Tiger and Dog Love Compatibility: A Subtle Relationship

These two are perfect for each other because in this relationship they can be themselves and achieve those great things they’re both dreaming of.

Tiger and Dog Compatibility

The Tigers and Dogs from the Chinese zodiac make an adorable couple because they’re both kind and giving. Tigers are able to make their partners more optimistic because Dogs need encouragement and have a tendency to frown on life too often.

More than this, Dogs can always help Tigers be less impulsive because these natives sometimes risk too much and even get involved in dangerous activities. Therefore, Tigers and Dogs can watch one another to always be okay, even if Tigers may think Dogs are too possessive and a little bit boring.

CriteriaTiger and Dog Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

These two are intelligent enough to realize there isn’t a relationship without problems. For this reason, they’ll work hard to make their connection strong and to overcome any problem they may have as a couple. Both wanting harmony, they won’t hesitate to bring peace in their union by everything they’re doing.

Encouraging and supportive partners

It can be said Dogs and Tigers are a true representation of affection when together as a couple. These two people will never be affected by usual problems that make other relationships go to waste because they can overlook the fact that they also have some negative traits, which means their union will always be harmonious.

While rarely jealous and possessive, Dogs can offer Tigers all the security these need and at the same time allow them to be free, just like Tigers want, in order to live their life.

Tigers will never pay too much attention to the fact that Dogs are pessimistic and will always cheer them up in bad situations.

The relationship between these two can be very warm, filled with mutual respect and can have a high level of trustworthiness.

Dogs and Tigers will have a lot of fun when together because they’re very close and understand one another to a greater extent than other couples.

From a sexual point of view, they’re compatible as Dogs know what they want in bed and Tigers don’t mind offering them everything they need.

It may be difficult for Tigers to not flirt with everyone and to stay faithful, but they’ll still have a very strong emotional connection with their Dog, and the relationship between them may be impossible to destroy.

Because Tigers insist on never breaking their Dog’s heart, they may stay faithful for just this reason. The fact that Dogs and Tigers have the same values keeps them together and helps their relationship become better and better with every day that passes.

Tigers are very altruistic and always looking to make the world a better place for the entire humanity, so their progressive ideas are often solutions to problems that are related to the society and the economic background.

These natives are very intelligent, focused on the future and able to work hard for any cause or project that interests them. They’ll always be attracted to the fact that Dogs are righteous and focused on justice.

Honorable, decent and balanced in the most erratic situations, Dogs hate seeing that people are being done wrong in some way. All they appreciate in the world is honesty and nobleness, so they’ll always fight against unfairness and to bring down every element that’s doing wrong to the society.

In conclusion, Tigers and Dogs can really understand each other when it comes to what they believe in. They’ll encourage and support one another all the time.

Trying to keep things balanced

Dogs and Tigers are perfect for each other because in this relationship they can be themselves and achieve those great things they’re both dreaming of.

Many will not understand them, but at least they’ll be happy to be together and won’t need help from others besides themselves. Even when taken separately, Tigers and Dogs still leave the impression they’re perfect for one another.

Liberal and always ready to crack a joke, Tigers seem to be the ideal partners for the pessimistic Dogs because whenever these are feeling down and moody, the friendly and exciting Tigers can make them happy again.

Furthermore, Dogs are very generous with both their possessions and feelings, so they can offer Tigers everything they have without asking anything in return.

Dogs will always make sure Tigers are feeling secure with them and more importantly, never tied down or overwhelmed with high demands.

Because neither of the two is very practical nor pays too much attention to the everyday life or domestic issues, their home will look messy and less inviting. However, they will like it this way because they’d have their own order in the chaos and most of the time find everything they need.

Tigers give a lot of importance to balance and don’t like feeling restricted in their relationship. With Dogs, they’ll gets to enjoy these natives’ protection and won’t mind offering the same thing back.

Tigers are warm, courageous and honorable people who need their independence more than anything else. Dogs will always make sure Tigers are fulfilled and have their needs satisfied, including the ones of freedom and originality.

Most Tigers and Dogs have a lot of charisma, are attractive and able to perceive even the most subtle things. When friends, these two can reap the rewards their friendship has to offer without facing any trouble.

Tigers love Dogs for being loyal, the latter adore everything about their partners except the fact that they’re impulsive and impatient.

If the woman is a Tiger and the man a Dog in a relationship, they’ll both be very responsive to one another’s needs. Because they can be great friends, they will enjoy a very happy life together.

These two will also love the fact that both are charitable, exciting, strong and fun. When the man is a Tiger and the woman a Dog, the relationship is once again very fulfilling and interesting to watch. He can bring in his strength and help her be even more altruistic than she already is.

They may face some problems when he will want to quit his job to build a business of his own and she will worry about what they can do for living. However, they won’t have other problems and will usually get along very well in all other situations.

The challenges of this romance

One of the biggest problems Tigers and Dogs as a couple may have to face is the fact that they’re both stubborn.

Despite usually being relaxed and very liberal, Tigers can’t stand to be opposed and have very strong opinions that they refuse to ever change.

When someone contradicts them, they simply refuse to consider what the other person is saying and are continuing to stand next to what they believe in.

Dogs are fighters for justice and righteousness, so they believe they’re always right. When opposed, they’re extremely stubborn to hold onto their own opinions because no one can convince them they may not be right.

While Goats or Rabbits may be the perfect partners for Tigers and Dogs when it comes to accommodation, they don’t have the fire and the passion for attracting these natives.

Whereas Dogs and Tigers may be right in their own way when arguing, the fact that they can’t compromise and adapt to one another’s views can have their relationship destroyed.

Another thing that may interfere with the great compatibility between Tigers and Dogs is the fact that Dogs are pretty capricious. When not having to face any problem, these natives are usually friendly, talkative and open, but when things start to be wrong, they turn into these nervous people who can no longer escape their anxiety.

This can happen when they’re not feeling emotionally secure and when thinking their partner is cheating on them. If it’s for Dogs to no longer be pessimistic, they need to be all the time encouraged and supported by their loved ones. Only this way, they can function at their best.

When feeling neglected and not appreciated, Dogs can look for love someplace else. While Tigers tolerate pretty much anything, they can’t accept their partner to cheat on them, and it’s possible for them to become tired of the Dog’s emotional insecurity. Therefore, it’s also possible for Tigers to drift away and to look for a more balanced relationship.

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