The Mercury in Taurus Man: Get to Know Him Better

He knows to take the slow pace to accomplishing his goals, so that he also enjoys the journey.

Mercury in Taurus man

It’s essential to know that this man doesn’t like new ideas or innovative pathways. He’s more likely to stay on the path that everyone else has used since time immemorial. Traditions and routines are very good, and they prefer sticking up to them.

Constantly changing his pace can only get so annoying before he flips the tables and gets out. Decisions, decisions, once he takes them, there’s no turning back.

The Mercury in Taurus man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Ingenious and loving;
  • Negatives: Mean and nervous;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is lively and dynamic;
  • Life lesson: To focus more on the end-goal and less on the fine details.

A disciplined and resilient man

Personal responsibility and principles are very important to the man born with Mercury in Taurus, almost paramount of his mental health.

He may be reluctant at first, but if he commits for whatever reason, he won’t be giving up any time soon, even going against his better thoughts.

Moreover, people tend to listen to him say his piece simply because he usually says only the essential and most important things. He doesn’t dawdle, fuss, or stick to redundant aspects.

He can be funny and entertaining as well, but when the situation asks for it, he is practical, committed, and serious. Also, he is a sensual individual, putting his senses on a pedestal.

He believes that only hard work and hard efforts will get him to the desired goals. Only by learning, gaining experience, having a practical and rational outlook could they touch upon their potential and pave the path toward success.

Step-by-step, a slow pace is the best there is in his opinion. Moreover, he’s determined to use his skills to further hone himself, to self-develop, through discipline and hard-working.

Only by putting in enough effort and focusing on the end-goal could you ever fulfill your desires.

Even though they aren’t the greatest fans of new, untested ideas, they are actually very keen on constructing things, on building something from the ground up.

Making something with your own hands can be extremely taxing and exhausting, but the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure that you get once finished is priceless.

They can earn a living as speakers, debaters just like new reporters, using their communicative skills and persuasion tendencies to reach the pinnacle of success.

Romantically, this man wants something serious, stable, a loving and comfortable relationship where he can relish and feel satisfied. He can be a very flirtatious individual as well.

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Written by Denise

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