Snake and Horse Love Compatibility: A Quirky Relationship

These two are likely to have a busy social life and to be driven by their ambitions, thus being able to agree upon something and work together to realize it.

Snake and Horse Compatibility

The Snake in the Chinese zodiac is an enigmatic and diplomatic character, while the Horse is loud and direct. The first loves staying at home, the second wants to travel the world. When the Snake will want to stay in bed all day, the Horse will be at the office and work on a project.

However, with a little bit of commitment and a few efforts, the relationship between them can actually work out because they’re very attracted to each other. The Snake will always laugh at the Horse’s jokes, while the Horse will appreciate the Snake’s elegance. Neither of them is confident, so they’ll notice this about one another.

CriteriaSnake and Horse Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤❤
Common valuesBelow average❤❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

When the Snake will say beautiful things about the Horse’s work ethic, the latter will encourage the first to be even more generous. If these two will focus on what makes them strong, they won’t even notice their weaknesses.

Does this only have a fling potential?

When lovers, the Snake and the Horse tend to argue, especially if the latter insists on doing things him or herself. Because the Snake has a lot of sex appeal and can seduce anyone, while the Horse is quite the same, they’ll simply be fascinated by each other from their very first date.

The Horse loves to love and can be a little bit overwhelming in the beginning, but people in this sign are known to get bored fast, so he or she may want to look for someone new after only a few months of being together with the Snake.

On the other hand, the Snake is famous for his or her jealousy and possessiveness, while the Horse for wanting independence.

When feeling insecure, the latter keeps moving around and doing things, the former starts to charm and becomes even more possessive.

Being completely different personalities and approaching life in opposite ways, the Snake and the Horse may not be very good as a couple.

The Snake likes to plan and is very careful to not make a decision before thinking twice, the Horse lives only in the moment because people in this sign are impulsive and unpredictable.

For this reason, the Snake will think the Horse can’t hold on to responsibility, while the Horse will say the Snake exaggerates with being too serious.

Even if they’re both intelligent and down-to-earth, they don’t seem to be compatible as the Horse has a quick temper and wants his or her independence, while the Snake acts only responsibly and sees the Horse as someone impulsive or even selfish.

Furthermore, the Horse may think the Snake is too determined to succeed and even pretentious, which can make the latter resent their partner. If they want to function as a couple, they need to make some compromises and understand each other.

Their personalities and traits are so opposite that these two may never work well when together in a relationship. The Horse has high levels of energy and needs to be constantly simulated, which means people in this sign are agitated, sometimes lonely and always doing something.

On the other hand, the Snake loves to stay at home and do nothing. It’s possible the Horse will get bored of the Snake’s obsession with luxury, while the Snake will not have the patience to wait for the Horse to settle.

While the attraction between them is tremendous and the Horse can make the Snake feel very sexy, they can’t last for too long being married with each other. However, the Snake will love feeling more desirable in the presence of the Horse, even after the latter has lost interest in him or her.

Snakes are insecure and very possessive, which means they want long-term relationships. With them, the Horse may feel tied down and always wanting to leave.

Acceptance is key

If these two want to be a couple for a lifetime, they need to truly accept one another and for the Horse to see the Snake is in need of attention, while the Snake to notice how much freedom the Horse yearns.

While arguing a lot, they can also be very happy if giving one another what they want. A feeling of insecurity haunts them both, but they’re dealing with it in different ways as the Horse becomes more energetic and the Snake charming and possessive when feeling this way.

The Horse wants a life with a partner who’s ready to deal with everyday chores, while the Snake’s prefers to just procrastinate.

However, the latter can teach the former how to be generous and happy with his or her money, and of course, the Horse can show the Snake what working in a team means.

When it comes to sex, they have an interesting connection because the Snake can truly make the Horse reveal his or her inner passion. If praised enough, the Snake can perform greatly in bed.

Both of them may cheat, so it’s suggested for their relationship to be open because they can really have a better thing together like this. The Snake is highly intuitive and can help the Horse identify great opportunities in life, not to mention how much he or she can help the same person be even more brilliant.

At the same time, the Horse can teach the Snake how to be joyful and to have more fun. When together, these two can bring great things into their relationship while giving one another a good direction in life.

However, they need to realize what their positive traits are and to turn the passion happening between them in the beginning into something long-lasting.

If the man is a Horse and the woman a Snake, their relationship will start strongly. They’ll live intensely and agree to be together forever. He’ll never get jealous but this feeling will consume her most of the time.

She is sexy and can drive him crazy, even if he doesn’t understand why she’s moody and even aggressive when things are not going her way.

If the man in the relationship is the Snake and the woman the Horse, she’ll love him for being charming and refined, while he’ll adore her enthusiasm and boldness.

This couple’s social life will be very busy, but the fact that she’s not gentle will make him want to leave as he’s simply fascinated by elegance and class. It’s possible this couple will argue over everything.

The challenges of this romance

The first thing that makes the Snake and the Horse incompatible is their different approach to how life should be lived. The Snake never rushes and wants to relax, while the Horse has high levels of energy and can’t sit still for one minute.

Therefore, it can be very difficult for these two to understand each other and to not argue about anything that’s happening in their relationship.

The Snake can be manipulative and psychologically control people just to obtain some advantages, while the Horse wants to make things happen and to be active.

The Snake may grow tired of seeing the Horse so restless, the latter may all the time think their partner is blatantly very lazy. Another problem this couple may have is with the fact that the partners have different ways of socializing.

The Horse loves going out and being in the middle of things, exchanging ideas or being in charge, the Snake is a loner who prefers to observe and to plan for the future at home.

Their social lives are not that opposing like in the case of the Goat-Horse couple, but they still have differences in the way they approach people and when it comes to going out.

If they want for their relationship to endure, they need to find a common ground on which they can play the game of love and sociability. Another thing that makes them very different is how they can control situations.

For example, even when things are happening chaotically, the Snake is calm and usually finds good solutions to problems. However, natives of this sign may look composed on the outside, whereas inside they’d be feeling everything intensely and even in a negative way, this being the reason why they allow themselves to be extremely jealous, vengeful and possessive.

On the other hand, the Horse doesn’t seem to care when things are going bad around him or her and usually prefers to just flirt or to laugh when a strange situation takes place.

While the Snake may not make a scene on the spot when the Horse is acting this way, you can be sure he or she will be very angry at home. In spite of their many opposing traits, the Snake and the Horse seem to sometimes have common goals and to prioritize the same things.

Both of them want success, which means they can agree upon something and work together to realize their dreams. When open to accept one another, these two can make one of the most efficient teams, romantic or not, in the Chinese zodiac.

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