Taurus and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

This friendship boasts of ambition and intensity which means good times are amazing and fiery but so are the bad times.

Taurus and Scorpio Friendship

Before the friendship between the Taurus and the Scorpio begins to form, these two natives tend to look for too long at each other because the honest Taurus has suspicions regarding all the mystery surrounding the Scorpio, while the latter thinks the first is too calm.

However, if spending enough time with each other, these two can become great friends as the Taurus can show the Scorpio how to laugh when things become absurd, while the latter can help their friend be more passionate.

CriteriaTaurus and Scorpio Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

The fights between them are memorable because the Bull is very stubborn, while the Scorpio vengeful. They’re fascinated by one another, so it can be difficult for them to not be friends.

Coping with the opposition

Since they’re opposing signs in the zodiac, the connection between these two is complementary and they seem to be two halves that together make a whole.

It’s easy for them to balance one another because they both tend to sometimes become extreme and they’re usually pulling in different directions, but with the same purpose.

The fact that they’re both passionate and powerful means they have many things in common, so their joined enthusiasms can lead them to do great things together.

It’s like nothing can stop these two from achieving what they want, especially when they’re having common goals. Furthermore, they both want to possess, with the Taurus in terms of materialistic aspects and the Scorpio in the ones related to power.

They’re both interested in acquiring wealth and being resourceful, so their passion seems to be focused on the same things. The fact that they complement each other is obvious because the Taurus focuses more on him or herself, while the Scorpio is all about belonging to a group.

Furthermore, the Taurus is honest and the Scorpio is very secretive. The differences between them can help their friendship become more and more based on learning from one another, but only if they’re both ready to sometimes compromise.

Both want to learn from facts and are very positive about sharing their lives with good friends. However, it’s essential they don’t become attracted to one another as they both have strong sex appeal and can easily turn their friendship into romance.

Because they’re seeing the world differently, they can guess what’s about to happen by being attentive to many things, and are always prepared for the future when having to face it together as friends.

When debating, these two can forget about time, so they’re very happy to share their thoughts with each other as this seems to really satisfy them.

The Bull enjoys all the life’s pleasures and can appreciate good music or food that has been cooked by a great chef. It wouldn’t matter what kind of enjoyable things Taurians are experiencing, they can always take pleasure in beauty and high-quality.

These natives are ruled by the planet Venus, while Scorpios by Pluto. The combination between Venus and Pluto is very intense because it features the balance of masculine and feminine energies.

In conclusion, the Taurus is attracted to the Scorpio’s intensity, while the Scorpio loves how devoted the Taurus can be.

Two stubborn friends

The Taurus belongs to the Earth element, while the Scorpio to the Water one. Therefore, the latter is very deep and can have his or her emotions changing according to circumstances, while the first prefers stability and to keep being constant.

Scorpios are known as very vengeful, but at least both them and Taurians are very loyal. Neither of them wants instability, but the Taurus is more focused on what happens on the surface, while the Scorpio prefers to get a grasp of deeper meanings.

The Scorpio can show the Taurus how to read between the lines, while the latter can teach the first how to be more straightforward. Furthermore, the Scorpio truly appreciates the practical nature of a Taurus and he or she isn’t judged for his or her jealousy.

Because the Taurus loves good food, the best music and expensive clothes, he or she knows about great restaurants and venues with live music. As a matter of fact, everything that has to do with the senses is something the Taurus truly masters.

Natives in this sign hate mind games and prefer to always be straightforward. They simply don’t use sugarcoating and usually tell the truth as it is.

Some can find them to be a little bit harsh, but those who are close to these natives truly appreciate their sincerity.

Both the Scorpio and the Taurus are fixed signs, which means nothing can stop them when focusing on a goal. If their opinions are contradicting, expect them to fight till the very last moment.

The Taurus is a little bit more domineering, but the Scorpio loves to be in control as well, only he or she is manipulative. Therefore, the Scorpio will agree with the Taurus for a while, only to take his or her revenge later.

When good friends, these two need to talk about what’s bothering them and to compromise when required. As soon as they’ll both understand what their friendship involves, they can achieve great things by being determined and staying together.

If they won’t deal with the fact that they’re both fixed and therefore, stubborn, their friendship is sure to fail. However, they’re great as a team, especially when having the same goals.

When the Scorpio will realize the Taurus is in the friendship for the long term, he or she will be very appreciative towards the Bull’s devotion.

Both of them are ambitious and want to succeed, which means they can have great strength when working together. Even if opposites on the zodiac wheel, these two can get along very well as friends.

Sometimes seeing life the same way

It’s true the Taurus doesn’t like the fact that the Scorpio is mysterious and the Scorpio doesn’t appreciate how the Bull doesn’t have any curiosity, but still, the first will laugh at the jokes the latter makes, while the Taurus will be impressed to see his or her friend is perceptive.

These two can enjoy each other’s passion and realistic approach to life. If the Taurus will ignore the fact that the Scorpio is manipulative, the Scorpio will not care about how stubborn the Taurus is.

When together, they can go to movies and also dancing because such activities bring them together. The Scorpio likes being private and doesn’t want too many friends. Furthermore, he or she expects to be respected and offered loyalty.

Good advisors and wise companions, natives in this sign are also known for being generous and hospitable. Their friends will always be treated like family and welcomed to their home.

However, they can be too much when it comes to their possessiveness and jealousy. Those who dare to cross them will be punished in the most ruthless ways. Being the enemy of a Scorpio is the worst thing that could happen to a person.

It can be said Scorpios and Taurians have many things in common because they’re seeing life the same way.

The Scorpio wants power, the Taurus wealth, which means their values can very well combine and their goals can become easily achieved when they’re combining their forces.

Therefore, no one can stop a Scorpio and their Taurus friend from getting what they want, especially if they’re being best friends. The Scorpio is more sociable because the Taurus focuses only on his or herself.

In conclusion, the Scorpio will work harder to make the friendship between them viable. He or she will always appreciate the fact that the Taurus is practical, while the other way around, the Bull will love to see the Scorpio’s mind in action.

However, Taurians are a little bit sensitive and never seem to think too much of others, which means the Scorpio may feel betrayed and left out when his or her Taurus friend focuses more on family and home.

The Scorpio’s revenge is ruthless, so these two friends need to keep the passion in their partnership balanced. Furthermore, the Taurus can be too opinionated for the controlling Scorpio, which means these two may often fight.

The Scorpio has a lot of compassion and always relies on feelings when having to make a decision. Furthermore, natives in this sign refuse to give up when someone doesn’t agree with their views.

This can be very problematic because the Taurus is quite the same, and he or she never accepts other people’s opinions.

Furthermore, the Scorpio is a little bit manipulative and generates problems, which means the Taurus’ quick temper is sure to get revealed in this friendship. These are two signs who usually disagree and refuse to accept each other’s suggestions.

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