Rat and Horse Love Compatibility: A Quirky Relationship

These two are two affectionate lovers who really need to take their time to discover each other slowly.

Rat and Horse Compatibility

The Rat and Horse couple love having their friends close to them and being affectionate. They don’t mind for all the attention to be on them and enjoy socializing all the time.

Careful with their money and a little bit shrewd, Rats can get attached to things and are known for hoarding. Rats would love being challenged by Horses because these natives can be really unpredictable.

CriteriaRat and Horse Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionBelow average❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Horses need to be loved and to enjoy intimacy more than anything else in the world. These natives are very sexy, energetic and quick-tempered. Many know them for being insensitive, which can cause trouble in their relationship with the Rats as these last-mentioned ones would feel rather unappreciated.

In the spotlight

When it comes to romance, Rats and Horses may end up having a passionate connection that is not necessarily meant to last.

Usually, Rats are very generous with their loved ones and enjoy showing their affection. The fact that Horses are insensitive is not a good thing for them, while Horses would be bothered by the fact that Rats have a need to hoard things.

Horses are wanderers who live in the moment and don’t plan for the future. The connection between these two may be an interesting one because they oppose each other in the Chinese zodiac, so their frictions would be explosive.

When it comes to intelligence, friendliness and the need to have fun, Rats and Horses are quite the same, only that the former rely on their friends, whilst the latter prefer to be independent.

It’s possible for Horses to feel tied down in an intimate relationship with Rats, while the last-mentioned ones would want to know everything about how much they have in life, regardless if it’s about love or money.

Rats love socializing and being in the spotlight, so their humorous side and cleverness can always have them surrounded by people. It’s in their nature to be charming, but they’re really not known for being spontaneous.

These natives need to always have a plan and to know what to do in case of disaster. This is the reason why it’s impossible to catch Rats in a corner. It’s good to have them around because they’re always keeping their cool and can find good solutions to problems.

For example, if it would be for them to organize the evacuation during a fire, they wouldn’t even worry too much and do everything by the book.

People who have them around should be happy to be in the company of such composed characters. While the passion between them and Horses can be tremendous, these two signs aren’t the best couple because Rats keep their emotions in, while Horses are straightforward and sincere.

Diplomatic and subtle, Rats can’t understand how Horses can be so brutally honest. While they prefer to be cautious and to make decisions only after thinking twice, Horses are the type who’s following the heart and goes where the wind is blowing.

The positives

One thing Rats and Horses would agree upon when it comes to the compatibility between them is the way they both socialize. These are signs that represent friendship, so they can be a couple that’s always surrounded by people.

Neither of them would ever feel upset because his or her other half has some friends over. As a matter of fact, they would both feel happy about having company and spending their weekends with others.

Therefore, from this point of view, the relationship between the Horse and the Rat can be very fun. Furthermore, Horses can simply fall in love with the fact that Rats have amazing taste. These natives are very clever, but they can surely use a little bit of style in their life. When with Rats, they become very proud of the way their lover dresses and want to show the entire world that they have someone stylish with them.

Having unique ways of spending their money as a couple, especially when it comes to household items, their home usually looks cozy and is truly interesting to visit.

The fact that they’re different means they have many complementary traits, which can bring one of the most positive impacts on their connection.

For example, Rats can teach Horses how to be more family-oriented and to enjoy a comfortable domestic environment.

Another great thing that can make their marriage last is the fact that they’re both extroverts, which means they’d never be upset when the other is going out as both of them would be interested in spending their nights in clubs and bars.

The relationship is sure to be exciting and therefore, never boring. They would do the same things, which is very good for a connection that should last for lifetime. As a matter of fact, going out together would help them make up after arguments and put back together what they’ve broken when fighting.

The negatives

The relationship between the Rat and the Horse could become troublesome sooner than they both expect it to. Horses are sometimes too emotional, which bothers Rats too much.

What’s the worst about Horses is that they can’t refrain themselves from being honest, which means they may bring with them emotions that can destroy their relationship with a Rat.

In the Chinese zodiac, Rats are not in any way known as emotional, but surely as careful with their loved ones.

As a matter of fact, they’re overprotective with their lovers and family, but don’t really understand what emotions are all about.

All this means they may not see facts as they actually are and that’s when Horses can come to them with the suggestion to follow what’s in their heart.

In this situation, Rats may want to run away and to never look back. Being emotional is the last thing Rats would ever want.

Another reason for which Rats and Horses might fight is the brutal honesty of Horses. More than this, the fact that Rats are outgoing maybe interpreted in the wrong way by Horses.

The latter will always irritate Rats when constantly searching for sincerity and openly talking about their emotions. It may be impossible for Horses to completely trust Rats, which will lead to these feeling offended and eventually to a break up.

Both may feel the other isn’t loyal as a result of their outgoing natures. It’s difficult to trust someone who’s all the time out with friends. The Chinese zodiac describes Horses as runners, therefore, the natives of this signs are always moving forward and forgetting about themselves or their objectives.

When it comes to true love, they may not know what this means, so their Rat lover may want to set them free in order for them to be happy. The fact that both these signs want independence indicates they’re not the best match when it comes to long-term commitments.

As a matter of fact, neither of them understands what this word means, so their relationship may be doomed from the start. If they want to survive as a couple, they need to make some compromises and to accept they’re different.

What to remember about the Rat & Horse relationship

The Chinese compatibility says a Horse and a Rat are amongst the worst couples in the zodiac because they’re different in the way they approach love.

While Rats love showing their affection, Horses want to be free and prefer to not pay too much attention to their lover.

Too many hugs and kisses can make Horses feel trapped, so in such a situation, all they may want can be to run away or to argue all the time.

This is an attitude that makes Rats feel abused, so these won’t hesitate to suggest a breakup when feeling taken advantage of. As business partners, Rats and Horses can be a great team, especially if they manage to overlook their differences.

While Horses know how to work for their goals, Rats are good at seeing the big picture. When it comes to the bedroom, these two are very passionate in the beginning, but cold after the time passes by.

In the situation in which the man is a Horse and the woman a Rat, they may think they’re a power couple in the beginning and realize their differences after a few months of being together.

She will not feel secure and have the impression that she’s a possession to him. This is a relationship that may even cause violent reactions to surface.

When the woman is a Horse and the man a Rat, she would be overwhelmed by his power, while their relationship would not feel at all meant to last.

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