Virgo And Capricorn Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Virgo and Capricorn can be nurturing and warm as this is an affectionate combination.

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These natives will lead a fulfilling and blessed life if they resolve to find happiness in one another. Devotion is the first step in the Virgo-Capricorn relationship, and it comes as a very natural thing for them, not like in other couples where it has to be built over time.

CriteriaVirgo Capricorn Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

From the get-go, they are very trustworthy, serious and perseverant, and because they aren’t seeking for just another adventure to fill their time with, the Virgos and Capricorns will always act with confidence and will follow a greater purpose.

They’ll probably meet each other while at work, or doing something that requires their know-how. After all, they are two of the most hardworking signs of the zodiac.

When Virgo and Capricorn fall in love …

There aren’t any half-measures with them, and as soon as they realize that life wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t walk hand-in-hand through it, they will instantly start talking about their future life, marriage and children altogether.

They will finally have someone to talk with about all those unfulfilled dreams they had since they were kids, all the little things and desires they wanted to accomplish with their future partner: the names of the children, building a house, constructing a viable plan to reach success and a good financial situation, etc.

While they may not be the most emotionally expressive of people, they do try their hardest to make the other feel loved, taken care of, and surrounded by affection and compassion.

The Capricorns are actually incredibly loving and tender to their partners, even if they rarely manage to properly show that, while Virgo lovers have to learn that some things must progress slowly, and must not be hurried, unless all efforts would fall apart.

Together, Virgo and Capricorn will succeed in giving free reign to all the repressed and suppressed emotions, fostering a truly sublime love that encompasses everything around them. Both respect each other’s wishes, desires and dreams, and won’t act in any way that could break them apart.

The Virgo and Capricorn relationship

If in the beginning it may seem as though these natives were made for each other and nothing could possibly hold a candle to their resplendent love, then prepare for some bad news.

Well, not actually bad news, since pretty much any couple has to deal with problems and issues at one time or another. Their relationship will hit a few obstacles along the way, and only by combining their efforts, making every attempt to be tolerant, understanding and loving, will they safely pass them all.

As such, one thing that needs to be taken care of is the lack of spontaneity, in that a perfect relationship needs those moments of surprise and unpredictability. How else would their bond last throughout time if not for these little things?

Professionally, they are very ambitious, perseverant and incredibly pragmatic with their earnings, how they spend them or on what, and in general, they give much thought to these details.

Neither one of them is content with being just a worker, as that is just the first step towards a more respectable and satisfying position.

Working their way up the ranks until they finally reach fame and fortune, and maybe even success, it’s only natural that not many people will manage to overshadow these natives. Because they dream so big, and actually act on those dreams, they have grown to be very mature, a bit egocentric, but affectionate nonetheless for those who deserve it.

They should be capable of seeing that they have a lot of potential, and if they only grab it, nothing could stand in their way.

A healthy and perfect relationship is built on trust and past experiences where they had to work together, rely on each other, and emerge out victorious, or wallow in pain together.

These events are the ones that’ll create an unbreakable bond between the Virgos and Capricorns, and this is exactly why when the shadows of doubt start appearing, they should approach this directly as soon as possible. Leaving them to grow in power and become more problematic was never a good choice.

Virgo and Capricorn marriage compatibility

For these natives, marriage is all about establishing a family, building a long-lasting relationship, finding a good place to call home, and most importantly, having a couple of kids to really brighten up the atmosphere.

They are naturally inclined towards living life together, sharing in life’s experiences and doing everything alongside the people they love.

The lone wolf character could never have been a Virgo, or a Capricorn for that matter, because they couldn’t last for even a single day alone, with no one to talk about, no one to embrace if it gets too cold, and no one to feel love for.

It won’t be long until they settle in their new home, become comfortable and cosy with the routine of it all, while spicing things up by themselves, through moments of blissful affection and compassion.

Sexual compatibility

Things get more complicated here, because Capricorn have to first be intrigued and coaxed into a state of extreme interest and fascination, before they are willing to share their bed with someone else.

That’s why those who want to get their attention have to act a little distant, but not too much, just enough so that they’ll be enticed by the thrill of the hunt. Do that, and they will naturally come to you, the trap was set.

Now, the Virgos are a little inhibited at first, and even in general they prefer to let themselves be led by their partner, in a submissive way. And this is exactly what the intense and passionate Capricorns like.

The downsides of this union

As with every relationship, there will be some bumps on the proverbial road, some that will easily be eliminated, while others may be a little problematic, requiring the combined efforts of both partners to survive.

For example, the Capricorn’s natural restrained and even hateful attitude towards showing their true feelings and emotions. While this may play out well with other individuals of the same inclinations, Virgoans will most certainly not look upon this with good eyes.

On the contrary, they will gradually be appalled and feel ignored, even unloved, because of their partner’s unwillingness to show any affection in public.

Paradoxically, Virgos tend to be less sociable than their realistic Goat partners, who mingle out with people because they realize the importance of it. Things are a lot easier and more efficient if they learn to communicate, make friends and tight relations in the right places.

What to remember about Virgo and Capricorn

Being two Earth signs, the Virgo and the Capricorn desire nothing else but to establish a strong and independent relationship, based on trust, mutual responsibilities, and a realism few are capable of.

Now, these are all admirable traits to nurture between two people, but they are not the only things that have to be present in order for such bond to become truly indestructible.

Love, affection, compassion are also necessary, and by looking at things from this perspective, these natives are all but emanating them at an instinctual level.

They are especially committed to reaching success and making their relationship thrive at all levels, professionally mainly.

While it may be good for them to have this kind of approach, the pragmatic and cautious one, it’s also quite the downside when they let themselves be controlled by these reflexes.

Being very concentrated on material success or professional development, often takes them on a path of no-return, in that they forget all about feelings, about the little things that hold a relationship on the floating line.

The emotional output will lessen with time, until it reaches a level so low that they won’t easily be able to get things back together as they once were.

Of course, being in a close connection to the earth also gives them an edge in the games of love, and that is the natural allure of security and resoluteness.

These natives exude an air of confidence, of stability, and you just know that life with them will be worriless, that they will take care of everything for you, more or less.

Even more so actually for the Capricorn and Virgo, since they are of the same ascendancy. What matters most importantly is that they aren’t exaggerated in their expectations and demands. If one of them is busy with work and can’t talk as much, it’s fine, they understand that some things must be done.

These two are certainly no Romeos and Juliets, and they won’t show up with flowers daily, say cheesy lines to seduce the partner, or even go on romantic dates so often, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to express their love.

The means are irrelevant, as long as they put in all the efforts necessary to attain what is most important: making the partner happy and satisfied. Anything else is of less import and consequently belongs to a secondary plan.

Also, by trying to be perfect in this regard will naturally lengthen the span of their relationship, as it will endure through the trying times ahead.

There is, however a problem, with their relationship, and that is the overall lack of emotional intensity.

Granted, they are very understanding and enduring, letting nothing destroy their bonds, not even the most critical of problems, but this is but one of the factors that lead to a happy marriage.

Perhaps the most important is how feelings are expressed, what you do to make the partner feel loved, the little things that go unnoticed to most people, but not to a wife or a husband. Finding the correct way to give life to those emotions needs to be one of their main goals in the beginning of the Virgo-Capricorn relationship.

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