Cancer and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is admirable as these two get along very well despite their differences and seem to make up for their shortfalls.

Cancer and Aquarius Friendship

The friendship between the Cancer and the Aquarius can be very interesting for the first because he or she believes only in tradition, whereas the second likes to rebel.

They’re both interested in a comfortable life, but the Aquarius doesn’t want to pay attention to the materialistic side of things.

CriteriaCancer and Aquarius Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsBelow average★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentAverage★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

If there’s for these two to keep their friendship alive and kicking, they need to appreciate one another’s strengths and to forget about all their weaknesses.

A case of opposites attract

It can be said their association is at least strange because the Cancer has a twisted sense of humor, whereas the Aquarius lives without respecting any rule.

The Cancer has many emotions, the Aquarius is ruled by logic. For example, the Aquarius can come up with many inventive solutions to problems that seem to have no answer.

In return, the Cancer can teach the Aquarius how to be a hospitable host and to serve his or her guests the most delicious foods, all this while also keeping a clean home.

These two will enjoy doing all kind of relaxing things such as surfing and looking at the stars. The fact that they see each other as weird can be what keeps their friendship alive.

The Cancer will always teach the Aquarius how to be less defensive, while the other way around, the Aquarius will show the Cancer how to no longer act so self-consciously.

There will be times when the Cancer won’t like how detached the Aquarius is and the latter won’t understand why the first is so obsessed with money. However, most of the time, their differences will be overlooked.

When the Aquarius and the Cancer are friends, it can be said the connection is between them is also between two opposites. The Cancer is very emotional, whereas the Aquarius keeps things relaxed and approaches life in an unconventional manner.

While the Cancer is rather withdrawn, the Aquarius can shine at any social gathering and excel when it comes to business. If these two natives decide to combine their positive traits and to do something constructive, they can achieve anything they want when collaborating.

Aquarians are very unconventional and considered the most eccentric natives of the zodiac. These people live by their own rules and prefer to think outside-the-box.

Therefore, many of their friends see them as great thinkers, also because they’re always looking to do something new. It’s a good thing to spend time with them because they hate boredom and have very creative ways of taking action.

Being also kind and original helps them with their leadership abilities. While they’re taking others’ opinions into consideration, they would never change their mind about something, especially after making a decision.

Their optimism is purely contagious and their need for freedom can’t be changed. These people tend to focus on more than one subject at a time and their love of travel is present in them because this activity helps them feel free.

Those who happen to be stuck in a routine and to get bored should definitely get an Aquarius as their friend. These natives have the power to liberate anyone and to inspire people to do what they want.

When it comes to friendships, communication is also essential, so the Cancer is an excellent pal who loves to listen and to talk about the most important problems in a person’s life.

It’s easy for Crabs to cry together with their friends because they’re usually touchy when it comes to the most sensitive subjects.

Teaching one another

Both Cancers and Aquarians have great ambitions and are determined to succeed. They hate being opposed and love to have things done only their way.

The Cancer is a lover of tradition and a person who doesn’t mind having a routine or being conservative. The Aquarius needs variety and hates being stuck in a rut.

The Cancer will sometimes be frustrated, especially when not being able to penetrate the Aquarius’ mind. The latter will be bothered by this type of possessiveness but doesn’t mind having someone as supportive as the Cancer as a good friend.

The Cancer is very affectionate and even touchy, so the Aquarius should expect a lot of hugs when best friends with them. These natives love to cuddle and to get closer to others in a physical way.

However, they’ll get to feel when the Aquarius is no longer comfortable and doesn’t want to share his or her emotions through touch anymore. The Cancer is a creature of pleasure, this being the reason why he or she loves good food, to go dancing and to take part in adventures that require him or her to get physical.

This sign has the Moon as its ruler, while Aquarius has Uranus as governors. The Moon is feminine and shining, while Uranus is masculine and detached.

The same Moon is related to emotions and a love of home, which are very important for the Cancer, whereas Uranus is all about moving forward.

The Cancer can show the Aquarius how to make emotional decisions, and the Aquarius can teach the Crab how to be detached and to solve situations that no longer seem in any way hopeful to get efficiently resolved.

The Aquarius is a fixed sign belonging to Air and so is highly sociable and always needs to be independent and to also spend some time alone, things that his or her friends need to accept.

These natives seem to have a system that recharges with energy after each moment spent alone. Friendship with them can be very intriguing because they know everything about politics, the environment and different humanitarian causes.

Aquarians are great intellectuals, so it’s a good idea to challenge them with a powerful debate.

The Cancer is very sensitive and can love anyone, which means he or she is a great shoulder to cry on and a good adviser. Natives of this sign are always there to listen, regardless if they’re being told about problems or successes.

However, they need to stop taking onto their own shoulders what others may seem to go through because their emotions seem to be open to everyone.

What to remember about the Cancer & Aquarius friendship

Because both the Cancer and the Aquarius friends can bring people together, they’ll be very looked for in situations in which everybody needs to mingle. It’s easy for them to combine two different worlds, especially since they have creative ideas and love doing everything that’s cool.

They seem to see beyond appearances and to couple people up in order for these to get together and achieve great successes. It’s true Aquarians can be a little bit cold and very unpredictable as while they don’t mind giving a hand, it seems impossible for them to offer their emotional support, so others will refrain themselves from talking about feelings when around these natives.

It wouldn’t be necessary for their friends to always know what they’re doing, but they can really confuse their loved ones with too much spontaneity and changeability.

These are not very good qualities for strong friendships because connections between good friends should be stable.

The Cancer will always wonder about feelings, whereas the Aquarius will chase what’s going to happen next. It can be difficult for these two signs to understand one another, so conflicts between them may appear when the Cancer demands too much and the Aquarius refuses to offer the Crab some emotional reassurance.

It’s essential for both of them to see the world through each other’s eyes and to celebrate their differences rather than feel threatened by them.

The Cancer is cardinal, the Aquarius is fixed, which means they both like to persevere when trying to achieve some precise goals. If having a plan, they’ll stick with it to the end.

As soon as both of them decide on something, it’s impossible to make them change their mind. If their opinions are opposing one another, the Cancer can become preachy and even manipulative.

The Aquarius may see him or her as too emotional. However, the respect and admiration between them are always present, so it’s easy for these two to get along very well when together. The greatest thing about their friendship is the fact that they can join forces and achieve everything they want.

As soon as they’ll manage to get rid of their differences and to collaborate, the balance in their connection will start to get stronger.

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