Rat and Rabbit Love Compatibility: A Dynamic Relationship

These two can make a great couple because they have many things in common and their relationship will always flourish.

Rat and Rabbit Compatibility

The Rat and the Rabbit from the Chinese zodiac can get along very well as either friends, lovers or business partners, but only if they invest some efforts into their relationship and are determined to make it work.

The Rabbit is known as a gentle and kind person who may not be to the liking of the courageous and extroverted Rat. However, both natives of these signs are full of affection and very loyal.

CriteriaRat and Rabbit Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Rabbit can be very happy to see that the Rat is a little bit possessive and very family-oriented. More than this, they’ll enjoy the fact that the Rat is seductive and energetic because they want someone to take care of them.

They complement each other

A Rabbit and a Rat can be very good friends because the latter can truly appreciate the fact that the former is extremely loyal. It’s more likely the relationship between these two will resist as a friendship than as a romantic connection.

It’s possible for all their disagreements to end as the Rat will want, so the Rabbit may be considered someone that others can take advantage of.

The Rat is shrewd, but he or she understands that the Rabbit can really make all of their strengths shine, so they’ll allow for this to happen.

The Rat and the Rabbit can be great as lovers because the first one is always energetic and fun, while the second one is subtle and introverted, so they complement each other and are capable of showing a lot of love and loyalty.

When it comes to love, these two are very compatible because the Rat is protective and very helpful, and the Rabbit needs a partner like this.

In return, the Rabbit will allow the Rat to be themselves and to protect them. There is an imbalance between them when it comes to arguments because Rats seem to always win as they’re shrewder and more gifted with words, while the Rabbit is shy and prefers to let others have the last word.

The Rabbit is the ideal partner for those who have been born in the year of the Rat because they’re always calm and know how to help others be the same as them.

That’s why the Rat is always less anxious or stressed when around a Rabbit. This means they’ll make wiser choices and commit themselves completely to the relationship.

It’s normal for the Rabbit to be moody, but Rats can always cheer them up. The Rabbit is also a rover of beauty and has a very artistic soul. It’s not unusual for them to all the time redecorate, which can be to the liking of the family-oriented Rat.

Because the Rat wants a happy family and a cozy home, they’ll always appreciate how the Rabbit manages to provide them all of this to them.

The positives

A Rabbit and a Rat can make a great couple because they have many things in common. This means their relationship will always flourish and their love will have a strong foundation.

Their friendship is usually successful because they are on the same level when it comes to appreciating life. When it comes to their social life, the Rat may find that the Rabbit is their ideal partner.

As a matter of fact, there’s a big chance for them to meet at a party. Both sociable people, they’ll get along with anyone and have very interesting conversations with each other.

The fact that the Rat is charming will always have the Rabbit falling in love with him or her almost instantly. Their relationship is pretty much dependent on how well they see each other.

Therefore, the more they admire one another, the more they’ll be able to resist as a couple. The Rabbit is always impressed by the fact that the Rat is protective and that they want their family to be happy.

This means that next to the Rat, the Rabbit can all the time feel reassured of the fact that they’re supported and appreciated. Actually, the Rabbit will feel like the most special person in a Rat’s life.

Because neither of them is too emotional, they’ll get along very well from this point of view. Furthermore, they’ll be happy as neither of them is too possessive.

However, the Rabbit tends to sometimes be a little bit touchy, which will very much bother the Rat. But all in all, they’ll leave their differences behind and get along like soulmates.

In bed, they’ll be very passionate and make things happen naturally. It’s impossible for them to fight over jealousy because they both appreciate the other needs some space. When one of them will ask for some time alone, the other won’t be in any way offended.

The Rabbit can really benefit from the fact that the Rat is very good with money. These two will never have financial problems because Rats can’t stand being poor and usually spend very wisely.

Expect them to have a very comfortable home as they both enjoy a little bit of luxury. It can be said that the Rat is rather intuitive, which can very much help the Rabbit in difficult times.

Because the same Rat is always putting family first, the Rabbit will get to feel very protected with them. It may seem like the Rabbit could never get a better life with another sign, as with the Rat they can have money and all the protection they need.

The negatives

Of course, just like with any other couple, Rats and Rabbits have their weaknesses as well. For example, they’re a little bit different when it comes to the courtship and the way they socialize.

The Rat is always looking to do something exciting and to have fun with their friends, and while the Rabbit might enjoy it when being courted, but they’ll want to change this behavior later on in the relationship.

Therefore, they may argue all the time when the Rat will want to go out and the Rabbit will just be thinking of staying indoors and watching a movie.

Expect the Rat to be very irritated by this and to go out alone. They’re also different when it comes to their living surroundings.

For example, the Rabbit wants peace and quiet, the Rat may think this is boring and invite people over all the time. It’s essential for them to compromise if they want to make it as a couple.

From an emotional point of view, these two are not too close either. At least neither wants an attachment that’s too strong. Considering they’re both independent, this can be very positive for their sex life.

However, the fact that they’re unemotional and too free couldn’t provide them a solid foundation on which they can build when it comes to love.

This will also affect them when they’d be trying to discuss something serious and very important. In other words, they may not feel at all happy with the way the other commits to the relationship.

More than this, Rats can always criticize the spending habits of the Rabbit because the former can be very harsh about money. It’s possible they’ll even limit their partner as far as spending goes, and force them to save.

The Rabbit may be very annoyed by this considering they need their freedom, and they may even want to break up because they can’t be restricted from a financial point of view.

Escapism is another problem for their love compatibility because neither of them is ever ready to face real life. The Rat is the first to run away from problems when these appear. In this situation, The Rabbit may think their partner is weak and decide to do the exact same thing.

What to remember about the Rat & Rabbit relationship

People in the Chinese signs of the Rat and the Rabbit can be best friends, but not necessarily the greatest lovers. The Rabbit is very timid and tends to withdraw when provoked, all the while the Rat loves being in the spotlight and engaging in new adventures.

While they have a lot of passion for one another, the Rabbit may hold it all in and cause the Rat to wonder what’s going on. If these two will manage to overcome their differences, they’ll be able to have a long-lasting relationship.

The Rabbit prefers to keep it low and the Rat drags them along with them to all kind of social events. This will cause these two to argue, situation in which the Rat will win and the Rabbit will be taken advantage of.

They may unconsciously play some mind games when it comes to their sex life, which would bother both equally. Rats want to change and to innovate, whilst the Rabbit is inhibited and doesn’t possess a very rich imagination.

If the man is a Rabbit and the woman a Rat, they may never find a common point and refuse to make compromises.

While very interested in each other at the first date, they’ll soon start to irritate one another because they’re very similar. However, it’s possible for them to end up together because they don’t want to be single.

In the situation in which the woman is a Rabbit and the man a Rat, they may have the same problems, but at least they’ll make a great pair when it comes to business. On the other hand, it’s very likely they’ll always feel unhappy with each other for no reason at all.

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