Rooster and Pig Love Compatibility: A Smooth Relationship

These two may interpret differently life in a couple but will also have an amazing time when together.

Rooster and Pig Compatibility

In the romantic relationship between a Rooster and a Pig, the great communication between these two lovers will be pretty much a result of the Pig’s friendly nature. However, they also fight a lot, especially when living together.

People born in the year of the Pig are known for being very attached to life’s pleasures and for procrastinating more than others. Those in the year of the Rooster are famous for being practical, true perfectionists and for hating anything that has to do with laziness.

CriteriaRooster and Pig Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

What will bring these two together is their immense loyalty and appreciation of love. The Rooster is known for being very devoted, the Pig is also dedicated and very generous.

Different but possibly very in love

A Rooster and a Pig may need to understand one another very much in order for their relationship to work because they don’t seem to actually complement each other.

The Rooster will always think the Pig is too sensual because natives of the first mentioned sign are known as very practical and to not do anything besides what’s strictly necessary.

The Pig is too relaxed and usually prefers to follow people that are stronger than him or her, which may be an ideal situation in the relationship with the Rooster considering people in this last-mentioned sign love to be in control and to keep things disciplined.

However, the Pig may feel bothered by the fact that their partner doesn’t appreciate the love of luxury he or she dwells in. This doesn’t mean they won’t have great time together, enjoying breakfasts in bed and taking pleasure in the finest things in life.

While they may be different, they’re still having fun the same way. Roosters are determined people who seem to be more than happy to be with the Pig, who follows them in everything.

More than this, the fact that Pigs are traditional is very much to the liking of the Rooster, who is as well conservative. The Rooster is too disciplined and wants everything to be neat, which is the complete opposite of the Pig.

Because the latter loves luxury, it’s possible he or she will never understand why the Rooster has this need to put money aside. However, when wanting to be a couple, these two will overlook their shortcomings and end up sharing their affection with each other, even if the Rooster is not known as very affectionate.

Neither of them is likely to ever cheat, but for their sexual relationship to work as effectively as possible, the Pig needs to flatter the Rooster in bed.

When it comes to friendship, the Chinese Rooster and Pig can be best buddies, their attempt at forging a sudden romantic relationship being more difficult. This is because their expectations about life are pretty much different.

For example, the Pig wants luxury, the Rooster is obsessed with cleanliness and discipline. It’s good they can communicate with each other and that both are very loyal.

Furthermore, the Pig will avoid confrontation and most of the time struggle to make the Rooster very happy. In return, the Rooster won’t snap that much and do his or her best to never be angry.

As a matter of fact, the Pig is famous for knowing how to make the Rooster relax and how to help natives of this sign enjoy life more. In return, the latter can show the former that simple life can also be beautiful.

While having many similarities, the Rooster and the Pig partners are also very different in more than one or two aspects of their personalities.

For example, Roosters prefer to use their mind and to analyze things deeply, Pigs rely only on emotions and want to use their intuition. It’s possible the Pig will get offended by things that others wouldn’t even think to consider.

It’s important to know that life next to people in this sign is about indulging in pleasure and enjoying comfort as much as possible. When understood and appreciated, these natives can be extremely devoted and loving.

They will also clash from time to time

The Pig and the Rooster can love each other very much, not to mention that the fun they’re having together can’t be seen in other couples.

The more they’ll compromise when it comes to being more relaxed and allowing themselves to become spontaneous, the better their relationship can resist in time.

This should come more from the Rooster’s side as Pigs only need to pay more attention to how much they’re spending. Furthermore, the Pig would never offend anyone as natives of this sign prefer to rather not talk about problems, just to never make someone feel bad.

On the other hand, the Rooster has no problems making accusations and usually doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. The Rooster is a perfectionist, so when with the Pig, he or she may feel happy to deal with a highly intelligent person.

Pigs are known for trusting too much and even for being naive, so those who are not so well-intentioned can easily take advantage of them.

