Leo and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is rather strong as these two feed from each other’s energy and seem invincible together.

Leo and Scorpio Friendship

Both the Leo and the Scorpio are highly emotional and want attention. The only difference between them is that the Leo loves being in the spotlight, whereas the Scorpio doesn’t mind leading from behind.

The Leo will always be annoyed when not getting the admiration he or she expects from the Scorpio.

CriteriaLeo and Scorpio Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

If these two manage to not fight over power, they can realize great things can happen to them when they’re being friends. For example, the Leo can help the Scorpio be more optimistic, whereas the Scorpio can help the Leo put his or her creativity into practice.

Motivating each other

Regardless of what these two may do, their friendship is sure to be lived at an intense pace because they’re both passionate and neither of them takes life lightly.

As a matter of fact, they’re very eager to always be right and neither of them wants to ever give up his or her views.

The Leo will always find the Scorpio interesting because this native is capable of carrying stimulating and intelligent conversations.

In return, the Scorpio will like how the Leo is warm and full of energy, since when being friends with a person like this, he or she will no longer focus on the dark side of life.

However, the Leo won’t understand why the Scorpio wants privacy so much and the other way around, the Scorpio will be puzzled by the Leo’s need for attention.

These two love spending their time together because they’re both all the time up for a challenge, not to mention they can make all of their dreams come true as they’re both devoted and focused on achieving their goals.

Their friendship will always be full of adventures and excitement. When working together, it’s possible for them to become stuck in a routine, but at least they’ll help each other to stay concentrated and active.

Scorpios sometimes get a mood in which they’re criticizing everyone, but the Leo can understand all this because he or she is tolerant.

As soon as the Scorpio will realize how warm a Leo can be, he or she will start to regret making harsh comments. The friendship between them two is highly energetic and based on the power these natives have when together.

It’s easy for them to understand one another’s needs as the Scorpio demands respect and admiration, whereas the Leo wants to be complimented. Both are very loyal and even possessive, but this doesn’t mean they can’t see what their friendship needs and the strengths they’re having when working together.

The Leo loves comfort and living in luxury, so he or she may do things on a big scale. Natives of this sign are flamboyant, but the Scorpio doesn’t mind all this and even loves to be the audience for the Leo, just as long as equality is the main focus of their friendship.

The more the Leo is admired and praised, the more he or she starts to indulge in luxury and to shine like nobody else. The Scorpio will be very happy to no longer be pressured by all the attention of others, but he or she won’t give up being in control from the shadows.

Because both people in these signs are very determined to follow only their own ways, they need to invest some effort into understanding one another.

The underlying nature of their friendship

The planet ruling the Leo is the Sun, whereas the Scorpio is governed by Pluto. The Sun influences the ego and the self, radiating a lot of light and warmth, which means Leos have exactly this type of energy.

Pluto has an influence over a person’s hidden feelings and brings about rebirth and regeneration, making the Scorpio reinvent him or herself all the time.

The energy between the Leo and the Scorpio is masculine, which means these two can have many conflicts with one another. The Sun is all about life, whereas Pluto rules over determination and the unconscious.

These two natives need to really understand each other and to combine their forces in order for their ambitions to become a reality.

The Leo belongs to the Fire element, the Scorpio to the Water element, meaning the first wants to be free and to make friends, whereas the second is moody and possessive.

Because both of them like being leaders, they may often disagree. The elements in which they both are can destroy each other, so it goes the same way with the natives.

There will be times when the friendship between a Scorpio and a Leo doesn’t have any balance. However, both these natives can realize trivial things shouldn’t be discussed, so it’s possible for them to let their go of their egos and make their friendship more important than any conflict.

Both of them are fixed, which means neither likes changing his or her opinions and dealing with unexpected things. They’re persistent people who love to work hard in order to achieve their goals.

Therefore, when having a plan together, no one will be able to stop them from getting what they want. Because they want stability and steadiness, they really don’t like change and being surprised.

When contradicting one another, it’s possible none of them will ever be ready to give in. The Scorpio thinks changing his or her mind is a sign of vulnerability, so the Leo can start to believe his or her friend doesn’t tolerate anything.

If they’ll both understand collaboration can help them achieve great things, they’ll be able to stay friends for a lifetime and even to be efficient in this combination.

The greatest thing about their friendship connection is the fact that they’re both dedicated to their loved ones and also to the projects in which they’re involved.

While powerful, these two have different approaches to life because their personalities are not the same. Many will see their friendship as strong because it really is and these two can’t be stopped when working together.

The Leo friend

Being a person who wants all the attention of others, the Leo can immediately make new friends. As a matter of fact, only those who don’t particularly like natives of this sign will stay away from them.

Because they’re so obsessed with being in the spotlight, Leos may forget about their loved ones and even make them feel unimportant.

They’re not in any way selfish, as some would think, they’re just more comfortable talking about themselves, which means they prefer to boast around and don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, so they’re stealing all the spotlight.

When offered options, Leos prefer to go with what’s least offensive. They’re the type who’s making gifts to friends because they’re usually wealthy and thoughtful.

As a matter of fact, Leos are known for having good jobs and being the first to give expensive gifts or to take their loved ones out to dinner.

Because they love taking action and leading, it can be great to be around them and to study their mind.

Furthermore, these natives are known to go above and beyond for their friends, when these are in need. Sincere, open and sometimes too harsh, Leos can be best friends for anyone, in any situation.

They will always tell the truth, so their partners of conversation need to be ready to put up with some blunt spoken realities, which also means their compliments are always sincere and valuable.

When friends with a Scorpio, the Leo expects the same honesty and straightforwardness from his or her pal. It can be dangerous to hide something from a person in Leo because he or she would hate to know a betrayal is in the making, something that can also make him or her very sensitive from an emotional point of view.

Before ending a friendship, natives in this sign are always trying to repair things, but if truly betrayed and disappointed, they can hold a grudge for a lifetime and never think of reconciliation.

The Scorpio friend

The Scorpio is known to be honest and to always tell the truth, even if this is hurtful. Those who are friends with a Scorpio should never worry about where they’re standing with their buddy.

However, the fact that natives in this sign are always telling the truth may mean they’re all the time making harsh commentaries and nagging people to be at their best.

It’s possible for them to be friends with someone for a lifetime, not to mention they’re amusing, true deep thinkers and fun companions. It would be better for them to have less sensitive people around them.

While very cold and tough on the outside, they’re truly delicate on the inside, only they don’t want to admit they may have vulnerabilities, just like anyone else.

Those who are really interested in how they’re feeling and can offer them enough space will be their friends forever. The Scorpio wants an interesting life and is obsessed with the mysteries of our existence.

He or she will always think deep and suggest ideas no one has ever thought of before. Natives of this sign are very loyal and don’t like to abandon their friends or to not help them to live up to their potential.

Therefore, their loved ones will always be pushed to do their best. Scorpios don’t know anything about limits and when trying to accomplish something, they’re usually managing to create great memories.

It doesn’t matter what others need from them, whether is about keeping secrets or getting encouraged, they’ll always be there to give a hand and to speak the truth, regardless how ugly this may be.

With their loved ones, these natives are very affectionate and giving. Furthermore, they want only the best for others and don’t mind taking things slowly when someone can’t keep up with them.

Scorpios are never afraid to explore new territories and to expand their knowledge, not to mention they’re very good at protecting others. Their friends will always know someone has their back.

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