Tiger and Rabbit Love Compatibility: A Fascinating Relationship

These two will need to adjust to each other’s demands if they wish to stay together for a long time.

Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility

Tigers and Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac may not get along perfectly, but they surely can have a relationship that brings them many rewards. Tigers will always love the fact that Rabbits are humble, while Rabbits will be fascinated seeing how much power Tigers have.

Of course, these two have enough differences or problems as a couple as well. For example, Tigers are two independent and Rabbits can feel hurt because of this. Also, Rabbits have a tendency to always feel like victims no matter the situation, which can annoy Tigers very much.

CriteriaTiger and Rabbit Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

If there is for these two to be together, it’s important they overlook their differences and do what is best for them as a couple, not only individually.

What should they expect

The animals that represent Tigers and Rabbits reveal very much how these two natives of the Chinese zodiac get along, which means one is the prey and the other the predator.

If these two want to succeed as a couple, they need to compromise and to understand each other as much as possible. It shouldn’t be that difficult for them to get along, no matter how different their personalities are.

As a matter of fact, they could be very happy in the eventuality in which both would overlook their negative traits.

Usually, Rabbits and Tigers get along well, even if they have moments when they argue more than others. Tigers want to be free and love going out, which can make the Rabbits feel neglected.

Rabbits will always allow Tigers to dominate, so these last-mentioned ones will be pretty much satisfied with the relationship they have with their Rabbit.

However, things between them may become nasty with time because it’s possible for these two to go against and compete one another, without caring that they in fact have a lot of love for each other.

This would be a situation that stands in the way of their happiness as a couple. It’s possible for Tigers and Rabbits to respect one another very much. Tigers can be very happy to see they control Rabbits and that the latter are always humble.

However, if they’re not dealing with their problems as a couple, they may end up in an unbalanced relationship in which no one is happy. Rabbits can help Tigers have a smaller ego, while the other way around, Tigers will not allow anyone to take advantage of their partner.

Rabbits could be the ideal partners for Tigers because these natives always put others above their own needs. What makes them happy is the happiness of their other half.

It can be said Tigers and Rabbits have different ways of living their lives, but this doesn’t mean they can’t meet on a common ground and adopt a style that suits them both.

For example, they’ll get along very well from an intellectual point of view, which is something Tigers really expect their partner to deliver.

These two natives are known to not care about feelings very much and to only be ruled by logic. When they’ll connect at an intellectual level, they’ll end up being very happy together.

Rabbits see nothing wrong with this type of love and Tigers are fascinated by having good communication with their partner. Therefore, they’ll talk about anything and won’t stop too early in the evenings from discussing different subjects.

Spending enjoyable time together

The way both of them are social as a couple can make their relationship a very attractive one. Tigers love art, Rabbits want to follow them to museums and concerts, so their free time together will be spent wisely and in a very exciting way, especially for their minds.

There will be moments when Rabbits will feel like they can completely depend on Tigers for protection because these last-mentioned ones are powerful people and never afraid to fight for the ones they love.

All this can make Rabbits feel secure and very keen to spend more time in the arms of their Tiger. Furthermore, Tigers love taking Rabbits with them on their adventures, which is something Rabbits are not at all used to.

Next to Tigers, Rabbits can discover life can be fun and much more enjoyable than they’ve ever imagined. Tigers love to explore Rabbits’ sexuality, so their life together in the bedroom would be pretty much satisfying for both of them.

Tigers and Rabbits are known as two Chinese zodiac signs that socialize in a very unique and different way from others. Tigers may not be as sociable as many want them to because they don’t mind being private and hanging out with only a few friends.

Therefore, it’s possible for them and their Rabbit to only have a few people close to the heart and to keep their personal life unknown to others. Looking at Rabbits, these natives love having an active social life and to be around people who think just like them.

All this means they’ll as well be picky when it comes to their friends, so they’re on the same page with Tigers because they don’t want to share their life with large groups of people either.

It can be said Rabbits are the ones who make more compromises in the relationship between them and Tigers because Rabbits are more likely to adjust to what demands Tigers may have of them.

Furthermore, Rabbits don’t mind allowing their lover to be as free as he or she wants, and Tigers are very interested in having an open relationship. As a matter of fact, these natives are so independent that they’d never be happy being committed to only one person.

The fact that Rabbits let them be free may indicate these two are true soulmates and can have a relationship that truly makes them happy. When it comes to sex, Tigers need to be a little bit less energetic and to take their time to seduce Rabbits.

Because they’re bold, Tigers can scare Rabbits away and make them to never want a sexual relationship with a Tiger again. On the other hand, Rabbits need to be less humble if they want to unleash the passion Tigers usually have.

The fact that Rabbits are always in good shape and dressed nicely will be very much to the liking of Tigers. If the man is a Rabbit and the woman a Tiger, these two will be able to see in each other what they’re lacking themselves.

She will want to go out, to be impulsive and very stubborn, while he’ll be charming, careful with his words and very attached to their home. Their different natures may have them fighting more often than not.

If the man is a Tiger and the woman a Rabbit, he will appreciate her for her sweetness, where she’ll enjoy the fact that he’s glamorous. She’ll love how he recites poetry, but he may need to take things slowly with her because she needs gentleness.

The Rabbit woman can struggle to keep things exciting and always happy in the relationship. It’s possible for him to put her on the pedestal, thing that she’ll truly appreciate. All in all, the relationship between Tigers and Rabbits promises very much because these two can have a great life together.

They seem to complement each other and to anticipate problems that come towards their relationship. It’s possible for them to understand they have differences and to never be scared of this.

The Tiger should always be ready to fight for the Rabbit, while the latter should offer all of his or her support for their connection to triumph.

The challenges of this romance

Just like any other couple, the one between Tigers and Rabbits can have problems too. For example, one of these issues may be the fact that these two have very different lifestyles.

Rabbits love to surround themselves with beautiful things and to experience all kind of sensations that overwhelm their soul, even if they’re scared of unconventionality and would never spend too much time with someone who doesn’t respect tradition.

Tigers are known as very original and expressive with their individuality, so they wouldn’t pay too much attention to tradition or methods that have already been tested. Because these two have very different tastes, they may conclude that they’re living together and at the same time separately, which can sound weird but is a very possible notion.

Neither of them will want to impose something on the other, so they may end up thinking their life together is just difficult and impossible to fix.

Furthermore, while both love to be around friends, Tigers are known to want isolation from time to time, so Rabbits may not be able to understand this about their partner. It’s not unusual for Tigers to just go and take walks or even entire vacations on their own in order to analyze their thoughts and feelings.

If the Rabbit would refuse to understand all this and try to force them into more socializing, Tigers would become furious, indifferent and cold. The latter are also known as great humanitarians, so when Rabbits would spend money only on clothes and nice things, they’d think they are selfish and not capable in any way of giving.

Besides all these things, Rabbits and Tigers may also be a very unpractical couple that also doesn’t rely too much on emotions because neither of them knows how to save money or to become too intimate from an emotional point of view. While they could be good friends, they may not have any direction in life as a couple.

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