Scorpio As a Friend: Why You Need One

The Scorpio friend is very direct and has a tendency to overanalyze things, thus becoming hard to understand, but otherwise can be very fun to be around.

Scorpio Friendship

Scorpios are one of the most loyal and devoted friends. Why? Simple, because they are also selective, choosing only those people who think the same way, those who have the same overall ideas about life. It’s very easy for them to become possessive and jealous of these friends.

They are very hard to convince, and you will need to spend quite some time to gain their trust. It’s that they are very suspicious and unwilling to share their thoughts and emotions with people. Hurt them, and you might just get poisoned. Anyway, their revenge will be swift and painful.

Top 5 reasons why everyone needs a Scorpio friend:

  1. They are very open and willing to share in life’s joys with their friends.
  2. You can tell them even your darkest secrets that you normally never tell anyone.
  3. You won’t have to worry about them talking behind your back.
  4. They’ve got your back no matter the situation.
  5. They’re not the ones to quit and won’t let you either.

They don’t befriend just about anyone

They not only hate superficiality and ignorance, but they also have eclectic interests. This brings them face to face with many different people, coming from diverse cultures.

Thus, friendships galore, preferably those that bring them to new experiences, brand new knowledge, and a better understanding of the world.

They will appear as cold and disinterested most of the times. Actually, a lot of people believe that Scorpios are naturally distant and detached, that they do things themselves without thinking about others.

This is furthest from the truth, however. While they are complex and difficult to understand, they are also open and willing to share in life’s joys with anyone.

You will have to work a lot in order to maintain and nourish the friendship your Scorpios has established. These natives are very involved, they care a lot, and you should show your appreciation without hiding anything. Praise them, compliment their passion and vitality, and strive to win their trust.

They don’t befriend just about anyone. Firstly, because not everyone can match their expectations, and secondly because not many have the patience to withstand their analysis and observations. All in all, they are very passionate and enthusiastic, almost exaggeratedly so.

The Scorpios are, let’s say, extremely direct and straightforward. You’ll never see them fidgeting or overthinking things. They will go straight to the chase, tell you what they believe, what they don’t like, and what they want to do. Besides, they already know enough to make an educated decision. They’ve already analyzed and observed everything.

These royal characters are indeed serious and responsible, set on paving their own path through life. But, they also know how to have fun, how to entertain and find interesting games to play.

All in order to brighten the atmosphere, to make others find joy and happiness. They will talk about their lives, make jokes and word puns, and add a little spice to the stories, to make it all the better.

You can tell your Scorpios friends just about anything, even your darkest secrets that you normally never tell anyone. This will bring them even closer to you. As for their confidentiality, you can be sure that they won’t betray your trust. If they don’t understand the importance of secrets, then no one does.

One thing you should know is that they are interested in profound discussions, in deeper emotional connections, not superficial or bland friendships. They could have had that a long time ago. They’re thinking about the long-term.

Scorpio natives will not associate themselves with boring people who have nothing at all to offer. We’re talking about values, principles, profound ideas, and potential adventures.

If you’re bland and tedious, if you don’t know how to have fun or you lack the necessary knowledge to keep the pace, then you’ll have to get better.

Try to become superior, to respect your character and gain additional attribute points. Level up, learn some new skills that will impress your Scorpio friends. They want you to contribute with something to the friendship.

How does one get a Scorpio’s attention? It’s really simple, actually. You have to appear as independent, free-thinking, and dynamic. Take them on a canoe ride, bungee jumping or just a sports competition. That will get their blood flowing, and they will see that you are very fun to have around.

If you manage to take them somewhere new or make them experience something they didn’t know of, then all the better for you.

Consider cultural points of interests, even art will be quite a pleasing addition to the table. In the end, their loyalty and devotion will kick in, but they will also know when to stop if no appreciation is coming.

Straightforward friends

Scorpios live by the edge, on the point of no return, with one foot in the abyss. To them, danger is nothing else than the promise of glory, great rewards, the opportunity to accumulate knowledge, have fun, and take one more step towards the future.

You won’t have to worry about them talking behind your back or restraining themselves when with you, for any reason whatsoever.

They will always be frank, honest, and tell it how it is. If you’ve got something wrong, you can be sure they’re going to voice it out. They’ll be making you laugh as well, so it’s a double-trade.

Who else other than an air sign like the Gemini could be best friends with the Scorpio? Water and air match up perfectly, almost. They are passionate and intense together, being so in-synch with one another that they will even forget about the outer world.

They are very straightforward with each other, and neither of them should back off in this regard.

Even if Scorpios have very high expectations and will usually pay great attention to whom they befriend, once they’re entrusted that it’s a good choice, then they’ll really hit it off. They will try to foster the friendship even more, further and further.

Scorpio natives might appear as tough and incapable of being hurt, but they can get disappointed and harmed by a lot of things, emotional attacks especially. Don’t say anything out of the blue without taking their feelings into account. And take care of them, ask if something’s wrong, watch their attitude.

They will make your life a whole lot better through all the endless adventures, the ponderings on life’s mysteries, and the ever-so-challenging way of life.

Romantically, going for a Scorpio will be the biggest decision of your life. It’s going to be difficult, all-consuming, and extremely entertaining. You’ll make a lot of extraordinary memories with them around.

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