Taurus and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

This friendship seems to be a real force as these two are unstoppable when going together for a shared goal.

Taurus and Aquarius Friendship

The Taurus and the Aquarius may not have too many things in common, but they both love feeling secure. Each of them can respect how the other is able to stick to a project and to be by the side of his or her friends.

While the Taurus is a creature of comfort and the Aquarius can’t be bothered with possessions, they’re both interested in everything of high-quality and in getting value for money.

CriteriaTaurus and Aquarius Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

Neither of them is curious about what’s mainstream, but the Taurus will not be too happy about the Aquarius’ eccentric tastes, while the Water Bearer will say the Bull is close-minded.

A connection that brings value to both

It’s said that the friendship between a Taurus and an Aquarius can make anything happen because the first is very practical and realistic, while the latter has original ideas and seems to have thoughts coming from a different world.

While not interested in the same things, these two have the same desire to be successful. As soon as their forces get combined, they can make anything happen.

Both of them refuse to listen to other people’s opinions and believe only in their own views. It can be impossible to have them doing something differently than what they already know, so they may not agree on many things when friends.

The Taurus loves having a routine and respecting tradition, whereas the Aquarius prefers to deal with progressive ideas and hates it when things are happening the same way, every day.

The Bull will think the Water Bearer is intriguing and intelligent, so he or she will want to discover more about his or her friend.

The Aquarius will not like how the Taurus is possessive, but will totally agree with how the Bull offers his or her support, even if he or she will never admit their friend is a great person to be around.

Both the Aquarius and the Taurus are fixed signs, which means they can be very determined when working towards achieving a goal. These natives would never give up on their plans until results are starting to appear.

Therefore, if they’re friends and they’re giving a lot of value to their connection, they may build something very solid together. However, when having opposite ideas, they may argue and not agree with each other in any way.

The Taurus is too stubborn to ever change his or her mind because this would mean losing control, so the Aquarius may see him or her as rigid and even boring.

The more these two will realize cooperation between them can be very productive, the more they’ll manage to move mountains together. The Taurus prefers to work in quiet and to not express his or her determination very loudly. Therefore, the Aquarius can learn this from him or her and become more practical when it comes to doing things.

Each friend with their strengths

The Taurus is a fixed sign belonging to the Earth element and ruled by the planet of beauty, which is Venus. One of the most pleasure-loving signs in the zodiac, the Bull simply loves good food, great music and being lazy for days.

As a friend, this native is giving, empathic and easy-going, so many will want to be around him or her, but as long as the quick temper that characterizes these natives is kept in control.

While very stubborn, the Taurus can simply refuse to do things without having a good reason. Because people in this sign don’t like being involved in conflicts, they get angry very rarely and in a slow manner.

Having a special affinity for pleasure and comfort, the Taurus is good when having fun and enjoying life. There are only a few other signs that care so much about their friends and are more loyal than Taurians.

However, they tend to be a little bit sensitive and to refuse change, which means it can be difficult to be around them all the time. These natives are the heroes of the zodiac, the ones who always jump in when the situation is complicated and they need to save someone.

It can be said they’re generous to the extreme, so they don’t mind being around people who need protection and to be watched over. Therefore, Taurians can help anyone feel the outside world is not as harsh as it seems. They can make friends everywhere they may be going, but it can be difficult to earn their trust.

Usually, these natives are aware of what’s going on in their life and are treating their friends more like family. When someone takes them seriously, they become the best givers of advice and many are calling them true angels.

The Aquarius is a master at being friends with anyone, intelligent and preferring to keep his or her integrity untouched.

For this reason, natives of this sign make wonderful companions on whom others can rely to do what’s best, regardless of the situation.

However, the Aquarius hates being tied down or to respect rules, and he or she can simply flourish when allowed to be free and to pursue every his or her dream.

Because the Aquarius is a fixed sign, its natives are highly loyal and don’t mind being committed to their friends.

Anyone can rely on them and usually many are calling Aquariuses when all the hope is gone or when having to share a secret. These natives can be trusted with anything, but they aren’t too open to interact with others from the very first few meetings.

However, those who are lucky and manage to gain their trust will be in their inner circle for a lifetime. They like going out and making new friends, but they’re not usually the life of the party, which makes them feel a little bit guilty.

A few challenges, here and there

Venus influences the love of beauty and is feminine, whereas Uranus, the governor of Aquarius is cold and representing masculinity. Furthermore, Uranus influences strange things and the unusual.

Because Venus is also the planet of love and pleasure, the Taurus focuses very much on these two things. Uranus is all about looking in the future and hard work.

The Taurus can teach the Aquarius how to be more emotional and to enjoy pleasure, while in return, the Aquarius can show the Taurus how to be more relaxed and to get his or her hands on good opportunities without sticking to things that are no longer working.

As their element is Earth, Taurians are practical, whilst the Air element Aquariuses are more intellectual. While the first is wondering how to achieve his or her goals, the latter is only exploring new possibilities and tries to deal with progressive ideas.

It’s possible for them to not understand each other from time to time and to have many conflicts, especially since the Taurus is needy and the Aquarius very detached.

Both of them need to understand their views on life are very different. People born in Taurus can be great friends because they’re caring, thoughtful, charming and able to give great advice.

Because they’re belonging to Earth, they’re constant, devoted, reliable and helpful. These natives will always have a kind word and be open to spend as much time as possible with their friends.

Taurians usually approach their friendships slowly, but as soon as they are trusting someone, they’re starting to treat that person like a member of the family. However, they’re stubborn and very possessive.

Furthermore, they’re sometimes too obsessed with the materialistic side of life and tend to judge people based on how much money they’re making.

What’s great about the friendship between the Taurus and the Aquarius is the fact that when these two have decided to work together, they became unstoppable. Both of them have immense power and is truly impossible for one of them to become too domineering.

As soon as their differences will be solved and they’ll manage to express their individualities without arguing, all the dynamism of their friendship will become something incredibly effective.

The Taurus may find a few challenges in the friendship with the Aquarius because the latter simply hates convention and the first relies very much on tradition.

Furthermore, the Water Bearer doesn’t care about possessions, whereas the Bull is only interested in acquiring wealth. The Aquarius pays a lot of importance to independence, even if he or she wants to have friends more than anything in the world.

However, these two can be great companions because they both really appreciate the positive traits in one another and this way, they can get along very well.

For example, the Taurus admires how the Aquarius is all the time generous, while the Aquarius loves the Taurus for having great common sense.

The Aquarius can make friends with so many people that he or she, at some point, is no longer able to keep track of them.

People in this sign love having as many social options as possible, but don’t really get attached because this makes them feel tied down.

They hate being around needy people and they only appreciate those who are on the same intellectual level as them. Taurians hate losing control and never talk without knowing the subject very well.

Aquariuses are their complete opposites because they usually barely know what decision can help them in a given situation. More than this, Aquariuses are pretty unreliable, so the Taurus may reveal his or her quick temper when around them.

What these two have in common is their determination to succeed and the fact that they’re both ambitious. They’d never give up proving they’re right, which means they can have a few problems when contradicting one another.

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