Rat and Dragon Love Compatibility: A Harmonious Relationship

These two understand their other half needs to be left alone and free from time to time so it’s rare for them to fight over matters of independence.

Rat and Dragon Compatibility

Dragons are perfectionists, great fighters and natural born leaders, which means they resemble Rats a lot, except for their need to always be perfect as Rats are a little bit erratic and usually don’t mind clutter.

Rats would be more than happy to deal with the Dragons’ craziness and energy. More than this, they won’t have to change during the relationship as they’d trust each other whether they are in the beginning or after years of commitment.

CriteriaRat and Dragon Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Two ambitious lovers

The Rat and the Dragon can have an electric connection when it comes to lovemaking because they’re both very active from a sexual point of view and have a lot of passion.

They will also work very well as best friends or business partners because the Rat is not at all interested in playing the leader, while the Dragon likes being in the center of attention and hates working from behind the scenes.

Not that the Rat doesn’t love attention, but they’re more known for being clever and for making everyone laugh, while the Dragon wants to be appreciated for their magnetism and intelligence.

Arguments between them may appear because the Rat always has an agenda and the Dragon a large ego. However, their fights would be fun, resolved pretty fast and exciting.

It can be said the relationship between the Dragon and the Rat is very close to perfection. They seem to get along no matter if best friends, lifetime partners, relatives or colleagues.

It’s only the Dragon that can make the Rat hold their temper back because the former is the most celebrated native in the Chinese zodiac.

Sociable, charismatic and smart, the Rat likes making new friends and being in the company of people they love. They have a way of discovering new information and making what they’ve learned work in their advantage.

If they know a secret, they keep it hidden until it can benefit them. While they seem to be interested only in family and home, they can also do a great job at climbing the social ladder.

Interested in power and very ambitious, the Dragon is also giving with the ones they love. Their partner may need to accept the fact that they’re spending a lot of their time at the office, even if they’re only coming back home after a long day and are always making sure their family is loved and has everything.

The Dragon is never doing something before thinking twice. These natives refuse to accept failure and are usually very successful in everything that they’re doing. However, when making a mistake, they need to be supported and encouraged to continue with their life.

The positives

There are many advantages to a relationship between the Dragon and the Rat because these two signs have numerous characteristics that complement each other.

The Dragon is usually domineering when it comes to love, and wants to experience as many adventures as possible.

This is a great thing for the Rat because these don’t prefer for things to be the same and always want to engage in new challenges.

The fact that the Dragon is generous will make the Rat fall for them from their very first date. Both these signs care a lot about family, so the Rat will be very happy to know the Dragon wants as well a comfortable home and many children.

The Rat loves making friends and socializing. Therefore, with the Dragon, they’ll go out to clubs and be appreciated for their witty character.

The Rat always seems to have answers to everything and loves to gossip. When something interesting is going on, they just want to be in the middle of things and to know every little detail about a person or a situation.

These two will be very happy to discover they’re both interested in adventure, which represents a great advantage for their sexual life as well.

The Dragon can rest assured that the Rat will always want to experiment in bed as much as they do.

As a matter of fact, the Rat is always interested in a relationship that keeps lovemaking exciting and interesting. Therefore, the Rat and the Dragon in bed would be dominated by passion.

The fact that they both love adventure can have them together as a couple for a very long time. If it happens for the Dragon to be the man, this person will prefer to lead the relationship towards greener pastures.

Obviously, the Rat woman won’t mind all this, she would only be happy to live the exciting life he has prepared for her.

The Rat and the Dragon are very unlikely to keep their hands from each other when together as lovers. Their sexuality would be day by day growing and they wouldn’t even realize it.

When it comes to lovemaking, the Rat and the Dragon are really the best couple in the Chinese zodiac. Because they’re both independent and love to live their life, they won’t have a marriage without fun.

The natives of these signs understand their other half needs to be left alone and free from time to time. It’s very rare for them to fight over matters of independence. It is good to know they’ll never get to feel constrained with each other and for this reason, they will not likely cheat on one another.

The negatives

Any relationship faces problems at some point. The Rat and the Dragon should be aware of all this because they’re sure to have their difficulties as a couple as well.

For example, they could both want to break up if things aren’t going the way they want them to. It’s essential for them to understand each other and to keep their friendship as alive as possible.

When facing trouble with their romantic life, they should become more open and talk instead of just arguing.

As soon as the relationship between the Rat and the Dragon becomes bumpy, if the Dragon is a woman, she may need to think of the fact that she’s demanding and that she wants too much to be admired.

It’s normal for the Dragon to want praise, so the Rat may not be able to put up with all this in the long run because they can get tired.

In conclusion, the Dragon should be cautious about how much they’re demanding for their lover to show them love. Another problem that may occur is when the Dragon becomes too domineering and authoritative.

It can be said that the Rat can’t deal with this, so it’s very likely they’ll blame their Dragon partner for being too bossy. Furthermore, the Rat and the Dragon need to settle some boundaries when it comes to their sex life because the Dragon may want to rule all the time in bed.

What to remember about the Rat & Dragon relationship

The Rat and the Dragon from the Chinese zodiac make a great combination because they both want their relationship to be special and they feed on each other’s high energy.

In this relationship, the Dragon is more likely to be in the center of attention, while the Rat operates from the shadows and is happy about it.

While both sides have some negative traits, they can continue to admire each other for all this as well. The Dragon is intelligent and the Rat very ethical, so after an argument, they’ll be able to settle their differences easily.

Their sexual life is usually electric as they both have high libidos and love to offer pleasure. As lovers, the Dragon man and the Rat woman would have a relationship in which he rules. She will take care of him and won’t mind it in any way.

If the Rat is a man and the Dragon a woman, she may want to be admired all the time, which may tire him in the long run, yet it isn’t sure they’ll break up because of this.

He will insist all the time for them to save money, so she may get bored with this situation. However, with a little bit of humor, this problem can also be solved.

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