This is when the Rooster comes into discussion and brings about protection. If these two will understand each other and compromise from time to time, they’ll be very happy as a couple.

It’s normal for them to also clash once in a while because this is what people in a relationship do, but at least they’d have respect for each other and try as much as possible to avoid conflicts.

When looking at both of them, it can be said the Pig is only ruled by emotions, which can be a big problem for the Rooster, who loves to fight and wouldn’t agree to show any emotion.

However, the good part is that the methodical Rooster can help the Pig be less trusting and to not only get exploited by others. In return, the former can learn from their partner how to be more diplomatic and how not to criticize so much because people in this sign usually don’t care about whom they’re offending.

Very perfectionists, these natives don’t care when they’re stepping on other people’s toes and can accuse anyone of making mistakes. However, with their partner, they’ll be very protective.

If the Rooster and the Pig in a romantic relationship can understand each other, they can be happy for a very long time. As said before, they may fight just like other couples, but they respect each other too much, so their arguments are very likely to be easily solved.

The Pig woman will never understand why the Rooster man is not in any way emotional, just like she is. This can cause serious trouble because the Rooster man is also all the time contradicting everyone, and the Pig woman really needs someone to support her all the time.

The love between the Pig and the Rooster can benefit from the fact that the last mentioned one has an analytical mind. Therefore, the Pig will be taught how to no longer trust people so much, which can be a great thing for all these natives.

When it comes to sex, they still need to understand each other as well because the Rooster can be a little bit too controlling in bed. As a matter of fact, they can even break up because of this.

The compatibility is only possible if they’re willing to change a few things about themselves. When the man is a Pig and the woman a Rooster, they may see each other as different from what they actually are, especially in the beginning.

They will either like what’s being discovered later or they won’t. While he’d prove to be more attentive then what she initially believed, she may grow to be too aggressive, but only with him.

The fact that he’s loyal can help her feel secure and not at all jealous. They’ll both be very good with money. When the man is a Rooster and the woman a Pig, she’ll do anything in her power to support him, which he’ll appreciate this very much.

The fact that she’s feminine may counteract his domineering side. While he’ll be jealous, she’ll address this issue in a very tactful manner.

The challenges of this romance

Just like any other couple, the Rooster in the Pig have their differences and problems when it comes to them being a couple.

For example, these two have different ways of seeing the world because the Rooster is very practical, while the Pig prefers to rely on imagination and emotions.

As a matter of fact, there is no one more realistic then the Rooster, therefore, this person doesn’t have time for drama or imaginative adventures because he or she is too focused on the everyday life and loving a person from a realistic point of view.

Even if people born in the year of the Rooster are known as sensual, they’re still only relying on logic and usually find emotional people to be faulted.

Those born in the year of the Pig are known as passionate and for the fact that they allow their emotions to run free. They’re not only capable to connect at a deep emotional level, they also possess a rich imagination that makes them very intuitive when it comes to what others think and feel.

Because they’re so different when it comes to what’s real and not, the Rooster in the Pig may all the time fight and not find common things to keep them together as a couple.

It’s also possible for them to have conflicts regarding how they’re each interpreting love. While the Rooster thinks a partner is meant to help with the everyday living, the Pig sees love as something romantic, which should be kept alive with flowers, small gifts and many kisses.

It’s possible the Rooster will never be responsive to the romantic side of the Pig, and not even to his or her emotional needs. On the other hand, the latter may be too clingy for the practical and confident former.

They will also fight over money because the Pig loves to spend on beautiful things and to pamper him or herself, while the Rooster pays more attention to finances and prefers to pay for practical things.

When the Pig won’t be able to decide on something, the Rooster’s perfectionist attitude will become bothering and annoying for the big. While natives of the Pig sign are known as very intelligent, they also have problems expressing themselves, which would make the Rooster unable to understand them.

The Rooster will never have problems with such things because people born in this sign are famous for knowing what they want, how to say it and even how to achieve it. Furthermore, the Rooster may be annoyed by the fact that the Pig doesn’t have any plans regarding what to do in life.

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