Snake and Rooster Love Compatibility: A Firm Relationship

These two share the same principles of life and have common interests but this is not to say that their clashes are not fiery.

Snake and Rooster Compatibility

When it comes to the romantic connection between the Snake and the Rooster, these two seem to have all the chances for something long-term between them, so it’s very possible for them to just move in together after only a few dates.

They wouldn’t be impulsive doing this, only practical and thinking about how their lives can improve. The Snake is a good money-maker, so the Rooster can trust him or her to bring home a good salary.

CriteriaSnake and Rooster Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Because the Snake is insecure, he or she is also very jealous and possessive, but this may not be a problem for these two because the Rooster is usually very faithful.

An exciting relationship at first

Because they share the same principles of life and have common interests, the Snake and the Rooster can be a very strong couple. Both of them love to socialize and the Snake is popular as a result of his or her charm and seductive ways, while the Rooster simply loves going out.

However, both of them want the security and comfort of a home. The fact that they’re both oriented towards the material side of life can have them connect in a great way. While the Snake will be out and make the money, the Rooster will make sure their home is always comfortable and welcoming.

Their goals of financial security are the same, so they won’t fight over money. The Snake will accept the fact that the Rooster is nagging, but make decisions based only on what he or she is thinking.

In return, the Rooster will appreciate the Snake for being understanding. The fact that they both approach life in the same manner can have them last for a very long time as a couple.

The Snake is a rather serious person who would never want to live next to someone who’s dreamy or who can’t view life realistically. The Rooster is very practical and therefore, perfectly suited for a partner like the Snake.

Their priorities are usually similar, which means these two will get along better than other couples. It can be said they’re also complementing each other because they both have new things to teach one another.

For example, the Rooster thinks faster than the Snake, so he or she can help the Snake be the same. More than this, when it comes to doing something exciting, the Rooster will love showing the Snake how to be fun, so new experiences can only bring them joy, which could very much impress the Snake.

In return, the Rooster will be fascinated by how the Snake keeps quiet and is highly intelligent, especially since the former has never seen anyone like this before.

In conclusion, the relationship between these two could be exciting because both have new things to find out about each other. The Snake will always be happy to bring some common sense in the Rooster’s life, especially since the Snake is very good with money and knows how to spend.

If having a business together, the Snake could be the accountant, whereas the Rooster could easily take care of the advertising part. If they’ll be open to sometimes compromise, all of their traits will end up complementing each other, which means they should really fight for their relationship to work.

The Rooster has a lot of energy, makes decisions fast and it seems that no one can stop him or her. The Snake has a lot of patience and can reflect on anything. All this may have the Rooster thinking the Snake is holding him or her back, while the Snake can believe the Rooster is too rushed.

However, the latter will always cheer up the first and they’re both on the same level when it comes to their intellectual abilities. Their relationship could be either flourishing and with each partner’s specific qualities being balanced, or they can fight a lot.

All in all, the Snake and Rooster in the Chinese zodiac are still considered a happy couple because they’re both family-oriented and are working hard to have a comfortable home while also going out as much as possible.

Getting things done

The fact that the Rooster is loyal will help the Snake feel more secure, so their relationship has all the chances to last for a lifetime. This couple will not want anything from others because they’re able to satisfy each other and the Snake would never have to be possessive.

Very sociable and at the same time attached to their home, they’ll always know how to spend their time together. The Snake has style and the Rooster great taste, which means they’ll agree upon many things when going out shopping.

The fact that the Rooster loves unconditionally gives the Snake all the security he or she needs. However, the Snake should be less secretive when around the Rooster, while the Rooster needs to tone down his or her straightforwardness.

All these things won’t stop them from admiring each other, which means they’re also great friends. While both secretive, they still trust one another with their hidden thoughts.

The fact that the Snake is philosophical makes the Rooster less anxious because they can talk about anything. The Snake will never shock the Rooster in any way, which means they’ll accept each other for who they are.

When working together, the Snake could use his or her influential friends, while the Rooster could be as practical as only he or she is, and get things done faster than the speed of light.

When it comes to sex, these two need to work a little bit more because the Snake has a duty to show the Rooster how to be more uninhibited.

Luckily, the Rooster is relaxed around the Snake, so they won’t have too much trouble when making love. The latter will never need to be possessive with the former because people in this sign are incredibly loyal.

However, the Rooster will think the Snake needs to be paid attention to because natives in Snake tend to get bored with their partner, especially when it comes to sex. It would be wise for the Rooster to learn as much as possible about lovemaking.

When the man is a Rooster and the woman a Snake, she’ll be impressed by his passion. Furthermore, she’ll love how attractive she feels when he becomes jealous. Because he’s good with money, they’ll have a very comfortable life.

She’ll love him for making an effort to provide for them, so she’ll always please her man. When the man is a Snake and the woman a Rooster, she will be a challenge for him because she’s shy.

This lady loves how charming and gentle he can be, but they may argue when it comes to money because she doesn’t like to spend that much, whereas he’s an impulsive buyer. Furthermore, the fact that she’s jealous may also be very bothering for him.

The challenges of this romance

When it comes to the Snake and the Rooster being in love, there are different things that can have them fighting from time to time.

The Rooster doesn’t have too many emotions and tends to rely on practicality. While very calm on the outside, the Snake is a volcano of emotions on the inside.

Therefore, when the Snake will reveal some of the feelings he or she has, including those of jealousy, the Rooster may feel very uncomfortable, which in return can make the former think his or her partner doesn’t care about any emotion at all.

Another thing that can appear between them and their happiness together is the fact that neither of them accepts mistakes and both are very criticizing. The Rooster is especially known for wanting perfection and for having high demands from others, regardless if it’s about his or her partner, a member of the family and colleagues at work.

Therefore, when the Snake won’t be able to live up to the expectations of the Rooster, the last mentioned one will start to be nagging and to criticize too much. The Snake knows what he or she can do, so the person in this sign won’t accept being trashed by the Rooster.

Furthermore, when arguing, these two are very stubborn and neither of them wants to give in. Because they’ll tell each other hurtful things and only speak the truth, they may not have the softness any relationship requires.

The relationship between the Snake and the Rooster can be successful, but only because both these natives are intelligent and love to work hard.

While the Rooster will tirelessly strive towards perfection, the Snake will be completely determined to succeed and not get scared of anything. If professionally accomplished, these two will respect each other very much, which means they’ll have enough for their relationship to work.

Being aware of their weaknesses is not something to impede them from being happy as a couple because they’d only learn how to help one another more. Therefore, the relationship between a Snake and a Rooster is usually based on love, respect and equality.

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