The 7th House in Astrology: All Its Meanings and Influence

The seventh house governs romantic and professional partnerships and reveals how one reacts to working and living in collaboration, how willing to compromise and improve they are.

Seventh house

Known as the house of partnerships, the seventh house influences marriage and other types of relationships, also matters involving others.

Opposing the first house of self, this 7th one indicates how people are fitting into the world of other individuals. Furthermore, the planets and signs residing here are revealing what type of partners natives are seeking.

The 7th house in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Partnerships in personal life and in business;
  • With positive aspects: Luck with association of all sorts;
  • With negative aspects: Trying to fill in a personal void with superficial relations;
  • Sun sign in the seventh house: Someone whose strength comes from serious relationships.

The magic of romance

The 7th house shows what expectations natives are having when it comes to one-on-one relationships. The signs and planets present here are revealing how people are presenting themselves in partnerships and how they’re expecting to be treated.

Looking at this from a broader perspective, individuals are seeking to get together with those who seem to reflect back their strengths and all the other aspects the seventh house masters.

This is the reason why there’s a powerful attraction between some natives having a descendant and those with the same birth sign.

The 7th house influences what a person wants, his or her ability to attract others and the style of interacting when it comes to one-on-one relationships.

It wouldn’t matter if a friendship, a business association or a romantic connection, things would happen the same way, which means the 7th house is all about negotiating, flirting, advertising and selling, also about the routine of partnerships and the compromises taking place between two people.

Those having many planets in the 7th house need others in order to know themselves better. The magic of this house is all about feeling complete and whole.

Therefore, it helps natives find the missing piece in their own life and to identify the perfect person for them, no matter if it’s a life partner or the best friend.

Complementary qualities are based on opposition, so people can be taught to have strong relationships by making compromises and learning what others need from them the most. In other words, the seventh house is not about what a person does and projects on his or her own, it’s all about collaboration.

No matter the circumstances, when meeting individuals featuring qualities they’re denying in themselves, human beings start to feel attracted, as a matter of fact, fascinated.

An Aries rising would have Libra on the 7th house cusp and be a person who calms others down, who can bring peace in any argument and who can help others be more patient.

Virgo rising natives will be very meticulous and struggle for efficiency in order for their life to be more relaxed.

When meeting a Pisces in the 7th house cusp, they’ll completely fall in love because these last-mentioned natives will be dreamers and artists, which means they’ll help those with the Virgo ascendant to be more spiritual and less trapped in practicality.

When falling for someone that embodies their 7th house cusp, people are very enthusiastic about that relationship in the beginning.

However, slowly, things will start to change and that person will become very annoyed by the other because the projection of one’s psyche can be truly irritating.

The Aries rising will be angrier with every day that passes, seeing how the Libra on the 7th house cusp is so diplomatic and always ready to sugarcoat others in order to get what he or she wants.

However, the Aries should realize he or she is quite the same, only not showing it. The Virgo rising will be annoyed seeing how the Pisces on the 7th house cusp is escaping reality, but will soon understand he or she does the same thing by hiding behind work.

The seventh house is all about one-on-one connections, no matter if regarding friends or ruthless enemies. Everything that’s connected to interacting with others, from a balanced connection to the fight for power, is expressed in this house.

Those who don’t know what to do about their love life and are feeling they can’t find a partner should study what planets and signs are gathered in their 7th house.

By doing this, they can also identify how many times they’ll marry, or if their relationship will be happy or bumpy. The 7th house can also indicate if people will be better at partnering up with others in business, or if they should go alone.

Mars and the Sun present in the seventh house are indicating duos would be more successful for the natives with such placements. On the other hand, Jupiter here shows the opposite, so natives of this position should make money on their own.

Pluto and Saturn in the 7th house are all about power struggles, but such connections could really help business partners have a stronger partnership.

Those having a strong 7th house will find out since very young that love is nothing else than the expression of the soul.

A birth chart with plenty of planets in the seventh house

When it comes to what the 7th house can do, romantic affairs can be either bumpy or amazing, depending on how natives are acting.

Therefore, those who are paying great attention to their partner will manage to be very happy in love. On the other hand, people who don’t know how to treat their other half will end up alone.

Of course, this is a general rule that doesn’t necessarily have something to do with the planets and signs gathered in the 7th house, in a birth chart, but the influence from here can have a lot to say in these matters.

The 7th house can also show when it’s the time to invest more efforts into business partnerships. Those who want to start something with another person in order to make money should definitely check their birth chart and see what their 7th house can teach them.

If their birth sign is out of this house, their own actions would be the only ones that matter when it comes to business, so they should make the best out of this situation and take the lead.

Many are judging others according to how they’re acting at work, so it’s important for everyone to make friends with colleagues and business associates.

No matter if about love or work, communication is essential, also being sociable, kind and friendly. As a matter of fact, being good friends with others from the beginning can help many partnerships start greatly, so friendliness is the first step towards a prolific business association or a long-lasting romantic affair.

Those with a challenged 7th house may be anxious around others, so they’ll have to work on themselves and to start feeling more comfortable in public.

They don’t have to necessarily like it in the beginning and they probably won’t, but acting on it will truly help them train themselves to become more sociable. All the partnerships built in the 7th house will influence relationships from other houses in a positive way.

What to remember about the 7th house

Because it’s the house of partnerships, the seventh one influences people to no longer focus on themselves and to pay more attention to their partners. Therefore, this house can be called the one of unification for common purpose to be achieved.

As a matter of fact, meaningfulness is very important for this house, not to mention how much partnerships formed here influence how the world is functioning as a whole.

When united, people become more valuable members of society because they’re bringing a bigger contribution. Cooperating and being involved in partnerships can give many individuals a purpose in life.

However, the 7th house rules both over conflicts and harmonious relationships as well. Analyzing it in the birth chart, people can identify their enemies and their allies as well. This is also the house that governs over relationships with employed experts, for example, lawyers, real estate agents and constructors.

For many, this is the house that indicates how their marriage is going as it describes what natives need to the most from their other half, together with how their affair is developing. This is the place of cooperation and of how people are relating to others.

Therefore, here it can be discovered why some natives have decided to get married, whether they were interested more in money or in love when getting together with a person, or what their social considerations may be.

There are many reasons to why individuals are getting together, with some trying to feel the empty holes in their heart and with others just wanting company.

The partnerships formed can say a lot about a person, not to mention how many lessons these relationships can teach.

The 7th house is making sure people are having connections that can only benefit them, and that they’re feeling special when collaborating with certain natives.

Conflicts in partnerships are also meant to teach many lessons, which is the reason why the 7th house is also focused on the dark side of interpersonal relations. In other words, breakups, lawsuits and divorces are also belonging here.

When very bumpy and full of conflicts, relationships can generate real enemies, not to mention how at a global scale, wars can start for the same reasons.

Studying the seventh houses of two natives in conflict can bring about peace and harmony.

Romance is represented by the 5th house, but as soon as a commitment has been made, the relationship moves to the 7th house, no matter if the agreement between the two partners has been made official or not.

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