Scorpio And Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between two Scorpio is one that will evolve by itself as the two are so similar that it’s unlikely for them not to work out.

happy couple

Two Scorpios meeting is like two vigilant and attentive felines studying their prey, waiting for the best opportunity to make their attack. Their relationship can only be described as having plenty of potential.

CriteriaScorpio Scorpio Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Now, what the great potential of this Scorpio-Scorpio match implies, remains to be seen, because there are many possible solutions to their problem, one being a happy and comfortable couple, while the other being a relationship filled with crazy, wicked, explosive and quite terrifying events.

But this shouldn’t logically happen, unless they are really the most incompatible of Scorpios, and in general, things will play out quite smoothly. Slowly, very slowly in fact, but smoothly nonetheless. That’s all that matters, after all.

When Scorpio and Scorpio fall in love …

The most astounding and splendid thing about them is the natural link that ensures complete and definite understanding between them at a first glance, without needing to utter a single word.

This makes for a really mind-blowing and quite efficient relationship, because every time one of them feels bad or gloomy, the other will notice right away and proceed to solve the problem. And by solving the problem, it means that they’ll nestle right next to their partner, take them into their loving arms, cuddle and kiss for as long as necessary.

There’s really no medicine better for sadness that the affection and sincere love of the one person who’s always there for you. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the whole world, actually, and these two have access to it every single moment of every single day.

What makes this relationship even more eerily compatible and prone to reach the peaks of happiness is that neither one of them is too sociable and communicative, which effectively translates to a lot of quality time together. Romantic dates, walks through the park, watching a movie together, reading a book, or just staying in bed and cuddling, these and more are the favorite activities of the two Scorpios lovers.

And what can you say anymore? If that works for them, then there’s really nothing more to say, other than watch the jolly and melodious rhythm of their passionate love life.

Tediousness and dullness are concepts that don’t apply to them, and they have never lacked the interest and intrigue in what the other has to say, because of near-perfect similarity between their characters and temperaments.

The Scorpio and Scorpio relationship

A 10/10 would be the score anyone would give to a Scorpio Scorpio relationship after reading this far. It’s really nothing more to be added, other that the fact that only extreme situations could ever make them rethink their plans and break-up, or delay their marriage.

After all, they are both intensely emotional and empathic, have the perfect amount of sugar and salt to add to their mix, as well as that almost telepathic connection linking their every though.

If they perfectly understand each other, with motivations, desires, worries, fears, and all that, at every step of the way, how could they ever find a reason to argue or enter a conflict?

It just doesn’t happen at all, because they are also very intent on being victorious, seeing their efforts take contour, and not fade away in time.

Even more reasons to believe that these natives will eventually make up their mind and take each other’s hands, roaming through the world unimpeded, standing against everyone, and these are the many affinities and similar approaches to life.

Professionally and socially, they are of the same mold, and even if they may find each other on the opposite fronts, waging war against one another, that’s just an experience worth having.

As for affection and compassion, those are the least of the problem here, since both are inundated by them constantly. How could then anyone think that these two will stumble and fall, get split apart by an obstacle or a critical problem, when they are so in-synch with each other?

Scorpio and Scorpio marriage compatibility

The thing that keeps them from having the complete and perfect relationship they so deeply want is trust.

Pure and simple, they have to let go of all their hesitations and anxieties, see the partner for who they truly are, and release all the pent-up feelings and emotions they’ve been hiding for so long.

If this happens, it then becomes possible for them ramp up their telepathic link even more, gaining even more understanding, empathy and compassion.

Furthermore, establishing a family and raising children amounts to nothing else than the most natural things in the world, since both take it very serious and put in a lot of effort to make the best possible choices for the little ones.

As a sign belonging to the Water element, it’s obvious that their intuition and perception are highly developed, up to the point that even the slightest gestures of love appear as coming from the deep abysses filled with mystery, created out of a strange and transcendent power.

Sexual compatibility

There is only one way these natives are going to enjoy their sexual life, and that is through the sheer power of emotion, the intensity and passion released by their every move being enough to befuddle even the most nymphomaniac amongst us.

Of course, they are also very imaginative and have an innate sense for the unknown, they need to feel the thrill of embarking on a risky and potentially rewarding journey. This translates to a great amount of pleasure and satisfaction, the most gratifying way that could possibly exist, and it’s only theirs for the taking.

What needs to be worked upon is their possessive and dominative drive, because both excel in that aspect.

The downsides of this union

The one thing that marks the beginning of the end in their relationships it the moment when their inborn pessimism and negativity starts going above-board and inundating every aspect of their life.

This is a pretty dangerous and perilous event, that should have been carefully looked upon, taking care not to disturb the balance.

Obviously, this happens do to the lack of confidence in oneself, and the only way they could react is by being prone to violence, verbal berating mostly, but still, it’s no something they can take for too long. If they don’t do something about this pronto, then, sadly, the result can only be one: the destruction of their relationship.

What to remember about Scorpio and Scorpio

When two Scorpios pair up, spark are bound to fly, the earth has got to shake, and an explosion of passion is sure to arrive any moment now. All jokes aside, these natives really are one of the most romantic and intense ones out there, so just think what could happen if they fell in love with each other.

Furthermore, that’s not the only thing they’ve got going, because, professionally, they are incredibly determined and ambitious individuals who won’t stop at anything to achieve their goals.

Risk, danger, these are nothing in comparison with their perfect coordination, and this partnership is based on mutual understanding above all.

Possessiveness and exaggerated clinginess come as natural as breathing to them, and this can only be the sign of danger for future prospects. They will very quickly get jealous, seemingly without any good reason, just because the partner has found someone new to talk to.

Socially, while they may be kind of recluses and keep to themselves, it happens from to time that one of them gets out into the world. That’s when all hell breaks loose, because their partner will not take kindly to this “indiscretion”, a skewered perception, obviously.

These natives are very enclosed in themselves, in that they won’t accept nor tolerate any outside intervention in their daily life and decision making. Even in a relationship, it’s pretty difficult for them to realize that sometimes it’s good to listen to others.

They prefer to do things of their own accord, and using their own time and strengths. As such, the situation will likely degenerate even more once things start falling apart, or they make an error somewhere in their calculations. The thing is, it’s all on them, because they can’t seem to acknowledge the benefic influence others might have on them.

The same happens when they decide to keep to themselves, even in a relationship, as far as emotions and feelings go.

Normally, couples should not withhold anything from each other, all secrets should be banned, and honesty should prevail above all, but this is certainly not the case.

Evidently, do this for a long time and you’ll eventually burst out in an incredible explosion, giving free reign to all the repressed impulses and emotions that have been gathering until that very moment.

What makes their relationship truly resplendent and with great potential is the fact that both are of the same ascendancy, both are Scorpios through and through. Therefore, knowing that both tend to be very secretive and work out undercover, in some way, they’ll find themselves unable to continue with such an act, because the other will quickly spot the odd behavior.

And maybe this is not such a bad thing, since it enforces honesty and a straightforward attitude above all else. It takes from the pressure of having to hide things from the loved one.

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