Virgo And Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Virgo and Scorpio is surprising for many as this is a joyful combination rather than a difficult one as might be expected.

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Virgo and Scorpio are really playing it safe when meeting for the first time, paying attention to all the details, not making a move before being completely sure that it will have the desired effect, and most importantly, keeping themselves mysterious and revealing as little as possible.

They do that not because they want to convey a sense of intrigue and charm, but because it’s in their nature. That’s how they deal with most tricky aspects of their lives, love included, by taking the slow approach, going step-by-step, observing and analysing everything before taking action.

CriteriaVirgo Scorpio Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤❤
Trust & DependabilityVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

While Scorpios will passionately flirt, they will do it carefully, in a subtle and charming manner, just enough so that most people would not notice it. This approach helps create a certain atmosphere of languidness and even seduction, if constantly fuelled by both parties.

On the other hand, the Virgo lovers are innately more aware and giddy than most people. While they will eventually give in to the other’s techniques and sweet words, it will be long before they’ll commit to anything else, just because they want to reduce the risks.

When Virgo and Scorpio fall in love …

Love is a deep and profound feeling that sparks up between two equally interested individuals who find something more, something that keeps their interest alert, in the other person.

Now, in the case of Scorpio and Virgo, there are great chances for these two to find true love, and their relationship will be one based entirely on devotion, loyalty and trust.

It’s really quite admirable and astounding how stable their mindsets are, and how they can give fully reveal themselves in front of the other.

This stems from the fact that both are natives who have been seeking for such opportunities and for their soul mates ever since they were young. They could want for nothing else than an honest and straightforward partner, and they found one in the Virgo, respectively the Scorpio.

Neither one of you is overly-spontaneous nor exaggerates with wanting to check on what the other is doing, expecting them to hold close contact with you most of the time.

Possessiveness and clinginess are not acceptable, and fortunately, they won’t act in this way, so there are no worries here.

There probably won’t be any truly intense and passionate moments between the Virgos and Scorpios, but who says they can’t have fun and experience really exciting things nonetheless? They will focus on building up their trust for each other, planning for the future, establishing a family, and a common playground where they can act as freely and as unrestrained as they wish to.

The magic happens when they discover that they are both in love with spending time together, wherever that may take them, especially in private places like home, actually.

They aren’t keen on going out into the world, getting out of their comfort zone, because it’s just as enjoyable to stay in-doors, watch a movie together, read a book, or just stay cuddled in each other’s arms all day long. Now why would this be less enjoyable and desirable than going out to a party, hanging out with friends and all that? It’s not, the difference lies in their likes and dislikes.

The Virgo and Scorpio relationship

Although not perfect, the Virgo Scorpio relationship is guaranteed to be a successful and happy one. They make for quite a splendid and joyful couple, because they are very understanding of what the other likes and enjoys, and it just so happens that they are really similar from this point of view.

They just need to act out their desires a little more, getting the courage to really take it all out, and only then could they call themselves truly satisfied and happy with their life together. Furthermore, it is actually a bond founded on the common idea that it’s good to learn from each other, that it’s advisable to try to adapt, to be flexible when the time requires it, because if they don’t put in enough effort, everything is irrelevant.

As such, while the Scorpio tends to exaggerate with the controlling tendencies, they are also very pragmatic in scope, something that the devoted Virgos will keenly strive to assimilate. It’s really a playful and equivalent exchange of hints and energies, accumulating so that in the end, the result can only be imagined.

Virgo and Scorpio marriage compatibility

Marriage is certainly the best outcome, and most likely to happen, once Scorpio and Virgo have fully understood that life together would be the only choice they have if they want to be happy.

They have spent so much time together observing and counting all the pros and cons of their partner, that they have finally decided it’s all worth it, all the potential problems, issues, nothing matters more than their love for each other.

And the Virgo-Scorpio love will be one based solely on the mutual trust between each other, the loyalty and devotion they have struggled for so long to build.

