to get too close. She will keep a distance because that’s the way she likes to be with many individuals.

When it comes to trusting people, it takes her a while. At least she doesn’t mind them having flaws. She will probably bother with her need to control everyone and everything all the time.

When she will face tough situations, she’ll surely know what to do. Her house will be neat and clean because she hates sloppiness and chaos. She’s a serious person who thinks she’s right all the time.

It’s easy for her to manipulate others into thinking they have won and that she’s the one who compromised. While not letting this to be seen, she’s independent and determined, but she appears gentle and rather mild.

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