Gemini and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

This friendship can be a clash of similar personalities who don’t really see how many things they have in common.

Gemini and Aquarius Friendship

The friendship between the Gemini and the Aquarius can be very strong because these two natives seem like they have the same mind and can really like each other.

The only difference between them is that the Aquarius can stay focused on the same thing for a long time, whereas the Gemini just jumps from one idea or project to another like a bee goes through flowers.

CriteriaGemini and Aquarius Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsBelow average★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeStrong★ ★ ★ ★

The Aquarius will always teach their Gemini friend how to be more constant, while the other way around, the Twin can help the Water Bearer keep in touch with reality.

An enthusiastic combination

The intellectual connection between the Gemini and the Aquarius friend is very strong because the latter has vision and attracts the former who always loves to tackle a new and progressive idea, not to mention they’re both very independent.

These two may fight because the Aquarius is annoyed by the Gemini’s slow progression with any project, while the latter may think the first is too stubborn.

However, they can get along very well because the Aquarius will do the impossible for the Gemini’s dreams to become a reality, while the latter will support their friend with everything in life.

As soon as these two will learn how to focus their energies together, they can end up accomplishing any goal. Both are highly energetic and able to come up with great ideas, especially when good friends.

While neither of them wants to do nothing, the Aquarius loves his or her freedom and working with new ideas that are meant to make other people’s lives easier. The Gemini wants to be free as well, but from an intellectual point of view.

Furthermore, natives of this sign are able to see all the sides of an issue and they sometimes can’t understand their Aquarius friend completely.

When the Gemini will suggest something, the Aquarius won’t hesitate to jump in and help the Twin to work for that goal. However, the Gemini needs to be allowed some space because he or she doesn’t like being overwhelmed and needs to be alone when thinking.

The Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, while Gemini is governed by Mercury. Both of them are communicative and love to laugh at a good joke.

The Aquarius very much enjoys making fun of others, but he or she is never mean because his or her interest in establishing a great friendship is also intense.

The Gemini simply adores people with a sense of humor and can giggle at just about anything. Natives of this sign love making fun but aren’t offensive because they’re more interested in flirting.

Sometimes, the Gemini will be bothered by the Aquarius’s stubbornness. However, the latter has a comeback as well because he or she can be disappointed seeing the former can’t keep promises.

However, when together, these two won’t criticize one another. The Gemini can stimulate any mind and isn’t bothered to take part in new adventures.

Both these natives are curious and highly energetic. When together, they’ll not even feel how the time flies because they’d all the time be doing things.

While the Gemini has many friends, he or she will most likely keep in his or her heart only the Aquarius and a few others. The Aquarius will always help the Twin keep his or her enthusiasm and love of different hobbies alive.

If they want their friendship to last for a lifetime, the Aquarius should be more careful to remember anniversaries, while the Gemini needs to make an effort to be more punctual.

The Gemini friend

Geminis are the people to whom others always are turning for some fun times. No matter how down they may be feeling, their friends will always come to these natives to feel better because they have a positive attitude and would do anything for those in their life to feel the same.

Geminis love to dance, to go to karaoke and to tell jokes, which means their positivity is simply contagious. Since they’re always jovial and interested in making others happy, no one will ever avoid them and they’ll be wanted at any party to just lift up the spirits.

It’s easy for them to make friends because they’re simply cool and believe every person has a good side. However, they easily get bored and don’t want to deal with those who have done them wrong.

Geminis can’t really spend their time alone because they’re always surrounded by large groups of people and prefer to work in teams rather than on their own. It’s possible for them to change their group of friends, but those who are really close to their heart will never leave their side.

Loving adventure, they don’t mind spending their money on travels to exotic places and enjoying all kind of expensive hobbies.

The Aquarius friend

In the zodiac, the Aquarius stands for friendship, which means its natives have many, many friends. These people simply love socializing and communicating with anyone.

Others will always admire them because their points of view are realistic and they’re always seeming detached and not in any way influenced by emotions.

While seeming a little bit cold, they’re in fact devoted to their friends and truly generous. Aquarians will always notice when one of their loved ones is going through tough times and don’t mind offering their support, regardless of the situation.

While Aquarians don’t know too much about romance, they surely are masters when it comes to friendships.

Honorable and intelligent, these natives can always be counted on to do what’s right and to come up with great solutions in difficult situations. When friends with someone, Aquarians hate being tied down, so they need to be allowed to flourish on their own and to keep their independence to do whatever they want.

Because they’re fixed signs, they are devoted to their loved ones and don’t mind committing themselves to someone or something.

What to remember about the Gemini & Aquarius friendship

The free-spirited Aquarius simply adores the Gemini for having great energy and a desire to live life as intensely as possible.

When together, these two can be very creative and pursue many intellectual activities, so expect them to exchange books, visit museums and have many debates on politics or philosophy.

The Aquarius doesn’t mind dealing with the many moods a Gemini usually has, whereas the latter loves how the former leaves him or her alone when he or she needs some space.

The Aquarius will always understand how the Gemini loves to socialize and neither of them is jealous when the other wants to hang out with friends from a different group.

The Water Bearer likes the fact that the Twin is dynamic, but he or she can’t accept the fact that their friend loves to gossip that he or she changes teams too often.

When of opposite sexes, these two will have a difficult time separating love from friendship. However, regardless of their genders, they’ll always communicate very well because they’re similar. It’s possible for them to become lovers from friends, but it’s suggested not to.

The Aquarius will always understand how the Gemini needs to socialize, even if he or she is a little bit more reserved and ironically, having a large number of friends.

However, both of them have only a few people close to their heart and many acquaintances. They equally appreciate loyalty, and the Aquarius is very generous, while the Gemini never hesitates to give a hand in a difficult situation.

The feelings between them will be sincere and strong, so it’s possible for these two to be friends for a lifetime. As business partners, they can function very well because they’re both creative and usually come up with great solutions to problems.

However, it would be a nightmare for them to work in an office and to have a routine because this could influence their mood in a very bad way.

When friends with Geminis, Aquarians can get things done even faster because these two signs make a good team and really know how to plan life if good friends.

When debating about spiritual matters, they can have a lot of fun and enjoy all the intellectual stimulation. Both of them belong to the Air element, which means they can together form a whole made from two part, especially when having intellectual discussions.

Geminis will always love how Aquarians are visionaries and very sociable. Furthermore, Water Bearers can always come up with ideas for the Twins to follow and to make a reality.

The Gemini will never be bothered following the Aquarius and going with his or her plans, which are all the time of an intellectual nature. Both these signs are interested in many things and the Gemini expects his or her friends to be knowledgeable enough for any kind of conversation.

The Gemini is mutable, whereas the Aquarius fixed, which confirms that the latter has vision and many progressive ideas, whereas the first is accepting and can spend hours thinking of the future.

When doing something together, neither of them will want to be admired for their way of thinking. This is a friendship that works better when the Aquarius is allowed to lead.

It can be said the best aspect of their connection is the fact that they’re two pals able to blend their energies and to make a team that can conquer any goal and dream. It wouldn’t matter what eccentric ideas one of them has, the other will always follow.

Furthermore, they both love to talk and are interested in one another’s points of view. The Gemini is very curious and loves to hear about new theories coming from the Aquarius.

In return, the detached Aquarius will admire the Gemini for his or her ability to make new friends, regardless of the situation and surroundings.

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