The Mercury in Taurus Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She doesn’t wait for disaster to strike and takes matters in her own hands, long before others even realize what is happening.

Mercury in Taurus woman

Even when everything seems to be going awry, problems keep arising, you are calm as a lake’s surface, looking patiently around you, solving all problems as they come.

This lady takes the time to learn and experience every single detail, just to make sure that everything is as desired. She never rushes towards her objectives because she is well aware that only increases the chances of a mistake.

The Mercury in Taurus woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Attentive and sociable;
  • Negatives: Reckless and interfering;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is just as observing and prepared as her;
  • Life lesson: Don’t enter in conflicts that don’t involve you.

She tries to bring peace and harmony

These are some of the most thoughtful and analytic natives out there. The sheer patience and meticulousness, that the Mercury in Taurus women are capable of, are astounding.

Each and every word uttered has been carefully measured to be the right one. You’d better believe it that they know what’s going to happen even before they put a plan into action. Every detail, every parameter, every possible consequence, everything is fully accounted for.

Traditions are sacred to them, and what’s more, given Mercury’s intellectual influence, they will enter long discussions all the time. Usually, she’s observing, analyzing, planning behind the curtains.

But if a problem comes up to her door, don’t think for a second that she’s just going to stay there and wait for disaster to kick in full force. She’s going to take matters into her own hands.

This attitude is also reflected in her social escapades, always having fun, taking it upon herself to make everyone laugh, to bring the joy there. Also, the routine is sacred to her, as are the pieces of advice coming from her family.

She is known for being a slow talker or that she prefers to listen and just nod her head on the agreement. This is because she hates having to enter conflicts and contradictory altercations.

Most of the time, she tries to bring peace and harmony back, when everyone’s arguing. She carefully chooses her words in order to convey the proper ideas presented in the right way.

She thinks that the main problem of conflicts and wars is the lack or distortion of communication. When angered, however, all that pent-up rage and fury will explode outwards like fireworks.

Moreover, she’s trying to grasp exactly what’s going on and the topic of the discussion is before coming with a rebuttal or even saying anything.

The fact is, most people don’t even take the time to listen before talking, and so they often straw-man their opponents’ arguments out of sheer superficiality.

She wants to break it all down into small crumbles that she can then analyze. You don’t even know how much determination and perseverance hides inside this woman. She won’t let herself be taken down by a mere failure, and she will get up every time.

The woman born with Mercury in Taurus can come off as a little bit incapable of communion with her fellow people, at least when we’re talking about having a discussion.

This native will hold on to her ideas and perspectives in spite of everyone’s negative remarks because of …tradition. Of course, because of her realism and pragmatic outlook, she will abandon her position if rationally shown to be wrong.

Emotionally, she can really empathize and listen to her partner really well, showing affection, compassion, and interest. The past is one of her preferred subjects, so she revels in talking about previous events, dramas, bad experiences, and so on.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.