Tiger and Snake Love Compatibility: An Intriguing Relationship

These two make for a tricky match because of the many differences that separate them but also because of their propensity to stick to each other.

Tiger and Horse Compatibility

Tigers and Snakes need to carefully think of one another before becoming a couple because they seem to have too many opposing needs. While Tigers want to be in the spotlight all the time, Snakes prefer privacy and to never have other people’s attention on them.

Furthermore, Tigers will not find the fact that Snakes are cynical very intriguing, thinking these natives are in fact manipulative and sneaky.

CriteriaTiger and Snake Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionBelow average❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

In order for these two to work as a couple, they need to identify what makes them weak and strong at the same time, and to work with their differences as much as they can. If they start the relationship by being friends, it’s possible for them to end up as lovers.

What it takes

Tigers can always benefit from the fact that Snakes are intuitive when it comes to other people because the latter can identify bad intentions from a mile away, hours before Tigers even get to feel a little bit of danger.

Tigers can also help Snakes in a way because they can make the latter more positive and aware of opportunities that could bring them many benefits in life. Therefore, if these two will explore one another’s strengths instead of weaknesses, they may end up having a great respect for each other.

In order for the relationship between Tigers and Snakes to be successful, both these natives need to invest some efforts into their union. For example, Snakes have to be less jealous, while Tigers should only be faithful to their partner because Snakes can’t accept in any way to be cheated on.

As said before, Snakes and Tigers would do a great job if starting the relationship as friends since this way, they’d be able to no longer focus on what negative traits they may have.

Tigers can really help Snakes be more optimistic, but they should learn how to support these natives from an emotional point of view, which can prove to be the most difficult thing for them.

When it comes to sex, these two need to make some changes in their approach because Tigers can be too aggressive for the slow and sensual Snakes.

The fact that both of them love to experience new things in bed can have them enjoying one another from the most pleasurable angle that’s possible. Tigers and Snakes may be advised by their friends to never get involved in a relationship with each other because they seem very incompatible.

While this may be somehow true, they can however, invest a lot of work in their union so that they become lovers instead of friends.

One thing they could do is learn how to compromise and be more understanding with one another because these things seem to be completely missing from their interaction ever since they are introduced.

If they’d able to stay next to one another through good and bad times, they could beat the odds and turn their relationship into something fruitful.

If the man is a Snake and the woman a Tiger, it will be difficult for them to find that they have things in common besides the fact that they’re very attracted to one another.

He’d be secretive, which will annoy her to Hell and back. She wants someone more assertive and possessive, so he can’t deliver what she wants.

The relationship between a Snake and a Tiger is difficult because neither of them can overlook the flaws the other has. More than this, both are very suspicious, so they’d take almost forever to trust each other and to believe no one is cheating.

Tigers are courageous, able to get things done, careless, rebellious and friendly. However, they may want to control their other half’s life too much, asking him or her where they’ve been and with whom, all the time.

On the opposite side, Snakes are quiet and rely a lot on their charm in order to live the good life and to have everything done the way they want it to.

Intelligent and very tasteful, Snakes may be disappointed by Tigers’ impulsiveness. When with these natives, they may grow to be more appealing than usual.

When they are on the same page

Tigers and Snakes are very attracted to one another, especially because Tigers are very hard to refuse. If the man is a Tiger and the woman a Snake, they won’t be able to communicate because she’s very independent and he’d want to have her doing only what he wants.

He’ll be an intellectual, she’ll only rely on her intuition and feelings. Therefore, they’ll argue as soon as their relationship has started. Tigers and Snakes behave almost similarly, even if they have very different personalities.

More than this, these two can be very drawn to one another because both of them give a lot of importance to independence. While enthusiastic to do new things, they’ll never each other’s boundaries and refuse to interfere in with the way they’re living their lives when not together.

All this means Snakes and Tigers are pretty much on the same page when it comes to some attitudes. As another example, they’ll always agree with the fact that their private life should remain private.

Neither of them wants to share any of their secrets with others. As a matter of fact, Snakes are obsessed with keeping their secrets to themselves, while Tigers prefer to have only a few friends and not an army of acquaintances.

Therefore, they’ll both agree to have a quiet life that not too many know about. When going on the very first few dates, Snakes may be completely in love with Tigers because these last-mentioned ones are very attractive, charismatic and full of sex appeal.

In fact, all other Chinese zodiac signs admire Tigers from all their heart, so Snakes aren’t making any exception. Furthermore, Snakes will think Tigers are their best sexual partners, so the bedroom-experience between them will be full of sparks.

Unfortunately, this is just about it with their relationship as the more they’ll get to be together, the more they’ll realize they have many things to hide underneath what they’re all the time showing the world.

It can be a problem for Tigers and Snakes to discover each other’s real faces. The match between these two signs can be very tricky because they are separated by many differences that they’d need to address before starting a life together.

Therefore, mutual understanding and compromises between them are more than necessary for their relationship to flourish and to turn into something beautiful.

Many of their friends may be against them as a couple, but they should continue to stand beside their love and to seriously think where their union is going.

In a marriage between Snakes and Tigers, it’s very likely Snakes will handle money because Tigers can take unnecessary risks and are usually very immature when it comes to finances.

Snakes will always dream of a partner who’s more productive and committed, Tigers will think they’d be happier with someone who’s more fun.

It can be difficult for Snakes and Tigers to tolerate one another because neither of them wants to give up their independence and can see each other’s negative traits from a mile away.

The Tiger woman will find it almost impossible to communicate with the Snake man and she may think he’s too direct.

The challenges of this romance

The main problem Snakes and Tigers in a couple are facing relates to the fact that these two view the world very differently. Tigers want to take part in important projects and to be intellectually stimulated, which means they need variety and excitement in order to feel motivated.

As a matter of fact, these natives are known as visionaries, revolutionaries and very good leaders. On the other hand, Snakes are only interested in themselves and prefer to not invest time and efforts in helping others.

While Tigers are known as very altruistic and honest, Snakes think only of their personal interests and how they can destroy their opponents more rapidly.

Tigers also believe in knowledge and that helping the world to become a better place is possible. Snakes have no such interests and see others more as enemies rather than as people who need their help.

Tigers would hate to think they can manipulate others, so they’re repulsed by seeing characters that are capable of doing something petty.

They seem to have a weak spot when it comes for them to be the underdogs, so they won’t cease to fight for causes that others gave up on, which is something Snakes would never do.

When it comes to what they expect from love, Tigers and Snakes are very different, if not opposing each other. While seeming composed and very calm on the outside, Snakes are in fact intense and even possessive when it comes to being involved in a relationship.

Tigers are the type that is only looking for a witty partner, therefore they’re after a person with whom they can talk, share ideas and engage in new adventures.

Because they expect so different things from love, Tigers and Snakes may end their relationship as soon as the attraction between them has faded away.

While Tigers can’t be in any way conventional or committed because they’re never ready to give up their independence, Snakes will never understand or accept their ways, which will make Tigers even more determined to be against commitment with these natives.

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