Aquarius As a Friend: Why You Need One

The Aquarius friend is capable of impartial views when needed and when not searching for easy fun, although is quite picky when it comes to friendships.

Aquarius Friendship

Aquarius natives are always the main focus wherever they go. You won’t meet anyone more sociable or communicative in this sense. They make friends just like that, in a split second, without having to resort to any seductive or persuasive techniques.

Their whole persona oozes an aura of trustworthiness and kindness. They can be counted on in tough to deal with situations. They are rational and objective, intelligent and driven by strong convictions that greatly enhance their efficiency.

Top 5 reasons why everyone needs an Aquarius friend:

  1. They are punctual and very loyal, with firm opinions and true to their word
  2. They say what you need to hear right to your face.
  3. You can put your trust in them because they are never going to betray it.
  4. You can talk with them freely for hours on end.
  5. They give their all, especially when it comes to gathering and accumulating knowledge.

Looking for similarities

These natives are motivated by more than just personal principles when helping others. They are ruled by the natural astrological energies correspondent to their sign. Generally, the Aquarius sign is associated with humanitarianism, with tight friendships and devotion.

They are loyal to a fault, reaching almost to an inability to stay aside when some of their friends are in a bind.

They feel as if the world would stop spinning without their contribution. However, at the same time, they have to realize that their aid is sometimes unsolicited. Patience and a tempered state of mind, this is what they need.

While there are many who complain about their lack of emotional involvement or overall cold attitude, it is this attitude that propels the Aquarians on top of their game.

Because of this distance and detachment, they become capable of offering objective and impartial points of view, near-perfect solutions to many different situations.

Most of their relationships and friendships are built on intellectual similarities, the pursuit of like-minded interests. However, they should also let themselves fly freely as well, reveal their emotions and come to trust people, albeit a few close ones.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, these Aquarian people are pretty radical when it comes to choosing their friends. Intellectual depth is one of the biggest factors to take into consideration. If someone just can’t keep to their pace and can’t even hold their own in a conversation, then there are no more chances.

They are interested in a wide range of subjects from philosophy, the sciences, psychology, and history, and what’s even more interesting is the fact that they can freely combine them. The result comes as the most natural thing – great and intriguing conversations built on loads of knowledge.

They are principled, very much so in fact. Nothing can get them to abandon their ideas and strong convictions. Punctual and very loyal, with firm opinions and true to their word, the Aquarians look on the world as if it were a game where they must excel.

They give their all, especially when it comes to gathering and accumulating knowledge. Communication is top-notch, again.

Paradoxically, many people believe that they are dishonest and in-born liars, that they can’t help but deceive others for their own interests. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

There is but one thing to say about the Aquarians’ ability to make friends and maintain those friendships – that they are incredibly attentive to the details and very intuitive as well. They seemingly know what to do and how to approach a situation in order for everyone to feel good.

However, the problem that most of their friends complain about is that they are cold and distant at times, apparently disinterested in their surroundings.

You might even say that they are uncaring and too detached, but that’s just one part of their personality, the rest being absolute golden.

When playing the host, they invite friends with the express purpose of creating a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. They want to put themselves in a positive light, for others to appreciate their efforts and feel good with their treatment.

Do not, ever, abandon an Aquarius. Do not forget that they exist or betray them with other people.

If you’ve been constantly going out with them and having fun together, suddenly changing all that will put them at odds with their good-natured personality. They will take revenge or at least change their attitude towards you.

They’ve been putting so much effort in time in fostering the relationship between you two. Having to realize that you don’t appreciate or even forget this aspect hurts them a lot. Essentially, they are very possessive and can’t stand it when their friends try to leave them.

Just a few very close friends

These natives are very solitary by nature because of the high standards they impose on their friends. They understand things differently than most people, in that a relationship or a friendship should be based on loyalty, like-minded principles and the mutual desire to maintain it.

For this reason, they have very few close friends that are really devoted and intimate with them. However, if you’re befriended such a native, you can count yourself among the luckiest people alive.

No longer will you be alone or in lack of support. They will be there through thick and thin to help you. Be prepared to go through many fun adventures with them.

They can give very good advice, whether it’s about a professional hurdle that you’re experiencing or a personal, intimate issue you’re dealing with. This comes as a result of their rational and calm attitude. Because of it, these natives can analyze and observe a situation with perfect clarity, formulate a strategy, and solve the problem with concise precision.

Be careful though, that their friendship can be a double-edged sword. The healer can turn into a bloodthirsty berserker at the snap of a finger. Step on their toes or go against their opinions and you’ll get to see a side few people live to talk about.

This might seem like a negative trait but hold your horses. It’s not that dark at all. If you’re an honest and appreciative person, the Aquarians will treasure you endlessly. They will come to you from the get-go, in an attempt to befriend and get to know you more.

Put your trust in them because they are never going to betray it. This is one of the essential principles that guide their journey through life, reliability and moral integrity.

You can’t say that they are social butterflies but they certainly have a few close friends that can be counted on, and vice-versa.

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Written by Denise

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