Sexual compatibility

Whether they can find utmost satisfaction in each other’s arms relies mainly on whether the Virgos can seduce the hard-to-get Scorpios or not, because the latter can be extremely cautious in these matters.

They want to ensure that they’re choosing the right person to spend their lives with, and this requires a lot of time to observe and appreciate the pros and cons, as well as their future prospects together.

If everything goes according to plan, and the Scorpios fall in the trap, sexual life will all but thrive and be most satisfying.

It will be one of the anchoring points of their relationship, in fact. For all the time it took to convince them, the desert princes are now the main players in this lascivious game.

The downsides of this union

Because both Scorpio and Virgo have pretty strong personalities who will act out with impunity and glaring enthusiasm most of the time, they will stumble on each other often.

At first, they don’t seem to notice this, or they believe it’s going to ease up with time, but as soon as things continue on like this for a period, it becomes apparent that something must be done.

Either one of them tries to adapt and become flexible, or both of them try to be more understanding and tolerant.

Either way, a solution must be found, unless their relationship will start to fragment and ultimately fall apart because of these constant conflicts.

Virgos are pretty well-known for how nagging they can get when someone fumbles, stumbles, and makes a mistake. Like it’s the worst thing that could happen, these small impish devils will annoy the heck out of you by constantly reminding you about what you did back then.

This tendency to criticize and even act cruelly towards loved ones will not be acceptable for the principled and passionate Scorpios. If they can tolerate mistakes, then they have the same expectations as well.

What to remember about Virgo and Scorpio

The Scorpio Virgo couple might make most of us frown or raise an eyebrow, considering how odd and out of place it is. The shy, restrained and even innocent Virgo, walking hand in hand with the dominant, powerful and imposing Scorpio? Where did this come from?

It must be one of the worst possible combinations, right? Well, if you only watch it from the astrological standpoint, then you could say that. But when you consider their mythological make-up, it becomes evident that some common points start aligning themselves, to construct a pretty visible portrait of their relationship together.

Neither of them is really that sociable in the first place, and so they will emphasize their wellbeing and put all efforts towards developing it. Their time together is the most important thing here, and it will always be like that.

This somewhat private and enclosed attitude of theirs acts as an impetus to their bonding, making them become truly inseparable and learn to put their trust in one another.

Beyond the shadow of any doubt, whether it’s the direct and explosive Scorpio, or the highly rational and logical Virgo, they are both inclined towards mutual understanding, cooperation and trust.

As for how they bide their time together, and how they truly manage to live with one another, there doesn’t seem to be any problem. Thus, the Scorpios’ high-end emotional levels, which are most of the times the result of sudden outbursts, may scare or stupefy the calm and rational Virgos, but this is also what makes it all the more interesting.

As for the virgin queens, they are analytic and observant above all else, perusing into the intricate layers of all their subjects, especially the Scorpios, which they deeply investigate. This increased interest naturally flatters and intrigues the desert kings, because how could you not be fascinated and enjoy being your partner’s most valued object of interest?

Of course, if either of them exaggerates or prolongs those controversial mindsets for which they are known, problems will undeniably appear as a result, and quite often as well.

For example, the Scorpios’ constant emotional outbursts and crises of consciousness will really play with the Virgos’ nerves and quite possible break them apart.

At the same time, the latter’s known tendency to criticize anyone for the smallest of things makes its appearance again, who would have though? And this time there’s no difference either, as the partner just can’t take it for too long. The idea here is that both must make some compromises if they are to last together.

All in all, it’s a really magical bonding that these two have, because no one seems to understand or even conceive how they can stand each other, considering their glaring distinctions. What’s most amusing perhaps is that even they themselves can’t seem to truly understand how exactly they work things out together.

It just happens, everything comes as natural as breathing. All those qualities and downsides just fit together perfectly, like pieces in a puzzle, and everything just falls into its rightful place.

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