Tiger and Rooster Love Compatibility: A Straightforward Relationship

These two can work things out with patience and directness and even the things that oppose them can make their couple stronger.

Tiger and Rooster Compatibility

Tigers and Roosters in a relationship are known for being strongly opinionated, which means they’re great when agreeing on something, but true disasters can happen when opposing each other.

Roosters can be very sensitive to how Tigers criticize them and usually hold grudges for long periods of time. In spite of all this, Tigers can still be very turned on by Roosters’ courage and find them incredibly attractive.

CriteriaTiger and Rooster Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Tigers can always be sure that Roosters are telling the truth because this is how these natives are. In the meantime, the latter will always appreciate the former for making them more serious and focused.

A need to identify the common ground

While these two have some traits that go along very well together, they also have many opposing ones as well. If they want to be successful as a couple, they need to work very hard and to consider that each of them has his or her own needs.

In conclusion, Tigers and Roosters argue more than others while at the same time want similar things from life. Both of them have strong characters, with Roosters believing in perfection more than in anything else and Tigers wanting freedom, but not for their partner.

Roosters may expect Tigers to be perfect, which will never happen, of course. Both of them love to be in control, so they may also fight over who leads in the relationship.

If Tigers and Roosters can identify their common grounds, it’s possible for them to have one of the most beautiful relationships in the Chinese zodiac because Tigers know how to make Roosters happy for as long as they’re feeling free.

While Roosters are very cautious when it comes to everything in life, Tigers don’t seem to have a care in the world. If they’d be diplomatic with one another, they’d have no problem being a couple.

When it comes to sex, Tigers and Roosters may have to face many challenges because Tigers are kind and very affectionate, while Roosters prefer to be enigmatic and withdrawn.

It will take Tigers a while to identify what Roosters need, but in the end, if they’ll manage to do it, things between them can become truly amazing.

Tigers will never accept having their sexual advances rejected, so Roosters must be careful to always stroke their ego, even if not in the mood for lovemaking.

While they can have amazing discussions, they fight too fiercely and can even be suspected of domestic violence. Tigers would always rebel when Roosters would plan things for them, which can be very frustrating for the latter.

While both have a lot of passion, neither of them is willing to give in when fighting. Roosters are very honest and hate to be criticized, which can make Tigers defensive and even hurt enough to want out of the relationship or to take revenge.

It’s possible Tigers will look for comfort someplace else and return after a while, acting like nothing happened. Because both of them want the spotlight, they’ll never reach a compromise over whom should have all the attention of their friends and family.

Some reasons to fight

Roosters are only ruled by logic and seek perfection everywhere they may be going. It’s in their nature to be bossy and to have high expectations of others. It’s not that they’re trying to be impossible, they just feel like anything can be improved.

Not known for being too diplomatic, they usually tell what’s in their heart and mind without caring for others’ feelings. It’s possible for them to think Tigers are chaotic and selfish while not seeing themselves how arrogant they can be.

Tigers may have a problem with the fact that Roosters are domineering because these natives want their independence and refuse to follow someone else besides themselves.

While seeming relaxed and calm, Tigers are in fact very feisty people who follow their intuition. If Roosters would in in any way to tell them what to do, they’d become very agitated and annoyed.

Furthermore, Tigers don’t like for others to have expectations of them because they’re too independent and interested in roaming around rather than in respecting others’ wishes.

The more Roosters will try to impose their rules on Tigers, the more the latter will rebel and act against their partner, not to mention these people are used to have control over their own life and to never want others to rule over them.

The fact that Roosters are sure everyone should respect their opinions and take them seriously is a real problem, whether if it’s about a relationship or other things.

Roosters and Tigers are very different in the way they’re spending money as well because Roosters don’t want to give anything from their finances, Tigers are known as big humanitarians.

They’ll fight for this reason as well, so when married, it’s sure their connection will be centered around discussions about money.

At the same time, this difference they encounter can make their life together more exciting as well. When Tigers are feeling free, they can immediately cheer up Roosters when these are sad.

If Tigers and Roosters will give their best to act graciously, they may have together something unique and very pleasurable. However, both of them are too stubborn to ever give in when arguing or to let go of what they believe in.

If they won’t be open to change, they may never be happy as a couple, fight over the most trivial things and eventually break up.

If the man is a Rooster and the woman a Tiger, he’ll be aware that he’s no match for her when it comes to intelligence. However, he’ll have some great traits that she’ll appreciate in him. It’s possible for her to criticize too much and for him to be jealous or possessive.

She’ll fight for her freedom and he may be very bothered by this. If the man is a Tiger and the woman a Rooster, they’ll both be very passionate and even aggressive in sustaining their own point of view.

He may be too arrogant and she, if aware of her greatness, may accommodate too many bad behaviors that don’t bring her any good.

The challenges of this romance

The main problem Tigers and Roosters have as a couple is the fact that they’re two very different personalities. While Roosters are practical, down-to-earth and realistic, Tigers love to use their mind in order to make decisions and to reach out to different conclusions regarding life.

While Roosters see their relationship from a realistic point of view and expect things to go somewhere, Tigers may take a while before committing to anything.

However, Roosters won’t mind helping Tigers to be more practical, and these two can do great things together, such as setting up a house or preparing some presentations for work.

This would be the only way for Roosters to express their affection for their Tiger. The latter don’t mind leading a separate life and love to engage in intellectual conversations at any given moment.

Because Roosters engage in more practical activities, they may feel like they don’t have anything in common with their lover. While Roosters are timid and withdrawn, Tigers love expressing themselves and talking about anything.

Not as conventional as Oxen, Roosters are still very careful with their decisions and would never do something without planning ahead. The fact that they’re always looking for perfection has them on the conventional side.

On the other hand, Tigers seem to not care about anything and are always curious about new ideas, progress, about how to change systems and how to be as original as possible.

This may cause problems between them and Roosters because being so opposite as far as their way of thinking goes can’t bring anything good.

Furthermore, Roosters may think Tigers are abstract and not in any way reliable as lovers because Tigers are more the type who thinks of ideas rather than actually putting them into action.

Tigers may think Roosters are too materialistic and narrow-minded, so it’s possible they never want to commit to the way Roosters want them to be or to respect traditions. As said before, Tigers are famous for their independence and originality.

Roosters need stability and for their relationship to inspire them the feeling of forever. If noticing they’re not getting all this, they can become very nervous and retreat under a protective shell.

While having enough respect and mutual appreciation, Tigers and Roosters may completely lack emotions between them, which can lead these two to live separate lives and to follow only their own individual beliefs. In conclusion, Tigers and Roosters are very different and can even fight in a way that worries others.

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